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Pulsar Summit Asia 2020

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deng haigui

MQ Enterprise project Architect

Sijie Guo

Co-Founder and CEO | StreamNative

Rob Richardson

Microsoft MVP, Published Author

Nozomi Kurihara

Manager of Messaging Platform team, Yahoo Japan Corporation

Ricardo Ferreira

Principal Developer Advocate at Elastic

Yang Yang

StreamNative Software Engineer

Penghui Li

Software Engineer at StreamNative, Apache Pulsar Committer/PMC Member

Gao Tianci

Senior Software Engineer @Tuya Inc

Jesse Anderson

Data Engineer, Creative Engineer and Managing Director of Big Data Institute.

Jennifer Huang

Apache Pulsar PMC member, Senior Content Strategist at StreamNative

Enrico Olivelli

Apache BookKeeper PMC ;, Chief Developement Manager

Simon Crosby

CTO of Swim

Gabriel Volpe

Software Engineer at Chatroulette

Tamer A.

Principal Engineer at Bitspire

Jerry Peng

Principal Software engineer at Splunk

Shivji Jha

Senior Member of Technical Staff at Nutanix, Pulsar Contributor

Matteo Minardi

Software Engineer at and

Axel Sirota

Machine Learning Research Engineer @ JAMPP

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