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PennApps XXI

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· Expo
Career Fair Pt. 1: Booths
Chat with recruiters and reps from a bunch of really cool companies in the "Expo" event area!
· Networking
Career Fair Pt. 2: 1 on 1 Networking
Chat with Sponsors 1:1 to network, ask questions, and chat!
· Stage
Opening Ceremony
Welcome to PennApps! Join us as we explain the opportunities during this hackathon, invite a few guest speakers, and send you on your hacking way!
· Networking
Team Formation, Mentor Matching, and Brainstorming!
PennApps has officially begun! Take this time to brainstorm, or go to the "Networking" area to find potential teammates and/or mentors!!
· Sessions
Ethical Algorithm Design and Machine Learning
Led by Michael Kearns
· Sessions
Introduction to Java
New to programming? This is a GREAT place to start! Led by Jules Pierce
· Sessions
Building A Codeless Backend Using GraphQL and Hasura
Led by Kevin Vuong
· Sessions
Android App Development Workshop
Led by Angel Fan and Varun Ramakrishnan
· Sessions
Q&A Panel: College Experiences in Internships and Majors
Panel featuring Claire Donovan, Jefferey Liu, Sai Mamidala, Jules Pierce, Alex Scott, and Dana Yi
· Sessions
Get started on those awesome projects, and enjoy everything we have planned, happy hacking/learning!
· Sessions
Doodle Wall Opens
Make your mark on our infinite canvas:;x=384;y=635;zoom=0.6906
· Sessions
Online Escape Room Opens
Join us for a Hogwarts Themed Digital Escape Room! We will work as a team to find clues and solve the puzzle. Max Participants: 15
· Sessions
Processing Data with Pandas in Python
Led by Sofiya Lysenko
· Sessions
Penncraft Scavenger Hunt
Explore Penn's campus and solve puzzles with the PennApps XXI x Penncraft Virtual Scavenger Hunt!
· Sessions
Bloomberg @ PennApps: Tech Talk + Office Hours
Detecting gender bias in software, presented by Debashri Prajapati
· Sessions
Smash Tournament
Join Penn Smash Bros for a Melee and Ultimate Tournament. Win a new controller or Super Mario 3D All-Stars.
· Sessions
Bloomberg - General Office Hours
Come talk to Bloomberg's recruiters! Ask questions, chat, and network!
· Sessions
Nanofab and Tiny Robots Workshop
Led by Marc Miskin
· Sessions
VC and Females in VC!
Led by Adele Li
· Sessions
React and Next.JS: Fast Prototyping for Hackathons Workshop
Led by Jorge Ferreiro
· Sessions
Play Skribbl with us!
Join the #skribbl channel on Slack for the Zoom link!
· Sessions
Raspberry Pi Deployment
Led by Rahul Fakirs
· Sessions
Data Science and the Intersection of US and Decision Science Workshop
Led by Hezekiah Branch
· Sessions
Hacking With Arduino: Hardware Workshop
Led by Brandon Gonzalez
· Sessions
Unity (C#) Workshop
Led by Raymond Chen
· Sessions
League of Legends Tournament
If you play League of Legends, come join us for a shot at winning RP! Anyone is welcome.
· Sessions
Google Cloud Live Teach Talk
· Expo
Google Intro to Firebase Talk
Head to the Google booth to check out a introduction to Firebase!
· Sessions
Recruiting/Networking for Product Management Careers, Succeeding in Remote Internships: Workshop
Led by Grace Yeung
· Sessions
Chess Tournament
Take a shot at a lottery for Amazon gift cards!
· Sessions
How To Volunteer With Tech Girlz Workshop
Led by Danica Pascavage
· Sessions
Google Cloud Hero Workshop
· Sessions
Play Code Words with us!
Join the #codewords channel on Slack for the Zoom link!
· Sessions
Play Werewolf with us!
Join us and play Werewolf for Telegram, a social deduction game. Game room to come! Rules:
· Sessions
Moving From Hack to Product to Venture: Workshop
Led by Jeffrey Babin
· Sessions
Knowledge Graphs
Led by Benjamin Cohen
· Sessions
How to Get Users/Fundraising: Workshop
Led by Cory Levy
· Sessions
Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin: Workshop
Led by Uchi Uchibeke
· Sessions
Project judging! Each team will have a session where a judge will join them for QnA after watching project demos to score your projects!
· Stage
Closing Ceremony
Check out demos from our Top 3 Teams, hear from a senior engineer of MongoDB, and say goodbye with us to PennApps XXI!


Vijay Kumar

Dean of Penn Engineering

The event is over

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The Original College Hackathon



Unisys is a global information technology company that solves complex IT challenges at the intersection of modern and mission critical.

Hudson River Trading

Hiring students for summer 2021 Internship and Full-Time opportunities in Software Engineer and Algorithm Development!

The Wharton Risk Center and Insurance Information Institute

The Wharton Risk Center and the Insurance Information Institute co-sponsor the “Hack-for-Resilience” and “Insurtech” routes and encourage you to apply!

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is a provider of computing resources for deploying and operating applications on the web.


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