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Matthew Syed

Writer, Journalist and Broadcaster

Dr Mark Britnell

Global Healthcare Expert, KPMG International; Senior Partner

Chris Day

Director of Engagement, CQC

Alastair Campbell

Writer, Communicator, Consultant, Strategist, Mental Health Campaigner

Dr Darren Kilroy

Medical Director - International, RLDatix

Liz Jones

Chief Marketing Officer - International, RLDatix

Simon Courage

Chief Solutions Architect, RLDatix

Jeff Surges

CEO, RLDatix

Leigh Malyon

Head of Medics, RLDatix

Tom Bird

Customer Success Specialist, RLDatix

Sheena Thomas

Temporary Staffing Manager, Mid Cheshire Hospitals

Peter McBride

Programme Director, NHS National Services Scotland

Michael Brown

Head of HR Resourcing, NHS Forth Valley

Rupert Clarke

Programme Director, RLDatix

Nicola Riddell

eRoster Manager, NHS Forth Valley

Jonathan Webb

Head of Safety and Learning, NHS Wales

Tom Weeks

Workforce Systems Implementation Manager, Portsmouth Hospitals Trust

Sade White

Customer Success Engagement Manager, RLDatix

Dawn Downing

Nurses, AHPs and Non-Clinical Lead Project Manager, RLDatix

Alex Martin

Customer Success Specialist, RLDatix

Erica Boswell

e-Rostering Advisor, King’s College Hospital

Janet Wolsoncroft

e-Rostering Performance & Implementation Manager, King’s College Hospital

Samantha Beji

e-Roster Team Manager, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

Tessa Chapman

eRostering Lead, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Emma Brown

eRostering Lead for Medics, St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Pamela Davenport

General Manager, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Kiri Hargreaves

Customer Success Specialist, RLDatix

Michaela Dallison

Customer Success Manager, RLDatix

Steve Craig

Senior Trainer, RLDatix

Kim Ogilvie

Senior eRostering Facilitator/Analyst, NHS Tayside

Elaine Dow

Senior eRostering Facilitator/Analyst, NHS Tayside

Paul Tarling

Director, Product Management - Risk, RLDatix

Alan Duffell

CPO at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and Interim CPO at Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Katie Milligan

Product Specialist, RLDatix

Kelly Cummins

Customer Success Manager, RLDatix

Sophie Turner

HR Project Facilitator, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Yvonne Hanson

eRoster System Admin, Letterkenny University Hospitals

Chris Hammersley

Product Marketing Manager, RLDatix

Tom Ross

Product Manager - Medics & Activity Manager, RLDatix

Chris Bond

Medics Rostering Specialist, RLDatix

James Titcombe OBE

Patient Safety Advocate

Jonathan Taylor

Head of Risk and Assurance, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Russell Jones

eRostering Lead, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership

Jess Beardmore

Product Manager, RLDatix

Paul Lundbeck

Director of People Services, HCRG

Jason Saridis

Deputy Director of HR, Royal Surrey Foundation Trust

Amanda Limbert

Workforce Systems Manager, Airedale

Rachel Roberts

Patient Service Manager, Airedale

Dr Alexander Hodkinson, PHD

NIHR Senior Fellow, Centre for Primary Care and Health Services Research, University of Manchester

Lee Gutcher

Programme Manager - Corporate Services, North Central London ICS

Dennis Carlton

Programme Director, North Central London ICS

Natalie Nightingale

Head of Temporary Staffing & NCL Lead, North Central London ICS

Jason Ahern

Lead Nurse for Electronic Rostering and SafeCare, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

Andrew Munro

Product Manager, RLDatix

Stuart Humphries

eRoster Project Manager, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Danny Gray

Founder, JAAQ

Joanna Brown

Nurse Staffing Programme Lead, BCUHB

Emma Owen

Head of eRostering, Swansea Bay UHB

Sharon Hayes

Customer Learning Team Leader, RLDatix

Anders Nilsson

Business Development Manager, RLDatix

Melissa Swindell

HR Director, Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Becky Gamblin

Deputy Workforce Systems Manager, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Kirsty Edwards

Business Development Manager, RLDatix

Sharon Baker

Customer Success Manager, RLDatix

Marcos Manhaes

Head of LFPSE and NRLS, Patient Safety, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Hollie Archibald

Customer Success Manager, RLDatix

Suzy Keeling

eRoster Project Manager, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Tom Daley

Customer Success Manager, RLDatix

Ben Forbes

Customer Success Manager, RLDatix

Richard Kitchen

Senior Product Manager, RLDatix

Emily Trant

Head of Impact and Inclusion, WageStream

Geraldine O'Connor

eRoster Lead, Letterkenny University Hospital

Fiona Lee

Staff Benefits Manager, The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Alex Watson

HR Business Partner, Norfolk Community Health and Care

Alison Smith

Retention Manager – South East Region, People Directorate, NHSE

Sarah Griffiths

eRostering Analyst, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Shona Blackhall

Director, Product Management, RLDatix

Simon Digweed

Product Manager, RLDatix

Derek Conlon

Deputy Head of eRostering and Bank Services, North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

Gill Fountain

RNOH Temp Staffing Lead, North Central London ICS

Alex Smith

Product Manager, RLDatix

David Mulligan

Head of Workforce Systems and Deployment at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

Thomas Hesketh

Head of Employment Services, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Andy Cowper


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