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Katarzyna Walczyk-Matuszyk

Preseident of the Top 500 Innovators (2014 - 2020); #HorizonEU and EU Fund expert

Andrzej Muter

Head of LIFE Unit, NFEP&WM

Martyna Zastawna

Founder of WoshWosh and SzeptSzum

Katarzyna Udrycka

Ecological Transition, Climate Change and Biodiversity Consultant

Dorota Kinal

Director of the Department oif Education and Scence of the Wielkopolska Region

Justyna Markowicz

Podcaster at Zrównoważony Biznes Podcast and Design Thinking Facilitator

Marzena Cypryańska-Nezlek

Center for Climate Action and Social Transformation (4CAST)

Aleksandra Mikucka

I'm a teacher od history

Joanna Maraszek

Vice President Planet-A Foundation

Justyna Cięgotura

IPR and innovation management professional

Michał Wieczorowski

Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with Business and Industry, PUT

Damian Kuźniewski

Director of the Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, GUT

Agnieszka Oleksyn - Wajda

Attorney at law, Director of Sustainability Institute at Łazarski University

Katarzyna Wolszczak

Sustainability, climate change & zero waste consultant

Monika Dawidowicz


Paulina Górska


Tomasz Morozgalski

Lawyer, a city and social activist.

Michał Maćkowiak


Ewa Borowska

Founder & CEO at Extremo Technologies

Justyna Pelc

Leader of Innspace Association

Zbigniew Karaszewski

Lukasiewicz Research Network Wood Technology Institute; Researcher

Tomasz Ciamulski

Organic fibers as the future of 3D bio-composite materials

Piotr Olkiewicz

Sustainability & Smart City Expert

Asmaa Idrisu

Chief Executive Officer of Inceptima LLC

Piotr Sulikowski

Board Member National R&D Center, Prof. of IT & Business, President's Expert on HiTech

Monika Kaczmarek

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn; professor

Paweł Musiałek

The role of think tanks in contemporary politics

Marcin Korolec

Director of Green Economy Institute

Jakub Kupecki

Institute of Power Engineering, Head of the Center for Hydrogen Technologies (CTH2)

Piotr Jóźwiak

Institute of Power Engineering, Senior Research Engineer

Ewa Mazur

Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment, Head of Hydrogen Economy and Innovation Unit

Luca Mastropasqua

Senior Research Scientist at University of California, Irvine

Anna Niemczyk

Institute of Power Engineering - Research Institute; post-doc

Joanna Korgul

Editor in chief

Tobiasz Adamczewski

Head of Renewables

Marcin Lewenstein

Innovation Officer, InnoEnergy

Tomasz Rożek

The President of the Nauka. To Lubię Foundation

Ania Łosiak

Scientific Researcher at Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Science

Justyna Glusman

City of Warsaw, Sustainability Co-ordinator

Agata Hościło

Head of Applied Geomatics at Institute of Geodesy and Cartography

Michał Pajdak

[email protected], [email protected], Expert and Wykładowca @WSB University

Alessandro Iacoponi

EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) IoT Director | Sustainability and Innovation Manager

Piotr Nowak

Łukasiewicz-ILIM, Senior project and commercialization manager

Paweł Kluczyński

CEO at Airoptic Sp. z o.o.

Ewelina Sasin

Co-founder of TerGo: an app paving the way to a carbon-neutral future

Michał Kurtyka

Minister of Environment and Climate 2018-2021, President of UN Climate Change Conference COP24

Jan Chełkowski

Digital Transformation Consultsant, PAMI 2021 Coordinator

Charles C. Valauskas

Legal counsel to business ventures, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Mateusz Bonecki

Chief Innovation Officer (

Erki Ani

CEO at Cleantech Estonia, Co-Founder at Beamline Accelerator

Ewa Kocińska-Lange

Director of the NCBR Office in Brussels/Business & Science Poland

Marcin Tischner

Corporate Engagement & Sustainability Specialist ProVeg Polska

Justyna Piszczatowska

Editor-in-chief w

Matuesz Wojdyło


Atticus Durnell

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