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Pre-Departure: Starting Global Ed in 2021

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Kalpana Zutshi

Principal Consultant, International Relations

Jas Pandhal

Partner, International Relations

Bindu Chopra

Principal Consultant, International Relations

Tanya M Somani

Associate Consultant, International Relations, TC Global

Sanjeev Singh

University of Fraser Valley| Student Recuiter and Internation Business Development

Prasad Kholli

Head of Student & Agent Recruitment

Japneet Kaur

Account Manager, International Relations, TC Global

Priyanka Singh

Regional Head- Recruitment & Business Development, Deakin

Emma Spittles

International Officer | University of Kent

Harry Booty

UKVI International Communications Lead

Colum Cronin

Senior International Officer at Dublin City University

Mark Cumisky

Career & Skills Consultant at University College Dublin


Manager - South Asia

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We are on a mission to catalyze world citizenship

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