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Paris Blockchain Week Summit

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Hosted and Supported by


Charlotte Verhaeghe

Marketing Director Chocolate France at Mondelez International

Guillaume Boilot

Chief Operating Officer at Vacheron Constantin

Aisling Connolly

Advanced Research & Privacy Research Engineer at Ingenico Group

Louis Guthmann

Product Manager at StarkWare

Charles Kremer

CEO at Blockchain XDev

Laurent Kratz

CEO of Neofacto

Hugo Briand

Blockchain Lead at eKino

Denis Beau

First Deputy Governor of the Banque de France

Edward Moncada

Co-founder & CEO of Blockfolio

Paul Bao Ruicheng

CEO of BitCherry

CĂ©dric O

French Minister for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications

Valrie Fasquelle

Director of Infrastructures, Innovation and Payments at Banque de France

Eliott Teissonniere

Blockchain Architect at Nodle

Denelle Dixon

CEO & Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation

Marion Laboure

Macro Strategist at Deutsche Bank & Harvard Lecturer

Gloria Wu

Chief of Global Ecosystem Partnerships

Danny Zuckerman

Co-founder of 3Box

Robert Viglione

Co-Founder & CEO of Horizen Labs

Casey Taylor

VP of Network and Development at Digital Currency Group


Head of Marketing at Amazix

Fabian Schär

Director of the Center for Innovative Finance, University of Basel

Emmanuelle Ganne

Senior Analyst at World Trade Organization

Michael Shaulov

CEO & Co-founder of Fireblocks

MIrko Ross

CEO of Asvin

Ricardo Rohland

Head of the Blockchain Department at Join GmbH

Catherine Philippe

Blockchain Lead Partner at KPMG France

Addie Wagenknecht

Global Program Manager at the Algorand Foundation

Adeline Bachellerie

Head of Digital Currency and Innovation at Banque de France

Ahto Truu

Software Architect at Guardtime

Alessandro Chelli

CEO and Co-Founder of Apio

Andr-Charles Legendre

Founder of Kalima Systems

Andrés Lopez Vernaza

Chargé de Mission auprès du Chief Digital Officer de la Banque de France

Anthony Nixon

Developer Evangelist at R3

Antoine Le Feuvre

CEO of Digital Solutions at Suez Smart and Environmental Solutions

Anton Golub

Founder and CEO of Flovtec

Ayo Akinyele

CEO and Co-Founder at Bolt

Antonio Jara

Founder & CEO of HOP Ubiquitous S.L.

Antonio Romero

Co-Founder of Orvium

Arthur Breitman

Early Tezos Architect

Bernard-Louis Roques

Co-Founder & CEO of Truffle Capital

Charles Astruc

Manager Blockchain at PwC

Charlie Meraud

CEO of Woorton

Chayan Keshari

Lead Architect, Cognizant Blockchain Practice

Crt Ahlin

COO of Datafund

Cyril Vignet

Animateur Coordination Blockchain at Groupe BPCE

David Wachsman

CEO of Wachsman

Emin Gun Sirer

Founder & CEO of Ava Labs

David Olsson

VP, Europe and Asia at BlockFi

David Vatchev

Venture Development Lead EMEA at R3

Ella Cullen

Co-Founder & CMO of Minespider

Phoibos Dimitrios Soumelis

Managing Director at Reflet Dynamics

Frédéric Auclair

Chargé de Mission at INPI

Georges Gonthier

Advanced Researcher at Inria

Hansjoerg Hettich

Executive Director of MAMA Global

Elhade Aboudou

Blockchain Lead at Ekino

Ivan Visconti

Professor of Computer Science at the University of Salerno

Jenna Zenk

Co-Founder and CIO of Kindi Capital

Sara Tucci-Piergiovanni

Head of Laboratory at CEA Lis

Jonas Lamis

CEO at MyReflet

José Manuel Avelino

Founder & CEO of Vestigia

Daniel Augot

Directeur de recherche at Inria

Kostas Flokos

CEO of AGEify

Laszlo Peter

Head of Blockchain Services Asia Pacific at KPMG

Onder Gurcan

Expert Researcher/Engineer, Project Manager at Université Paris-Saclay, CEA LIST

Lev Mazur

Founder & Chairman, Quantfury


Healthcare Professional & CEO of Medwish

Guillaume DĂ©chaux

Managing Director- Global Head of Sales and Business Development at ConsenSys

Marta Geater-Piekarska

Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger

Matthieu Hug

Founder & CEO of Tilkal

Karim Sabba

Co-founder of Woorton & the Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Maurice Oms

Correspondant National Start-up at Banque de France

Prateek Reddy

Researcher at Marlin

Ralph Siniamin

CEO at My Last Will

Benjamin Zemmour

Business Developer at Scorechain

Michael Amar

Co-founder of ONX-Blockchain and the Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Eric Anziani

Chief Operating Officer at

Natalie Lederman

Partner at Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Nikos Karagiannidis

