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POLIS Conference 2020

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Dominique Mamcarz

CSR Director

Patrick Hofman

Traffic Engineer

Vivian Stribos

EU Representative

Lucas Snaije

Community & Communications Manager

Lucy Sadler


Harriët Tiemens

Deputy Mayor

Simon Ruyters

Policy Officer

Michiel Penne

Marketing Advisor

Tim Wiegels

Vice President DATA

Kevin van der Linden

Advisor Mobility and Area development

Andy Taylor

Senior Director of Strategy

László Sándor Kerényi

Director of Strategic Planning

Marianne Weinreich

Market Manager

Annet van Lier

Manager Mobility & Environment

Esther van Bergen

General Manager

András Vágány

Innovation Associate

Richard van der Wulp

Urban Transport Planner

Matthias Van Wijnendaele

Mobility Manager / Public Works Coordinator

Jan Maarten van den Berg

Technical Manager

Thomas Schmid

Mobility Intrapreneur

Susanne Scherz

Head of Road Traffic Authority

Geert Ritsema

European Affairs Advisor

Stefanie Pichler

Head of Marketing and Customer Relationships

Matthias Mallik

Manager Urban Mobility

Jill Warren


Sjouke van der Vlugt

Policy Officer Urban Planning

Sara Tori

PhD student

Lucy Saunders


Coen Mekers

Senior Policy Advisor Mobility

Florian Lorenz

Owner & Consultant

Eléonore Venin

Co-coordinator of the working group Smart Walking & Cycling

Shirley te Roller

Project Manager

Dustin Schöder

Project Manager

Jhon Alexander Ramirez Ospina

International Business Development Manager

Maria Pia Fanti

Full Professor

Pedro Machado

Advisor of the Deputy Mayor for Mobility

PJ Kleevens

Senior Advisor Dynamic Traffic Management

Gerard Hellburg

Program Manager

Deborah Fox

Head of Demand Management


Parking Policy Officer

Thomas Deloison


Matthew Baldwin

Deputy Director-General

Sander van der Drift


Susan Tully

Research Fellow

Peter Swart

Policy Advisor

Maria-José Rojo

Project Manager

Vincent Meijers

Senior Policy Advisor Public Space

Giulio Mattioli

Research Fellow

Nicolas GORSE

General Manager France &. Belgium

Anabel Diaz

EMEA Rides Regional General Manager


Architect Expert in Sustainable Mobility

Victoire Champenois

Policy Officer

Lucy Yu

Director Public Policy UKI & Benelux

Els Van den broeck

General Director

Roman Rohrberg

Global Marketing Manager

Laurent MERCAT

Chairman of Bike Sharing Expert Group

Mirjam Koopman

Advisor Smart Mobility

Dylan Khélif

Business Development Manager

Jan-Willem Hommes

Advisor Transport Policy

Matthieu Graindorge

Seniort Project Manager - Smart and Green Mobility

Juan Corro Beseler

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

Andri Wienandts

Intrapreneur NMD

Geert-Jan Verzijden

Manager ZOOV Beheer

Enrico Stefano

City Councillor

Xavier Sanyer Matias

Head of Mobility Service

Annie Reddaway

Business Analyst - Mobility

Pierre Launay

Freight and Logistics Officer

Christoph Erdmenger

Head of Department for Sustainable Mobility

Maria Chatziathanasiou

Research Associate

Casper Van Gheluwe

PhD Researcher

Olivier Vacheret

Head of Passenger Information and Digital Services


Head of The Department of Development Planning

Jos Streng

Advisor City Logistics

Maria Rodrigues

Project Manager Transport & Mobility

Isabelle Prohn

Head of corporate communications SmartwayZ.NL

Raluca Marian

General Delegate of the Permanent Delegation to the EU

Peter Jones

Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development

Giovanni Huisken

Deputy Project Manager SOCRATES

Koos Fransen

Post-doctoral Researcher

hannelore depypere

Staff Member Education and Citizen Participation

Guus Cornelissen

Policy Officer for the Spatial Development Department

Malin Broqvist Andersson

Head of Department

Tim Asperges

Advisor Mobility Policy

Meia Wippoo

Lead Co-creation Lab

Jorden van der Hoogt

Technical Specialist

Theo Thuis

MD Innovation

Wilma Slinger

Project Manager

Guido Rink


Katharina Paoli Brunat

Nudging Expert & CEO

Patricia La Torre

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Franck JACON

Study Responsable

Alan Hoekstra

Sr. Advisor Sustainable Mobility

Frank Fiedler

Head of Transport Development

Ewout Depauw

Coordinator Mobility Policy

Joost de Kruijf

Research and Business Innovator

Natalia Ciciarello

Project Manager for Shared Mobility

Tommaso BONINO

Technical Manager

Cédric Aubouin

Head of Mobilty and Transport Policy department

Karen Vancluysen

Secretary General

Peter van Wijlick

Mobility Coordinator

Jop Spoelstra

Innovation Manager

Dr. Nina Nesterova

EU Coordinator Mobility, Logistics, Built environment

Fabian Ladda

Director Public Policy

Carla Koers

Member of Council

Mikael Ivari

Senior Advisor

Daniel Helldén

Vice-Mayor of Stockholm

Klemen Gostič

Project Manager

Mirthe Dolk

Policy Advisor CycleOn

Anna Craciun

Partnership Manager

Florinda Boschetti

