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Outschool Summer Adventure Fair

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– · Main Stage
Welcome Day 1 + Navigating the Expo
Outschool's Head of Community Mark Finnern kicks off the Summer Adventure Fair.
Mark Finnern
2021-05-15T09:00:00Z 2021-05-15T09:10:00Z America/Los_Angeles Welcome+Day+1+%2B+Navigating+the+Expo Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
– · Teacher Booths
Meet Outschool Teachers Live
Go to the Teacher Booths to visit teacher-led booths. You can choose booths by age and topic.
2021-05-15T09:10:00Z 2021-05-15T10:20:00Z America/Los_Angeles Meet+Outschool+Teachers+Live Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
– · Parents Connect
Connect with Outschoolers
Click on Parents Connect to chat 1:1 with other Outschool parents.
2021-05-15T10:00:00Z 2021-05-15T10:20:00Z America/Los_Angeles Connect+with+Outschoolers Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
– · Main Stage
First Day Wrap!
Today's event is coming to end, but we still have tomorrow!
Mark Finnern
2021-05-15T10:20:00Z 2021-05-15T10:30:00Z America/Los_Angeles First+Day+Wrap%21+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
– · Main Stage
Welcome Day 2 + Navigating the Expo
As we kick off today's event, we'll take a moment to share how to make the most of your time at the expo.
Mark Finnern
2021-05-16T12:00:00Z 2021-05-16T12:10:00Z America/Los_Angeles Welcome+Day+2+%2B+Navigating+the+Expo Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
– · Teacher Booths
Meet Outschool Teachers
Go to the Teacher Booths to visit teacher-led booths. You can choose booths by age and topic.
2021-05-16T12:10:00Z 2021-05-16T13:20:00Z America/Los_Angeles Meet+Outschool+Teachers Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
– · Parents Connect
Connect with Outschoolers
Click on Parents Connect to chat 1:1 with other Outschool parents.
2021-05-16T13:00:00Z 2021-05-16T13:20:00Z America/Los_Angeles Connect+with+Outschoolers Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
– · Main Stage
Until Next Time
Join Mark Finnern at the stage as he closes out the Outschool Summer Adventure Fair!
Mark Finnern
2021-05-16T13:20:00Z 2021-05-16T13:30:00Z America/Los_Angeles Until+Next+Time Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Mark Finnern

Head of Community

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Outschool engages and inspires learning through a large variety of classes and subjects so kids can dive deeper into their favorite interests.

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Nicole Pauling

Dangerous History: Pirates Summer Camp

Caitlin Brunetta

Beginning Robotics : Learning Circuits and Physics With Race Cars!

Melissa Quijano

Decades of Fashion Ft. Princesses Camp Style

Teacher Kitty MBA, BS Chem E

Camp Kick! 2 | SAT Prep | Graphing Linear Relationships | Summer Camp

Eleana Yanez

Spanish 1 for Beginners

Ms. Jessie - MEd. BEd. BA.

Photography for iPhones Summer Camp

Renita Kuehner

Geology in Minecraft - The Rocks We Build With Camp

Remy Jean

Nature's Tips and Tricks: Big Emotions

Lauren Bolger

Kindergarten Sight Word Kindergarten Sight Word Bootcamp

Deanna Colosimo

Drawing Ideas: Create Your Own Storybook Summer Camp

Mariana Corzo (M. Mus. Ed.)

Violin Summer Camp: Music Fun Under the Sun!

Sheri Gillett

Become a Master of Sketching 3 Weeks 2X a Week Camp Part 1

Nugent Koscielny, MFA, M.Ed

Daily Drawing - Summer Sketchbook Club

Joy Harrington, B.S. Ed.

Discover Yellowstone National Park in a Virtual Summer Camp!

Ezra A. Williams

An Interactive Introduction to Java Programming

Sterling Freeman

Little Dreamers Character Art: Shapes

Kristen Higdon

Book My Vacation! Inference and Critical Thinking Summer Camp

Nanci Smith

Is Mad Bad? Anger Workshop

Jonnett, M.A.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Teens- CAMP

Troy Wilderson

Underground World Art Camp! Create & Draw a Whole Underground World

Edward Simmons

Crises and 100 Days -- Comparing the Challenges of 1933 And 2021

Katie Baxley

Bake with Me: Beginner and Intermediate Skills (Flex)

Deanna Nwosu

A Frozen Wedding! 4-Day Social Camp With Teacher Deanna

Megan Philippi

Active Actors: An Energetic Physical Theater Adventure (5-Day Camp)

Kelsey Wilson

All About Acting - Acting Games Camp (3 Day Camp)

Josh Thomas

Animals: Protecting Wildlife Around the World (Summer Camp)

Alison Sloan

Be You and Become a Better Writer: Narrative Writing *2-Week Camp*

Lisa Harris, M.Ed.