Research Fellow at Input Output

Liat Aaronson

Chief Strategy Officer at Horizen Labs

Nicolas Cantu

Co-founder of ONX-Blockchain

Olivier Jaillon

Chief Enablement Officer at Wakam

Panos Louridas

Associate Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business

Silvia Attanasio

Head of Innovation at ABI - Italian Banking Association

Pauline Adam-Kalfon

Partner Financial Services & Blockchain at PwC

Jean-Marc Stenger

CEO at Forge- Digital Capital Markets

Ryan Todd

Research Analyst at The Block

Philip Gradwell

Chief Economist at Chainalysis

Pierre Gerard

CEO and Co-Founder of Scorechain

Ruben Merre


Larry Cermak

Director of Research and Analysis at The Block

Vadim Grigoryan

Partner & CMO at LUNU

Perrine de Coetlogon

Membre du Board at Open Education Global

Suren Ayriyan

Managing Partner & CEO, Tempo France SAS

Ons Jelassi

Enseignante-chercheuse at Telecom Paris

Sam Lee

Founder of Coinstreet Partners

Marco Stronati

Nomadic Labs

Marc Beunardeau

Cryptologue at Nomadic Labs

NĂ©stor Etxaleku

External expert for the EU Commission

Carmen Holotescu

University Ioan Slavici, Timisoara, Romania · Computer Science.

Susana Garayoa

Journalist. European Projects Communication Manager. Public Affairs


Non-executive director, entrepreneur, blockchain governance researcher

Mike Rogers

Research Analyst at The Block

Ryan Zurrer

Founder of Dialectic

Ole Dubnov

Co-Founde at Cyber Unit

Brian Condenanza

Chief Technology Officer at Bidao


Lead Blockchain Developer at Natixis

Julien Bouteloup

CEO of Stake Capital

Tamar Menteshashvili

CMC Community Initiatives Lead at Coin Market Cap

Imre Fazekas

passionate architecture astronaut who is relentlessly seeking challenges scaling the heights of IT.

Iryna Tsimashenka

Developer Evangelist, R3


Blockchain Project VP at Groupe Renault

Michael Levine

Co-CEO of Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and Co-CEO and Chief Transformation Officer of Advantage Talent, Inc.

Alex Shkor


Yesnier Bravo

Chief Information Officer at Bettergy

Nicolas Gilot

Founder & CEO of Ultra

Philipp Kothe

Blockchain Architecht at Datarella

Luis Carbajo

CEO of Vottun

Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad

Chief Operating Officer at Bitpanda

Stephen Stonberg

COO at Bittrex

Linda Goetze

Co-Founder and EVP DFM Data Corp.

Jean-Jacques Quisquater

Famous Cryptographer and Professor & 2nd Reference in Bitcoin Paper

Nicolas Pouard

Blockchain Initiative Director at Ubisoft

Mickey Maher

Head of Revenue and Gaming Partnerships at Dapper Labs

Pietro Grassano

Business Solutions Director Europe at Algorand

David Rutter

Founder & CEO of R3

Dan Morehead

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital

Uldis Teraudkalns

CEO of Globitex

Michel Mauny

President of Nomadic Labs

Daniel S. Leon

COO of Celsius Network

Zoe Adamovicz

Co-founder and CEO of Neufund

Carolyn Reckhow

Head of Business Development and Strategy at Thesis & Keep Network

John Orthwein

Head of Blockchain and Decentralized Finance at i.AM Innovation Lab

Wayne Hughes

Head of Data and Digital Financial Intermediaries and Corporates at BNP Paribas Securities Services

Itay Malinger

Co-founder & CEO of Curv

Julien Prat

CNRS Researcher, CREST, École Polytechnique

Ouriel Ohayon

CEO of ZenGo

Owen Simonin

Founder & CEO of Just Mining

Sven Heiberg

Product Manager at Smartmatic-Cybernetica Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting

David Riegelnig

President of the OpenVASP Association

Jed Grant


David Jevans

CEO and Founder of CipherTrace

Biba Homsy

Lawyer & Co-founder of LĂ«tzblock

Frédéric Fiore

CEO of Logical Pictures

Benoit Sureau

Partner PwC, Financial Institutions, Risk & Blockchain at PwC

Sheraz Ahmed

Head of Business Development of the Crypto Valley Association

Kamlesh Nagware

Co-Lead of Hyperledger India Chapter

Rayshoun Chambers

o-Founder/Advisor at Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Zahreddine Touag

Head of Trading at Woorton

Janis Graubins

Partner at Verum Capital

Angie Lau

CEO of Forkast News

Will Harborne

CEO of DeversiFi

Peter Grausgruber

CFO of Bitpanda

Antonella Del Pozzo

Research Engineer at CEA

Daniel Augot

Directeur de recherche at Inria


CEO and Co-founder of Exaion

Richard Gendal Brown

Chief Technology Officer, R3

Misha Alefirenko

Co-founder & CEO at VelvetFormula

Eduardo Carvalho

Co-Founder and CEO of Dynasty Global Investments AG


Chief Economist at the Algorand Foundation

Damien Hartmann

President of the Open Space Makers Federation

Muneeb Ali

CEO of Blockstack

The event is over

A gathering of changemakers, shaping the blockchain & digital asset industry. December 9-10 2020 in Paris and online.

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