Head of City Club

Lovisa Blomér

Traffic Planner

Apostolos Ziakopoulos

Research Associate

Mirjam Van Coillie


Marijn Struyf


Bram Seeuws

Project and Policy Officer

Suzanne Riezebos

Project Leader Charging Infrastructure

Wiebke Pankauke

Deputy Head of Unit for Road Safety

Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

Director Urban Planning, Environment and Health

Marco Mulder

Senior Transport Planner

Tessa Leferink

Active Travel Engineer

Jasmeet Khurana

Manager Mobility

Nathan Hooghof

Cycling Stimulation and Data

Jonas Haustraete

Business Developer

Roland Ferwerda


Edoardo Felici

Policy Officer

Pieter de Haan

Consultant, Researcher

Sara Brorström

Associate Professor

Ron Bos


Indre Blauzdziunaite

Impact Officer

Tiago Aleixo


Stijn Vernaillen

MaaS Expert

Frank van den Bosch

Traffic Engineer

Martijn J. te Lintelo

Senior Policy Advisor Transport / Accountmanager Cycling

Sabine Scheel-Kopeinig

Senior Researcher

Rob Roemers

Head of Data & Analytics

Edwin Mermans

Senior Advisor International Affairs

Lina Konstantinopoulou

Secretary General

Klara Jonsson

Deputy Project Director, Hisingen Bridge project

Tjalle Groen

Systems Analyst

Sergio Fernández Balaguer

International Collaboration Projects

Danielle De Boer



Associate Director

Lasse Brand

Urban Mobility Consultant

Patrick Auwerx

Project Leader and Coordinator of Park4SUMP

Alexander Verduyn

Policy Officer Alternative Fuels Infrastructure

Marc van der Burg

Policy Advisor Smart Mobility

Ellen Townsend

Policy Director

Iraklis stamos

Project Officer

Julia Schmidt

Scientific Consultant

Ricardo Poppeliers

Principal Consultant Mobility / Strategic Business Developer

Jasper Meekes

Policy Advisor on Mobility

Robin Kleine

Project Manager

Remco Hoogma

Municipal Relations Manager

Per Elvingson

Mobility planner

philippe crist

Advisor for Innovation and Foresight

Anna Clark

Innovation Lifecycle Manager

Marcel Braun

Senior Consultant

Koen Beekhuis

Mobility Consultant

Mohamed Ridouani


Andrea Lorenzini

Transport Engineer

Julia Keller

Project Manager New Mobility

Rahel Kaenel

Mobility Intrapreneur

Suzanne Hoadley

Senior Manager

Heidi Guenin

Product Manager, Shared Mobility

Colm Ennis

Senior Executive Engineer

jesus de la quintana

Head of Urban Solutions

Diego Canales

Global Partnerships Manager

Richard Laing

Professor of Built Environment Visualisation

Tamara Goldsteen

Coordinator Smart and Green Mobility

Robin Goix

Transport Planning Consultant

Alessandro Drago

Counsillor to Mobility

Susanne Böhler

Senior Consultant

Rico Andriesse

Expert Traffic Safety

Bonnie Fenton


Thibault Castagne


Astrid Bjørgen

Phd student/sr Advisor

Claudia Baumgartner

Head of Research

Dagmar Koehler

Team leader Urban Mobility

Wilko Huyink

Managing Director

Thomas Geier

Research and Policy

Alexander Frederiksen


Dorrith Dijkzeul

Advisor Mobility and Urban Development

Cosimo Chiffi

Transport Economist

Stuart Blackadder

Reporting & Governance Officer

Olga Anapryenka

Senior Consultant

Rebecca Karbaumer

Sustainable Mobility Project Coordinator

Sita Holtslag

Project Manager

françoise guaspare

Senior Policy Advisor

Camila Gonzalez Arango

Growth Manager

Anna Domènech

External Affairs Section Manager

Carmen Carvalheira


Susanne Balm


Laura Babío

Project Officer

Aman Chitkara


Aurélien Belhocine

MaaS Partnerships & Contracts

Silvia Basenghi

Planning Mobility Expert

Wolfgang Backhaus

Team Leader

Ralf Brand

Senior Mobility Consultant

Jeroen Berends

Policy Officer

Estibaliz Barañano

General Manager

Yannick Bousse

Senior Manager - Knowledge and Innovation

Suzanne Andersson

Senior Advisor

Konstantinos Asikis

Head of the Strategic/Operational Planning & ICT dpt.


Research Director

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Digital Twins for Urban Logistics

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INclusive DIgital MObility solutions


Multimodal Optimisation of Roadspace in Europe


A Smart Energy Management System Integrating Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles


Governance principles and mEthods enabling deCisions maKers to manage and regulate the changing mObility systems


Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods in Europe


Digitising European UVAR Data


Facilitating the up-take of innovative mobility solutions


Planning for Automated Vehicles


Deploying SUMPs in Europe


Dynamic and flexible planning in Central Europe.


Easy charging, easy driving


enhanced sustainable mobility with marketing techniques


Regulating Vehicle Access for improved Liveability


Park4SUMP aims to help cities integrate innovative parking management solutions into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) for better mobility and quality of life.


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