Brain Warriors: Summer Camp FOR and ABOUT Your Amazing Brain - PART 1

Carolyn Martin

Event Planning: A Private Wedding & Event Planner Course

Teacher Sandra

Disgusting Animal Summer Camp

Corinne Oberkrom

Essay Writing Bootcamp: From Brainstorming to Final Draft

Heather Graham

Imagine "Titanic" Camp: What if You Were There? (Ages 5–9)

Dr. Elliott Heflin, Jr.

Introduction to Python Coding Language (Camp)

Teri Wells B.S. MLS TESOL (27 yrs. teaching)

Summer: Creative Make & Take Arts & Crafts in Motion -Ongoing Club (Year-Round)

Mrs. Jay

Summer Phonics Camp: Alphabet and Letter Sounds

Lori King

Great Elemental Dragons Camp : Clay Dragon Figure Sculpting : Weekly Challenges

Henderson Beck

Intro to Architecture Camp: Drawing Modern Architecture in One Week

Tommy Rose

Is It Magic or Science? 5-Day Hands-On Science Camp!


Kid Entrepreneur Business Camp - From Business Idea to Launch in Just 5 Days!

Brooke Langford, MAT

Let's Do Science Together: Ongoing Science Class

Jeanie Beck

Let's Learn About the Five Senses (Flex Class)

Sam Chamberlain

The Magic of Science!

Jennifer Smith

Makeup & Mythology: Glam Goddess Summer Camp

Evelyn VanZant

The Excellent Reader Jr: 4th Grade Language Arts Course (12 Weeks)

Miss Bri, M.Ed

Map Your Adventure! Measurement, Mapping, and Listening Skills Summer Camp

Elizabeth Davis

Mapping Camp: Map Your Favorite Place

Katie Jayne

Marine Biology: The Big 5 (Sea Creatures/ Aquatic Animals)

Gregory Flanders

Mario Friends Math Makers - Addition and Subtraction Camp

Amanda Draizen, M.ED, MLS

Math Talks: Let's Think and Talk About Math!

Mrs. Hannah Jones

Multiplication Boot Camp

KC Chess Club - Coach Carlos

My First Chess Club – Tiny Geniuses

Moira Bundschuh (Mrs. B)

Interactive Daily Meeting Camp

Janeen Hernández

Avengers I - Kahoot! Trivia Challenge - Summer Camp

Meredith J. Berlin

Magic Bones: Time Travel Dramatic Adventure Camp With Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More

Lanica Klein

Dungeons & Dragons for Absolute Beginners (Teens)

Carley U (Mrs. U)``

Setting Goals, Saving & Budgeting 101: Learn Why and How to be a Smart Saver


My Fantastic Friday Film Club!

Owen Curtsinger

Nature Journal Drawing Workshop and Scavenger Hunt (Four Day Camp)

Carissa Hoitenga

One-On-One College Application & Preparation Mentoring (Ongoing)


Photography for Beginners - First Step Into Photography

Professor P (Dave Peightel)

Pre-Algebra Concepts - A Summer Boot Camp

Pamela Williams

Pre-K June Circle Time Summer Camp

Greg Korczak

Reptile Summer Camp! - LIVE Animals / Snake / Turtle / Lizard

Amanda TimberMoon

Scratch That Coding Itch: Scratch Gaming Camp

Katherine Eachus

Shapes Make a Sea Animal – Let’s Draw and Learn! Five Day Drawing Camp

Daria Belosevic

Slow Fashion Club Intensive Course - Summer Camp!

Dana Alexander

Sudoku Geniuses 4x4 Camp

Tom Sikorski

Summer 2021 Magic Camp

Heather Kirkconnell

Summer Piano Camp: Keyboard Skills and Games

Kristin Griffith`

Summertime Science: Summer Camp


Superhero Training Academy

Emily Smith

Let's Go! Exploring Animals of the World Through Art: Australia

Adam Banerjee

Comedy Improv! (Ongoing)

Cindy Lumpkin

Let’s Try Mixed Media Art Camp 2 – Be Whoo You Are Owl

Adam Staviss

Level 1! Rock Out Beginners. Learn Incredible Acoustic & Electric Guitar Skills

Abby Riske

Writing Camp: Genres

Cassie Leighann

Pokemon Phonics: Circle Time and Alphabet Fun!

