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Propelify Innovation Festival 2020

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· Innovation Stage
Welcome to the 2020 Propelify Innovation Festival
Aaron Price, CEO of TechUnited:NJ & Founder of Propelify and NJ Governor Phil Murphy will welcome you to the 5th annual Propelify Innovation Festival.
Phil Murphy Aaron Price
· Innovation Stage
Diversity & Inclusion in Media with Al Roker
Madison Merritt Michael Smith Al  Roker
· Innovation Stage
She Invented it Here: Women Innovators Growing Businesses in NJ
Yla Eason Jessica Gonzalez Barbara Heisler  Carley Graham Garcia
· Innovation Stage
She Means Business: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
Hala Taha Debra Sandler Lisa Ascolese Kathleen Griffith
· Innovation Stage
Women Have Always Been Powerful
Lindsay Kaplan Maria Laccotripe Zacharakis
· Innovation Stage
Equalithons are the New Hackathons
Jasmine Hoffman Marie Roker-Jones
· Innovation Stage
Future of Commerce: Designing Communities in a Fractured World
Cathleen Trigg-Jones James Rhee
· Sessions
Women in Tech Forum: Why Community Comes First
Please join Jen Shimek, Dr. Cheryl Robinson, Kristen Dumbeck, & Lauren Decker for a panel and roundtable discussion sponsored by Edison Partners.
Jennifer Shimek Dr. Cheryl Robinson Kristen Dumbeck Lauren Decker
· Sessions
Invite Only: Investor Speed Dating
Investor Speed Dating is brought to you by Captivate Talent. If you were matched, please follow the directions shared with you.
Chris Gannon
· Innovation Stage
Being Better Together
McCarter & English, a top tier Propelify sponsor, presents their keynote with Dave Sorin, Chair, Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies Practice Group
Dave Sorin
· Sessions
McCarter & English VIP Networking Event
A networking event to meet the team at McCarter & English
· Innovation Stage
The Importance of Community as a Technology-Focused Bank
This discussion is brought to you by TechUnited & Propelify sponsor, Cross River.
Phil Goldfeder Jesse Honigberg
· Innovation Stage
#BetterTogether: Today's Ideas that Propel
Aaron Price
· Innovation Stage
Start Your Day with Us: Morning Vinyasa Yoga Presented by Noom
Victoria Madjar
· Innovation Stage
How NJ Collaborated to Attack Covid-19 and What's Next for a Vaccine
Hackensack Meridian Health is a proud sponsor of Propelify and Founding Sponsor of the TechUnited HealthTech Alliance.
Dr. Daniel Varga Dr. David Adinaro
· Innovation Stage
How to Compete at the Top with Olympic Gold Medalist and Elite Power Lifter
Leah Casciano Ishveen Anand Abby Dunkin
· Innovation Stage
How the Pink CEO Built a Team of Quirky Owners on Her Way to a $1B Exit
Aaron Price David Meltzer Cindy Eckert
· Innovation Stage
How We Build a Diverse and Tech-Enabled Healthcare Future
Pat Carroll Sandra Elliott Paul Marden Debbie Hart
· Innovation Stage
Covid: The Monkey Wrench and the Catalyst
Phil Goldfeder Michele Siekerka Tom Bracken Tim Sullivan Jose Lozano
· Sessions
CEO Forum: What They Don't Tell You About Leadership
Panel & Roundtable featuring, Morgan Lewis, and forum sponsor, Withum.
Ed O'Connell Steven Cohen Ari Rabban
· Sessions
Invite Only: HealthTech Investor Speed Dating
Investor Speed Dating is brought to you by Hackensack Meridian Health. If you were matched, please follow the directions shared with you.
Gregg Michaelson Al Baker Sandra Elliott
· Innovation Stage
The Future of FinTech
This discussion is brought to you by TechUnited & Propelify sponsor, Valley Bank.
Aaron Price Robert Bardusch
· Innovation Stage
The Importance of Diversity in New Jersey’s Innovation Economy
Tim Sullivan
· Innovation Stage
#BetterWellness: Today's Ideas that Propel
Aaron Price
· Innovation Stage
Get Down with DJ Q-BOOGIE
Join us for a special Propelify Playlist before Noom's Cooking Class.
Qiana "DJ Q-BOOGIE" Coachman-Strickland
· Innovation Stage
How To Make Fancy Popcorn And A Plant-Based Dinner, With Noom
Sam Pride
· Innovation Stage
Energy as an Equalizer and Empowerer
PSEG is a proud sponsor of Propelify and Founding Sponsor of the CleanTech Alliance.
Paula Glover Ralph Izzo
· Innovation Stage
From Yogurt to eBooks: Building Sustainability at Scale
Simon Nynens Chris Adamo Dr. Evan van Hook Chuck Melley
· Innovation Stage
Andrew Yang's Vision for a Clean Energy Future
Aaron Price Andrew Yang
· Innovation Stage
Disrupting the Traditional Energy Industry with Some Old-School Throwbacks
Katherine Zamsky Kathy Hannun Chris Hart Brian Sabina Rick Thigpen
· Innovation Stage
CleanTech Impact Challenge Startup Finalists Presentations
Erika Boeing Yazan Harasis Rachel Rosen
