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Anna Deshawn


Nina Singleton

Host/Creator of the Spicy Pecan Podcast

Gordon Firemark

The Podcast Lawyerâ„¢

Marla Isackson

Founder & CEO of OSSA Collective

John Lee

Founder & Ceo

Rita Bautista

Founder of Latina Podcasters Network and Latino Podcasters Network

Latrice Sampson Richards

Licensed Therapist, Coach, Podcast Host & Producer

Elsie Escobar

Co-founder of She Podcasts, Community Manager at Libsyn

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

SEO Strategist, Author, and Tech Founder.

Patrick Hill

Ceo and Founder

Dan Daughtery


Andrew Santiago


Jalaine Watts

Tech Entrepreneur /Podcaster

Detravius Bethea


Corey Gumbs

Founder Of Black Podcasters Association

David Moss

Chief Creative Officer

Annalise Nielson

Senior Manager of Business Development

Gabriel Soto

Director of Research

Devin Miller

Founder and CEO of Miller IP Law

Sunny Gault

Creator of Independent Podcast Network

Sean Howard

Cofounder Of Fable and Folly Network

Mark Lacour

Editor in Chief of OGGN

Xperience J

Songwriter, Author, Podcaster

Brittany Ngo

Opportunities Coordinator of WOC Podcasters

Alex Sanfillippo

Podmatch, Podpros Founder & Podcaster

Anthony Frasier


Seth Ressler

Founder Of Podcast Parties

Todd Murray

President at Gaybors Agency

Ann Smith

President of Podcasters Unlimited

Denese Duran

CEO of Podcasters Unlimited


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Anna Deshawn

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