Cheryl G

Prealgebra Grade 8 - Review of Equations

Teacher Mo (Mounir Shita)

The Complete Artificial Super Intelligence Class

Mrs. Essmeier, M.Ed

Puzzle Fun and Brain Teasers-Camp for 6th-8th Grade Math Concepts Each Week

Teacher Michelle Iris Guice M.Ed.

Reading Comprehension Skills: ESCAPE ROOMS. Let the Games Begin! (Grades 3 & 4)(FLEX SUMMER CAMP)

Dr. Donna Kay Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD

The Making of a Book

Amanda Smith

Titanic - An Adventure Through History Summer Camp

Alex McGreavey

SFX: Special Effects Makeup Camp

Miss Lindsi M.Ed.

Summer Camp for Preschoolers & Kinders [Ongoing]

Kristin Leigh Mason

Virtual Space Camp: Young Astronaut Training (FLEX)

Lorraine Rios

Whimsical Faces Summer Camp: Learn to Draw Cute and Colorful Faces


Yummy Science Summer Camp - Edible Science! PART 1 (Rock Cycle, Soil Layers, Moon Phases)

Mrs. Hargrove

Art Camp Outside Activities

Amanda Giese

Comedy Improv Bootcamp for Ages 9 To 12


Drawing Dragons!

Mrs. Maria (Dragon)

Ocean View Art and Socialization Camp

Tana M Johnoff

Summer Art Camp/ Painting Level 1

Brenda Cranson

Summer Camp for Demigods

LaShundra Williams, MSW

Summer Camp, at Home!

Whitney Whaley

The Ultimate Virtual Summer Camp!

Lauren Snider

Summer Camp - Tie Dye, Hike, Fire Building, Camp, and Fun!

Amy Spiess-Ki

WONDER-ful Mind Games Summer Camp

Jay Thomason

World of Guitar Level 1A (beginner guitar class)

Aditi Poddar

Adventure Ride #1 : Destination India - Art, Music, Food & Culture Fun [4-6Yr]

Simisayo Brownstone

African Folktales Camp - Story + Craft

Kristi Rodenbeck

American Girl Historical Doll Baking Camp! - PART 1

Nicole Werbicki

Around the World Through Folktales Camp

Teacher Vanessa

Artastic & Drawfully Fun Creative Art Summer Camp!

LaSaundra Gafford Hewitt

Beginners Guide For Editing YouTube Videos (Multi-Day)

Sra. Kimberly

Bilingual Buddies Club (ages 6-8)

Maria Bowie

Brain Games: Your Fascinating Brain Summer Camp

Shelley Greaney

Camp Boss: Nutrition and Health Habits for Kids

Robyn P.

Chemistry Basics for Beginners Camp

April Elizabeth Lassing Leithner

Complete Introductory Course to Jewelry Making Like a Professional

The Yogadventurer Sam, MA, RYT

Creative Arts Yoga Camp With Yogadventurer Sam

Jessika O'Sullivan

Creative Writing "Summer Camp"

Suzi Anderson

Summer Camp: Design & Build Your Own Fantastical Fairy House

Meghan Laskos

You Are Enough: Story, Dance, & Inclusion!

Cristina V

Craft Camp Fun!!

Sorrel Wade BA, MSc, MBPSss

All About Africa - The Course

Teacher Carol Cobb, Masters in School Counseling

Let's Explore Backyard Birds Camp Ages 5-7

Jes Sudbrink

Art Camp - Drawing Mario Bros Characters!

Whitney Reynolds

Camp Fitness: 5 Days of Yoga & Fitness

Precious Lung

Directed Drawing for Preschool & Kindergarten

Brooke C

Kids Can Cook Too: Mickey Pretzels

Jennifer Jones - Jones of Art

Let's Draw Dinosaurs - Drawing/Sketching Club

Ms. Christine

Math Olympics Camp

Right Brain Curriculum

Metrocraft I Summer Camp: Our Class Creates and Governs a Minecraft City!