· Innovation Stage
CleanTech Impact Challenge Finals & $50,000 Prize
Dianne Solomon Erika Boeing Yazan Harasis Rachel Rosen Andrew Yang Ralph Izzo Aaron Price
· Sessions
CFO Forum: What You Need to Know About Environmental, Social & Governance Reporting
This forum is proudly sponsored by Ernst & Young.
Margaret Weidner John DeRose Bob Hirth Donald Bucciarelli
· Sessions
Invite Only: Investor Speed Dating sponsored by Crowd Funding NJ
Investor Speed Dating is brought to you by Crowd Funding NJ. If you were matched, please follow the directions shared with you.
Chris Frey
· Innovation Stage
What Happens When Seinfeld Attacks Your LinkedIn Article & Is NYC Dead?
Aaron Price James Altucher
· Innovation Stage
Why Main Street and Tech Entrepreneurs are #Familia
Aaron Price Carlos  Medina
· Innovation Stage
#BetterPlanet: Today's Ideas that Propel
Aaron Price
· Innovation Stage
Breathe, a Breathwork Session, Presented by Noom
Breathe, presented by SōlHaus, is brought to you by Noom
· Innovation Stage
Pandemic Realities: Why 5G & Video are More Important than Ever
Aaron Price Sampath Sowmyanarayan Krish Ramakrishnan
· Innovation Stage
The Future is What We Make It with Anthony Scaramucci & James Altucher
Anthony Scaramucci James Altucher
· Innovation Stage
Beating Amazon: How Square Built the Innovation Stack
Jim McKelvey Stuart Cook
· Innovation Stage
The Impact of Automation & The Future of Work
Bertina Ceccarelli Arthur Orduna Jeffrey Kanige
· Innovation Stage
The Potential of 5G
Sanyogita Shamsunder Mark Curiale Andrew Mendoza Aaron Price
· Innovation Stage
AI, Ethics & the Cost of Your Privacy
Dele Atanda Aaron Price
· Sessions
IT & Technologists Forum: Digital Disruption Across the Industries During COVID-19 & Beyond
Richard Yien Ian Worden Mohammed Kamal Rajesh Sinha
· Sessions
Invite Only: Investor Speed Dating
Investor Speed Dating is brought to you by Captivate Talent. If you were matched, please follow the directions shared with you.
Chris Gannon
· Innovation Stage
How Brands Use Voice to Drive Engagement and Why You Should Too
Aaron Price Leslie Garcia-Amaya
· Innovation Stage
It Takes Integrity: From Entrepreneur to VC
This discussion is brought to you by TechUnited & Propelify sponsor, Tech Council Ventures.
Mark  Kolb Jasmine Hoffman
· Innovation Stage
TechUnited Fun People You Should Know with Jon Schultz
Join Aaron & Jon for a few minutes of fun!
Aaron Price
· Innovation Stage
#BetterConnected: Today's Ideas that Propel
Aaron Price
· Innovation Stage
Boogie Down: Throwback Thursday with DJ Q-Boogie
Join us for a special Propelify Playlist on #BetterConnected day!
Qiana "DJ Q-BOOGIE" Coachman-Strickland
· Innovation Stage
Wind Down: Mindful Breathing & Yoga Presented by Noom
Today's session includes a SōlHause yoga session by Ariel & Noom breathwork meditation with Maria. This whole segment is sponsored by Noom.
Maria Gutierrez
· Innovation Stage
Startup Pitches Hosted By Josh Cary
Josh Cary
· Innovation Stage
Planting Golden Seeds In The Garden State
Jill Johnson Tammy Murphy Natalie Watson
· Innovation Stage
How to Blitzscale Your Startup
Chris Yeh
· Innovation Stage
Staying Power: From Entrepreneurial Resilience to Maintaining Strong Company Culture at Scale
Aaron Price Saeju Jeong
· Innovation Stage
How To Raise Capital, Interview, and Eat Well with Marc Lore, who sold Jet to Walmart for $3B
Aaron Price Marc Lore
· Innovation Stage
Startup Showdown
Kate Giovambattista Zack Rosenberg Nathan Tahbaz Roger Soares Rene  Veloso Jim Gunton Jasmine Hoffman
· Innovation Stage
TechUnited Fun People You Should Know with Julie Samuels
Join Aaron & Julie for a few minutes of fun!
Aaron Price
· Innovation Stage
Good Sense Makes Good Cents: Female Funded Companies Perform Better
Lori Wachs Tamara Steffens Jenifer Smith
· Sessions
Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners Forum: Startup Resources & Tech Stack
This forum is proudly sponsored by the NJEDA.
Alex Symos Phil Kennard Kathleen Coviello
· Sessions
Invite Only: Investor Speed Dating
Investor Speed Dating is brought to you by Captivate Talent. If you were matched, please follow the directions shared with you.
Chris Gannon
· Innovation Stage
DLA Piper Talks Technology: BetterBeta and Beyond
This discussion is brought to you by TechUnited & Propelify sponsor, DLA Piper.
Charles Torres Jenifer Smith Andrew Gilbert
· Innovation Stage
Activate Your Audience: How to Grab Their Attention, Get Them to Care, and Gain Interest in Your Business
Erik Cabral Josh Cary
· Innovation Stage
Closing Ceremonies Dunk Tank Special
Join the TechUnited team to wrap the week!
Aaron Price


