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Peters Valley Spring 2021 Virtual Craft Market

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Peters Valley School of Craft

Enriching lives through the learning, practice, and appreciation of fine craft. Immersive Workshops | Gallery | Artist Residencies | Craft Fair


Ailsa Catherine Studio

I craft jewelry out of sterling silver and semi precious stones using soldering and cold connections.

Alex Lozier Jewelry

Crystals + Organic found objects set in sterling silver

Andrew Sartorius Ceramics

I create pots for everyday ceremony from wild harvested clays I fire in large wood burning kilns.

Andy Smith Photography

Take photos myself, develop on computer, print on Epson pro 9900, make canvas stretcher frames

Anna Salibello

Functional, decorative, and organic wood fired ceramic work. Wheel thrown and handbuilt.

Aprille Nace

I handbuild cylinders using thin slabs of translucent porcelain and heavy use of ceramic stains.

Artifacts by Design - Peter Syak

I create work utilizing the raku firing technique and have provided demos for over 30 years.

Astuary Art

My name is Marissa Recker. I create abstract mixed media originals on canvas inspired by growth.

August Phoenix Hats by Heather Daveno

Handcrafted hats from recycled textiles, leathers, furs and found objects.


avalove silkscreens and flower dyes women's clothing one poem, one metaphor at a time.

Batton Clayworks

Each piece is one of a kind design using the sgraffito method with Porcelain clay.

Bellflower Creations

Handmade bells with a gentle sound are set into a variety of pieces for garden and home.

Bertoni Gallery

My rings & bracelet are carved in wax while I use metalsmithing for my earrings in silver & stones.

Bethany Montana Jewelry

Hand fabricated jewelry using precious metals and gemstones

Blue Feet Studio

I weave fine wearables on non-computerized 8-shaft looms. I work in Tencel (ecofriendly; eucalyptus)

Bri Larson

I use porcelain with mason stains and underglaze. Patterns and designs are hand carved with an Xacto knife.

Brienne Rosner

Mixed media wall pieces & jewelry inspired by patterns and nature

Carrie LaDuke

Paper and wood pyrography using a wire-tip pen system, with color enhancements.

Charlotte Lindley Martin Ceramics

I use porcelain paper clay fired to cone 6 in oxidation with mason stains in underglazes and glaze.

Chris Lucibella Artist Blacksmith LLC

I make metal sculptures, with a focus on using traditional forging techniques in novel ways.

Clara Applewhaite Designs

Original artwork, is painted on silk, or the 'gutta serti' technique, which may be worn or hung.

Colleen McCall Ceramics

Fresh floral hand painted stoneware pottery

Crystal Wreden Art

Acrylic and Oil Paintings

Czashka Ross

Clay monoprinting printed Reemay substrate-artist colors mixed with tile 6 china clay on a clay slab

Deb Kaplan Designs

I have been utilizing underglaze and overglaze paints and decals to decorate earthenware travel cups.

Debora Crichton

I make handbags and accessories from leather, felt, vinyl, cork, metal and found objects and yardage.

Donna Foley - Four Directions Weaving

Specializing in naturally-dyed tapestries and eco-friendly wearables

E. Christopher & Sons

Jewelry fabricated from precious metals using techniques such as chasing, embossing and Keum-Boo.

East Camp Goods

Handmade chains and one-of-a-kind gemstone rings in 18k and 22k gold

Elina Peduzzi Jewelry

Bronze and silver transformed by traditional fabrication and casting techniques.

Frontline Paper

Handmade paper made from military uniforms, scrubs & other garments with pulp spray and printmaking

Gaspri Atelier

Our handcrafts vary, however my main focus is on very intricate filigree creations made with silver.

Griffith Evans Wood Jewelry

I create jewelry from New Mexico trees decimated by drought.

Harold Kalmus

We make kitchen knives of exceptional performance, a pleasure to use and a delight to look at.

Heather Beck Designs

Heavily textured jewelry in gold, silver & copper. Focus on animals, nature, nests, and spirit.

Heddle Over Heels

Handwoven textiles made with natural and/or sustainable fibers. Many of of which are hand-dyed.

JA Ceramic and Design

I create a form that looks the way good music sounds. The patterns and color are the album cover.

Jackie Haines

Hand fabricated, one of a kind jewelry made with texture, silver and gold, and collector gemstones.

Jan Hartley

I am a jeweler designing and constructing silver pieces with gold accents and semi-precious stones.

Janis Cutler Gear

I create intricately relief carved + painted highfired porcelian vessels based on nature + culture

Jenne Rayburn

Designs that combine drawing & painting with texturing & patterning, influenced by myths & folklore.