Melanie Pauli

Piano Music Camp! an Introduction for Beginner Piano Students (Ages 7-11)

Cynthia Burleigh, Certified Teacher

Pre-K STEM Club

Annetta Carpenter

PreAlgebra Basics Boot Camp: Concepts Every PreAlgebra Student Should Know

Alexandra Lombardo

Preschool Circle Time

Dr. Samara Grossman

Acting Class: Private Acting Package 30 Min

Frank Curotto

Learning to Program With Alice


Disney and Pixar Creative Writing Camp: Learn How to Write for Animated Film!

Jennifer McKinney

Middle School Science: Scientific Method Explained

Arwen Hubbard

Space Camp - Explore Jupiter Through Art and Science

Nicole Chelly

Special Effects Makeup Theatre Camp!

Mr. David

Summer Camp: Latin for Kids - Combined Intro and Latin Level 1 (Ages 9 to 11)

Michael Thurman, M.Ed.

A Four-Day Math Camp That Is Fun Providing Summer Skill Maintenance!

Daniel Hamilton, M.Ed.

Pokémon Life Science: Summer Camp Adventure Part 1

Stacie Campbell

Super Villain's Writing Class

Sean Troy

The Ancient & Natural Wonders of the World: Boot Camp (Science, History, Nature

Julianna Moore

The Beauty of the Seasons

Mrs. Schwartz, M. Ed

The Magic of Reading Camp: Decoding Short Vowel Words

Amy J Ryu

Theory Fun | Melody, Rhythm & Harmony`

Debbie Rochester

United States of America (USA) - Locate and Learn About the 50 States

Rebeka Antonelli

GO! Around the World With Picture Books: The Emperor's Egg

Laura Love

Field Trip to Meet a Police Officer & Explore a Police Car! 3-Day Camp

Kara White

Theatre Camp: Scriptwriting and Developing an Original Play in a Small Group  -

Chelsey Kolenda

Yellow Brick Road: A Wizard of Oz Camp Filled with Drama, Art, STEM and Games.

Frances Evans

Spanish Summer Camp "Animals From Latin America"

Ms. Tricia

Littlest Chef Baking Camp: Cookies, Doughnuts, Ice Cream, Muffins, and Pizza

Michael Schmitt

Voice Over Acting Camp for Video Games and Animation Animation

Danielle Stewart

Dinosaur Math Camp: Kindergarten Preparation (Certified Math Teacher)

Northwest Theatre Lab

Musical Theatre Production Lab 1: Dear Edwina Online Edition Camp

Amber Raney-Kincade

London Virtual Tour Camp 1: Trafalgar Square, the Mall, Buckingham Palace

Lucy Tamez

Innovators Summer Camp-Let's Engineer & Code Contraptions Plus Have Fun Together

Alicia Polverari

Busy Bees Bunch

David Huerta

Scratch Boot Camp - Fun Programming From Beginner to Advanced

Charlene Daignault Beatty

Fashion Camp: Drawing and Painting Fashion

Clarissa Beckstead

Fairy Tale STEM - Summer Camp

Cyndi Laninga

Character Camp - Helping Kids Be the Best They Can Be

Deanna Colosimo

Drawing Ideas: Create Your Own Storybook

Denise Mears

Spelling Superstars Summer Camp

Dominique Maxcy

Homeschool Social Club for High Schoolers

Drew Antzis

Film Camp - Learn to Edit With a Professional 11-14Yrs

Jennifer Crowe

Foundations of Writing

Joanna Puello

Scratch Level 1: Intermediate Games and Animations With Code

John Roach

Finding your Ideal careers

Joy Harrington

Discover Yellowstone National Park in a Virtual Summer Camp!

Katherine Cardinal

Life Skills for High School

Ashley Barlar

Sight Word Summer Camp: Class 1

Katie Lipsitt

Fun with Math and Art: Paper Sculptures

Matthew Messana

Drawing Game Maps: A Summer Camp for Dungeon Masters

Michelle Cantrell-Laster

Math in the Kitchen with Michelle

Teacher Lori

Sight Words Mastery 1 + Conversation Camp

Miss Debbie

My Social Emotional Me: A Social Emotional Camp for Younger Elementary Learners

Professor Dean

Come and Learn Magic - Year 1

Bobbie Vasquez

Anime Art Club- Drawing Anime and Manga Characters from Studio Ghibli, Pokémon, Sanrio and More!

RaeAnne Hadley

Let’s Learn About Southwestern Colorado

Sandra Johnson-McLean

Disgusting Animal Summer Camp

Ashley P

Weekly Creative Writing Workshop

Sarah Abu-Ramadan

The Math Games Championship!

