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Pi Wars Conference 2021

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ULISSE and the High Performance Computing framework

Ciprian Manea

Giving a lightning talk about unPi

Chris Scott

Lightning Talk

Keegan Neave

Professional roboteer - giving a session on the Robot Operating System: How not to do it, and what to do instead!

Neil Lambeth

Owner of Red Robotics - giving talk on Displays and menu systems for Pi Wars Robots

Phil Willis

Multiple-time Pi Wars competitor

Garry Bulmer


Alessandro Bolloni

Robotics hobbyist, passionate of Linux, Raspberry Pi, High Performance Computing, and Science Fiction

8 Bits and a Byte

Two makers that create tremendously terrible tech! On the Makers Panel

William Harvey

Lighting talker

Peter Harrison

Secretary, UKMARS

Pal Denes

Software and Simulation

Dan Aldred

Author of "Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids" - Makers Panel panelist

Victor Suttle

Member of the Essex University robotics club, took on the challenge of building a Controller board for just £1

Christopher Parrott

Roboticist and Product Engineer

Phil Hall

Roboteer - Tackling the Pi Wars @ Home Challenges

Michael Horne

Pi Wars organiser

Blayze Millward

360-degree Visual SLAM

Brian Starkey

Art panel

David Whale

Building a wireless robot controller with a micro:bit

Sedat Yalcin

Pi Wars Turkey

Elif Kozanoğlu

Pi Wars Turkey


Pi Wars Turkey

Ece Tabag

Pi Wars Turkey

David Booth

Pi Wars Organiser

David Hannaford

My best 10 robots in 50 years of robot building

Neil Stevenson

Voice Recognition for Robot Control

Rishan Sharma

AI and ML with Raspberry Pi

Martin O'Hanlon

Creator of BlueDot

Andrew Suttle

Member of the Essex University robotics club, took on the challenge of building a Controller board for just £1

Rob Bricheno

Pi Wars Organiser

Daniel Sendula

Software and Simulation

Matt Timmons-Brown

The Raspberry Pi Guy - giving a talk on Robotics at University and beyond – a student’s perspective

Tim Richardson (Organiser)

Tim is an intrepid Pi Wars organiser by night and a performance architect by day!

Leon Anavi

Open source hardware designer all the way from Bulgaria

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Pi Wars

Pi Wars is a non-destructive Raspberry Pi robotics competition with both autonomous and remote-controlled challenges.

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Pi Wars

The Raspberry Pi Robotics Challenge Competition

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