Jennifer McBrien - jennyjen42

I use freehand machine and hand embroidery with fabric and felt applique on organic and found fabric.

Jerry Bennett Pottery

I work in porcelain, paper clay, plus underglaze color, to make functional forms.

Jessica McGrath

Geometric jewelry featuring color, texture and gold accents made with silver, gold and gemstones.

Jim Loewer Glass

Flameworked/blown borosilicate uniquely large for this process. Often mistaken for furnace glass.

Joanne Strehle Bast

Stitched creations of thread, appliquéd fabrics, hand felted wool and/or glass beads

Julie Goodenough Contemporary Crochet

Original crocheted jewelry, accessories, and home goods

Juni Margrie Ceramics

I create functional, wheel-thrown fine porcelain pieces decorated with botanical illustrations.

Karen Caldwell - Sunflower Glass Studio

Nature Inspired Fused & Hand-Painted Glass

Kathy Petronzio Basketmaker

I am a basketweaver who uses both reed, hardwoods, cane, waxwd linen and cane. Everything is prepared.

Kelly Wove It

Handwoven apparel and home goods created from natural yarns and fibers (primarily cotton).

Ken Burton

I make custom furniture and accessories from a wide variety of woods and other materials.

Kimberly Camp - Galerie Marie

I use various clay bodies, leather, suede, textiles, beads, feathers, found objects, fur

Laurel Nathanson

I have stitched traditional embroidery stitches into fabricated silver and plexiglas.

Laury Nichols - L. Nichols Woodcarving

Hand-carved woodland animals, highly detailed, sparkling with personality

Leann Carlson

My main medium is printmaking, with an emphasis on relief textile patterns and screenprinting.

Liz Mitchell Designs

I melt glass rods, then layer & swirl the glass to create beads used in sterling jewelry I design.

Machine in Hand

Woven one-of-a-kind textiles for home, body and ceremony with embedded data and history within them.

Mandy Henebry Ceramics

Function based pottery.Patterns made with colored slips and handmade stencils.Fired to ^5 oxidation

Michael Porfido Pottery

I work in stoneware and porcelain. I strive for the highest quality in my pottery.

Mills & Zoldak: Potters

We create functional and decorative stoneware using slip decorating in our individual styles.

Miner's Daughter

I have a soap company called Miner's Daughter. I make handcrafted cold process soap.

MRC Metalworks

Fabricated sterling, textured, formed and finished with patina, often featuring colored gemstones.

Natural Sur by Lula Castillo

Jewelry made with sustainable materials that had been collected in the amazon rainforest.

Patricia Madeja Studio Jewelry

Handcrafted sterling, 14 & 18k gold jewelry | Unique geometric and architecturally inspired designs

Rebecca May Verrill Ceramics

One of a kind cheerful graphic earthenware pottery with freehand-cut paper stenciled designs.

Renee Calder

Combination of ceramic, found objects I like using old rusted objects to suggest my final pieces.

Reuben Sinha Encaustics & Ceramics

My work draws on memories of an extinct culture of earthenware cooking vessels & coolers, from India

Sally Rothchild Ceramics

Hand thrown stoneware pottery, sgrafitto and slip design, fired in high temperature gas reduction

Sarah C. Chapman

Metal jewelry that merges the industrial and natural worlds

Seth Michael Studio

My jewelry is entirely hand crafted using ethically sourced metals, gemstones, and advanced ceramic.

Sharron Parker

Handmade felt wall pieces made of dyed, unspun wool and silk, with additional yarns

Sheila Fernekes Design Studio

Hand woven and layered glass beads combined with polymer, gemstones and non-traditional materials.

Small Joys Studio LLC

One-of-a-kind limited edition jewelry and 2D wall art

Srabanti and Nilanjan Bhowmik

Handmade jewelry from antique watch parts, metals, natural stone, vintage silverware & guitar string

Stephanie O'Brien

Detailed and visually interesting work with silver, brass, and stones

Swartswood Studios

All my wood art is hand cut, painted, stained and sanded making each picture unique.

The Artist Studio - Jennifer Rose Wolken

Journals, sketchbooks, albums and sculptural artists’ books

Wen Redmond

Innovative Digital Fiber Art & Mixed Media

William Lorber

An assemblage of gem materials intricately fitted together forming beautiful works of wearable art.

Peters Valley Gallery

Fine American Craft from over 150 Artists represented by Peters Valley School of Craft

Peters Valley School of Craft

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