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Amorie Robinson

Dr. Amorie Robinson (she/her) is a licensed clinical psychologist in Detroit, Michigan.

Bowie Winnike

Rainbow aka Bowie Winnike is a gender doula and neurodivergent support coach.

Callum Bobb

Callum Bobb MA, MS

Laura Anderson

Dr. Laura Anderson is a licensed clinical child and family psychologist.

Elysia Ergle

Elysia Ergle, MA, LPC-S

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson (they/them) is the Director of Youth Programing for TFSS.

Emmy Johnson

Clinical Care Coordinator for Gender Affirmative Care

Jordan Jakomin

Speech-Language Pathologist/Gender-Affirming Voice Coach

Vanessa Ford

Author. Educator. Advocate.

Rebecca Kling

Co-author: The Advocate Educator’s Handbook: Creating Schools Where Trans & Enby Students Thrive

Leo Koulish

He/They - Peer Health Advisor - Attends Gallatin School of Individualized Study NYU - Photographer and Artist

Katie Keech

Katie Keech, LMFT

Robin McHaelen

Robin P. McHaelen, MSW

Mick Rehrig

Mick Rehrig, MSW, LCSW (he/they)

nadeen herring(she/her/queen)

unapologetic blaq womxn/mother, educator, author, founder of blaq noyz LLC, co-conspirator for trans lives

Niki Khanna

Niki Khanna is a psychotherapist and educator in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sam Long

Sam Long is a Chinese-American-Canadian transgender man and a high school science teacher in Denver, Colorado.

Taj Smith

Taj Smith (he/him) is the Training & Outreach Coordinator for the Trans Advocacy & Care Team (TACT).

Tandy Aye

She founded and directs the Stanford Pediatric and Adolescent Gender Clinic

Van Ethan Levy


Liam Coballes

English Dubbing Producer

Celia Daniels

Founder and CEO, Rebekon Consulting LLC

Puja Kranz-Howe

Youth Educator and Facilitator

Chris Brady

Dr. Brady provides the psychological support to the gender diverse youth who are exploring gender affimative care.

Euan Hwang

Euan is a veteran in youth programming with over 10 years of experience.

Myeshia Price

Myeshia Price (she/they) is a Director of Research Science for The Trevor Project

Zhen Tso


Lorran Garrison

School Psychologist

Dani Malnekoff

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Alia Cusolito

Co-President and Head of Outreach


Nationally Recognized School Leader 🏳️‍🌈 Founder, CCM Education Consulting LLC ⚜️ Champion of Equi

Judy Chiasson

Judy Chiasson, PhD, (she), Human Relations, Diversity & Equity, proudly supporting students, staff & families of LAUSD

Sam Cristol

Sam Cristol, M.Ed. (they/he) is a program coordinator at Seattle Public Schools.

Krista Girty

Krista Girty, MSW

Leslie Harris-Johntson

MA (2), LMHCA, Educator, EJB Specialist, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Intern Therapist at MEND Seattle Therapy

Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott (they/them/theirs) is a Sexual Health Educator and LGBTQIA+ youth Program Facilitator

Kim Westheimer

Director of Research, Policy and Practice

Jenna Mae Stoken

Resident Physician - Family Medicine & Psychiatry

Mar Mendoza

Mar Mendoza aka DREAMS is a chicanx trans dj, producer, and musician living in Oakland.

Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz has been one of the long-standing voices of the millennial black trans community.

Pauline Green

Pauline Green (she/her) is a Black and Filipino queer woman who proudly serves as ED at The Alliance for LGBTQ Youth.

Lizette Trujillo

1st generation Chicanx/Tucson small business owner & community advocate for transgender youth & families

Jennifer Levi

Jennifer Levi is the Senior Director of Transgender and Queer Rights at GLAD.

Zo Jimenez

Zo Amaro Jimenez (they/them) is a licensed clinical psychologist and consultant

Carla Peña

Director of Training at Gender Spectrum

Lynn Whitman

Lynn Whitman

Gray Selby

Gray is a rising senior and their pronouns are he/they/xe.

Thomas Satterwhite

Thomas Satterwhite, MD

Debby Anziano

Debby Anziano PA-C is a certified Physician Assistant specializing in Plastic Surgery.

River Suh

Science Teacher

Natalie Roberts

California born and raised High school graduate

Tiki Inacay

Reserve Mentor

jen Hastings

Jen Hastings, MD

Dean Stone

Dean Stone (he/xe/it)

Xander Grey

Youth Activist and Programs Head

Aiano Nakagawa

Aiano Nakagawa (they/she)

Shannon Minter

Legal Director at NCLR

AJ Schaerer

AJ Schaerer (they/them) is a trans-masculine, non-binary advocate, educator, speaker, and community organizer

Dani Villalobos

Dani Villalobos

Elio Hawk Garcia

Elio Hawk Garcia (they/he/elle/el) is a volunteer with TransFamily Support Services

Colt St. Amand

Colt St. Amand

Ivy Hill

Ivy Hill

Jaymie Campbell-Orphanidys

Dr. Jaymie Campbell (he/him) is first and foremost a human being – worthy, whole, deserving & free

Jonathan Avila

Dr. Jonathan Avila is an Adolescent Medicine specialist

Nani Inocentes

Nani Inocentes: She/They - Peer Health Advisor - Hilot Practitioner - Musician

Rascal Roubos

Rascal Roubos

Jennifer Streeter

Jennifer Streeter, BA, is a cardiac CT applications specialist at Cleerly

LoAn Nguyen (she/cô)

LGBTQ+ Outreach/Training Coordinator, Generation Q, Queens Community House, NYC

Kirk Allen (he/him)

BIPOC Parent Panelist

Andy Duran

Andy Duran is a queer/trans activist and sexual health & wellness educator

Jenna Redmond

Director of Family Programming @ Gender Spectrum. I use they/she pronouns.

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Van Ethan Levy