Kate Giovambattista

Founder, Beyond Main

Nathan Tahbaz

Co-Founder & CEO, Hudson Space Systems

Zack Rosenberg

Co-Founder & CEO, CatapultX

Qiana "DJ Q-BOOGIE" Coachman-Strickland


Gregg Michaelson

Partner, Edison Partners

Andrew Mendoza

Chief Strategy Officer, Inception

Mark Curiale

Marketing & Communications Manager, Hoboken Public Library

Sanyogita Shamsunder

VP, Global Network & Technology, Verizon

Bob Hirth

Senior Managing Director, Protiviti, Co-Vice Chair, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) COSO Chair Emeritus

John DeRose

Managing Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young

Margaret Weidner

Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young

Mohammed Kamal

Senior VP, Mastercard

Ian Worden

CIO, Matrix Medical Group

Richard Yien

CTO, EverestRe

Sam Pride

Executive Chef, Noom

Maria Gutierrez

Manager, Corporate Accounting, Noom

Victoria Madjar

Associate Director of International Coaching, Noom

Jill Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO, Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Dianne Solomon

Commissioner, NJ Board of Public Utilities

Dr. David Adinaro

Deputy Commissioner, NJ Department of Health

Dr. Daniel Varga

Chief Physician Executive, Hackensack Meridian Health

Cathleen Trigg-Jones

Founder, iWomanTV

Tammy Murphy

First Lady, State of New Jersey

Leah Casciano

Weight Lifting, Crossfit, Body Building, Cheerleading, USPA/USAW

Jessica Gonzalez

Founder, InCharged

Yla Eason

Founder, Olmec Toys

Lindsay Kaplan

Co-Founder, Chief

Jesse Honigberg

Technology Chief Of Staff, Cross River

Ishveen Anand

CEO & Founder, OpenSponsorship

Phil Goldfeder

SVP, Public Affairs, Cross River

Ralph Izzo


Paula Glover

President & CEO, American Association of Blacks in Energy

Chris Adamo

V.P. Federal and Industry Affairs, Danone North America

Simon Nynens


Andrew Yang

Former U.S. Presidential Candidate, Entrepreneur

Katherine Zamsky

Managing Partner, Carbon Ventures

Jim McKelvey

Co-Founder, Square

Bertina Ceccarelli

CEO, Npower

Dele Atanda

Founder & CEO, metaMe

Chris Yeh

Author, Blitzscaling

Ari Rabban


Alex Symos

Vice President, Go-To-Market Center of Excellence, Edison Partners

Jim Gunton

Managing Partner & Founder, Tech Council Ventures

Rene Veloso

Client Development Executive, DLA Piper

Roger Soares

Managing Partner, Ellavation Capital Partners

Andrew Gilbert

Partner, DLA Piper

Jenifer Smith

Partner, DLA Piper

Charles Torres

Partner, DLA Piper

Al Baker

Corporate Director, Life Sciences and Innovation, Hackensack Meridian Health

Rachel Rosen

CEO & Co-Founder, WexEnergy Innovations LLC

Yazan Harasis

Co-Founder, Power Edison

Erika Boeing

Founder, Accelerate Wind

Cory Booker

US Senator

Josh Cary

Co-Founder, PodMax

Erik Cabral

Co-Founder, PodMax

Chris Frey

President, Crowd Funding NJ

Leslie Garcia-Amaya

Global Product Partnerships, AI, Google

Marie Roker-Jones

Co-founder/Co-CEO, Essteem

Carlos Medina

President, Statewide Hispanic Chamber NJ

Phil Murphy

Governor, State of New Jersey

Mark Kolb

Entrepreneur In Residence, Tech Council Ventures

Chris Gannon

Principal, Captivate Talent

Kathleen Coviello

Executive Vice President of Technology & Life Sciences, NJEDA

Phil Kennard

CEO, Futurestay

Rajesh Sinha

Founder & Chairman, Fulcrum Digital

Donald Bucciarelli

Partner, EY

Steven Cohen

Partner, Morgan Lewis

Ed O'Connell

Partner, Technology & Innovation, Withum

Lauren Decker

Co-Founder & CMO, The Co-Co

