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Passion Expo

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Welcome Party
Welcome to Passion Expo! Check out the sounds of DJ Scrib on the main stage and be sure to introduce yourself in the group chat.
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Intro: Passion Expo
Passion Expo - a digital job fair for unique mindsets. Welcome.
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Experience I
· Networking
Networking: Express
We challenge you to "Express yourself!" in the group chat, in a 1-on-1 convo, or by utilizing the "Networking" feature. This is the time to open up!
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Experience II
· Networking
Networking 2: Expound
Expound on your truth. Now that you've opened up - it's time to inspire someone else. Give a tip. Share an experience. Tell your truth.
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Experience III
· Networking
Networking 3: Expand
Closed mouths don't get fed. Use this time to expand your network & leave the event with a conversation to continue later.
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Hosted by

A. Bevy

A.Bevy - nonprofit art and education organization - assisting young adults at discovering their passion, path, and purpose.

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