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Abel Gordon

Chief System Architect at Lightbits Labs

Tejas Chopra

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

Konstantin Osipov

Director of Engineering at ScyllaDB

Miles Ward


Pavel Emelyanov

Developer at ScyllaDB

Felipe Huici

Chief Researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH

Filipe Oliveira

Performance Engineer at Redis

Peter Portante

Software Engineer at Red Hat

Daniel Bristot de Oliveira

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

Henrik Rexed

Dynatrace Cloud Native Advocate

Waldek Kozaczuk

OSv Committer

Felix Geisendörfer

Staff Engineer at Datadog

Glauber Costa

Founder/CEO of ChiselStrike

Avi Kivity

CTO at ScyllaDB

Orit Wasserman

OpenShift Data Foundation Architect at Red Hat

Shlomi Livne

VP of R&D at ScyllaDB

Steven Rostedt

Open Source Engineer at VMware

Andreas Grabner

DevOps Activist at Dynatrace

Robin Marx

Postdoctoral Researcher - Web Protocols

Marc Richards

Solutions Architect at Talawah Solutions

Heinrich Hartmann

SRE at Zalando / Math PhD.

Gunnar Morling

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

Riya .

Associate Software Engineer at Red Hat

Sam Just

Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat working on Ceph

Doug Hood

Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle

Yarden Shafir

Software Engineer at CrowdStrike

Peter Zaitsev

CEO at Percona

Roman Shaposhnik

Founder of ZEDEDA, Inc.

Kathy Giori

Ecosystem Engagement Lead at ZEDEDA, Inc.

Dhruba Borthakur

CTO at Rockset

Brian Martin

Software Engineer at Twitter

Thomas Dullien

CEO at Inc.

Bryan Cantrill

CTO of Oxide Computer Company

Bryan McCoid

Sr. Distributed Systems Engineer at Couchbase Inc.

Simon Ritter

Deputy CTO at Azul Systems

Karthik Ramasamy

Senior Director of Engineering at Splunk

Pere Urbón-Bayes

Senior Solutions Architect at Confluent

Dor Laor

CEO at ScyllaDB

Denis Rystsov

Staff Engineer at Vectorized

Stefan Johansson

HotSpot GC Engineer, OpenJDK, Oracle

Bob Dever

Live Host

Peter Corless

Product Marketing at ScyllaDB

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ScyllaDB is the database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency. It enables teams to harness the ever-increasing computing power of modern infrastructures – eliminating barriers to scale as data grows. Unlike any other database, ScyllaDB is built with deep architectural advancements that enable exceptional end-user experiences at radically lower costs. Over 400 game-changing companies like Disney+ Hotstar, Expedia, FireEye, Discord, Zillow, Starbucks, Comcast, and Samsung use ScyllaDB for their toughest database challenges. ScyllaDB is available as free open source software, a fully-supported enterprise product, and a fully managed service on multiple cloud providers.

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