Kristen Dumbeck

VP, Edison Partners

Dr. Cheryl Robinson

Founder, Ready2Roar | Regular ForbesWomen Contributor

Jennifer Shimek

Office Managing Partner, KPMG

Jenifer Smith

Partner, DLA Piper

Tamara Steffens

GM/Managing Director, M12

Lori Wachs

Partner, Springboard Growth Capital

Marc Lore

President & CEO, Walmart eCommerce U.S.

Saeju Jeong

CEO & Co-Founder, Noom

Natalie Watson

Partner, McCarter & English

Jeffrey Kanige

Chief Editor, NJBIZ

Arthur Orduna

CIO, Avis Budget Group

Stuart Cook

Chief Digital Product Officer, Valley Bank

James Altucher

Founder, "The James Altucher Show" Podcast

Anthony Scaramucci

Founder & Chairman, SALT

Krish Ramakrishnan

Chief of Innovation and Products, BlueJeans Network

Sampath Sowmyanarayan

President of Global Enterprise, Verizon Business

Rick Thigpen

SVP, Corporate Citizenship, PSEG

Brian Sabina

SVP Economic Transformation, NJEDA

Chris Hart

President & Managing Director,, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind LLC

Kathy Hannun

Founder & President, Dandelion

Chuck Melley

SVP, Global Government Relations & Sustainability, Pearson

Dr. Evan van Hook

Corporate V.P., Health, Safety, Environment, Product Stewardship and Sustainability, Honeywell International

Robert Bardusch

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Valley Bank

Jose Lozano

President & CEO, ChooseNJ

Tim Sullivan


Tom Bracken

President & CEO, NJ Chamber of Commerce

Michele Siekerka

President & CEO, NJBIA

Debbie Hart

President & CEO, BioNJ

Paul Marden

Healthplan CEO, UnitedHealthcare, Inc.

Sandra Elliott

VP, Life Sciences & Innovation, Hackensack Meridian Health

Pat Carroll

Chief Medical Officer, Hims

Cindy Eckert

CEO, The Pink Ceiling

David Meltzer

Co-Founder, Sport1Marketing

Abby Dunkin

Wheelchair Basketball, Team USA

Dave Sorin

Partner, Chair - Venture Cap and Emerging Growth Companies Practice, McCarter & English, LLP

James Rhee

Impact Entrepreneur, CEO, Investor; Former Chairman & CEO, Fire Pine Group; Ashley Stewart

Maria Laccotripe Zacharakis

Managing Partner, McCarter & English

Kathleen Griffith

Founder & CEO, Grayce & Co

Lisa Ascolese

CEO, Inventing A to Z "The Inventress"

Debra Sandler

CEO, Mavis Foods

Hala Taha

Podcast Host & Producer, Young and Profiting

Barbara Heisler

CEO, GlassRoots

Michael Smith


Madison Merritt

EVP, Development, Alternative Programming, Entertainment One

Al Roker

CEO, Al Roker Entertainment

Carley Graham Garcia

Executive Director, Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship & Office of Innovation at MSU

Ana Mazomdar

Marketing & Experience Manager, TechUnited:NJ

Aaron Price

CEO, TechUnited & Founder, Propelify

Jasmine Hoffman

Head of Experience, TechUnited

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McCarter & English, LLP

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Hackensack Meridian Health

Hackensack Meridian Health is a leading not-for-profit health care organization that is the most comprehensive & truly integrated health care network in NJ.


PSE&G is largest electric and gas utility in NJ.

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New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA)

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Triple Bristle

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Volan Technology

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2020 TechUnited Annual Awards Celebration

Submit a Nomination for our Annual Awards!