Sarah Schultz

Egg Drop Engineering Challenge

Amber Bottensek

Arachnid Inspectors: Bug Hunt Show & Social

Sean Foster Collins

Film Screenwriting: Creating a Hero's Journey CAMP

Michelle Boe

Orton Gillingham Fun! Let's Spell, Write and Read!

Seneka Johnson

ONE LOVE: Intro to Music and Manners for Kids 4-7

Shena Ali

Intro to 6th grade Science

Tracy Hartmann

Yoga Camp with Dinosaurs

Sondra Rapoport

Julius Caesar: The Man Every Emperor Wanted to Be... Great Leaders Series


Hindi Lessons for Beginners- Let´s Learn to Speak Hindi-Step 1

Teacher MyLisa

Garden Art: Learn to Grow a Garden- Root Crops

Amy Page

Cool U.S History: The Constitution

Plato Tutoring Services

Master Algebra 1 in 5 Weeks - Summer Camp

Kristine Mankin

Masterpiece Academy: Drawing the Impressionists (Summer Camp)

Dr. Anne H

Poop, Pee and Toilets: A Yucky Summer History Camp

Kathleen Grande

Math Jeopardy for Grades 5 and 6: Eight Week Edition

Michael Cohen

Micro:Bit Battle Bots Summer Camp Coding Electronics and Robotics

Mr. Santana Villa

Monster Arts and Crafts Camp: I Want to Be a Monster!

Sarah Ponessa

Music and Crafts CAMP

Teacher Lindsay

Little Farmers: Learn About Our Goats and Their Kids!

Ms. Stephenie

Camp A (5-Days): Thinking Skills | Exercise Your Brain (Ages 4-7)

Shaunita Grase,MS,CPM,Certified Educator

Lead With Confidence: Youth Leadership Summer Camp

Nevin Oliver

Minecraft Mini Game Designers (Bedrock / Pocket Edition)

Chuck Butler

Fantastic Cartoon-Drawing of Just About Everything!

Kari Arceo

Hola! Let's Travel to Machu Picchu in Peru - Spanish for Beginners (Small Group)

Sally Morris - Tech/SPED

Animation and Programming with Alice Level 1 - Camp Week Format - (Age 9-14)


Nasty Natural Disasters: Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Avalanches...Oh My!

Ms. R (Megan)

Never Let a Unicorn... Day Camp

Juliette Adams

From Books to an Empire: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon

Cristin Miller

Practice Public Speaking Club: Show and Tell

Cynthia Guyton

See It, Say It, Sing It; Pre-K/Kinder Sight Words Camp with Ms. G

Teacher Jo B.Ed. M.Ed. Cert. Literacy Instruction

Summer Creative Writing Camp-Comics, Posters, Instructions and MORE!

Anthony Pontiero

In this lesson, students will learn all about the understanding of geological time, the super continent of Pangea, the five mass extinctions, and the creatures that would take over the Mesozoic Era, the dinosaurs.

Angela D Wolf

STEM Camp 2021: Let's Engineer and Design

Marvena Haynes

Roots to Wings Preschool Circle Time Summer Camp

Catherine Batt (Catherine "Auntie Matherine")

Summer Fun: Maths Games and Topic Revisions

Liisi Carr

Summer Llama Painting: by The Painting Panda

Kimberly Lynn

Stuffed Animal Storytelling Yoga Class

Candra Lewis

Summer of Creative Writing for Young Writers

Brynn Meister

Superhero Training Camp (Ages 5-7)

Julia Stevens

Video game Fitness- From Minecraft to Mario

Ed Hally

Survive, Thrive, Get Rescued Camp: A Game About Survival Skills

Ms. Diana

'Accelerated' Part 1: Piano Adventures Camp With Ms. Diana!

Amy Davis

Forensic Science Semester 1

Ms. Nohely

First Grade Ready! Kinder Math Review Summer Camp

David Salch

Robotics Using Microbit - Beginner Class - Hands on! Build a Real Robot!

Julie Graham

Calligraphy Workshop

Erin Linquist

Kindergarten Reading Sight Word Superstars Camp!

Malissa Cari Benade

Marine Biology - Shark Showdown! A Weekly Shark Exploration Series

Jessica Fengfish

How to Vibe With Your Cat! Plus: Making Homemade Cat Toys (Ages 7-12)

Mrs. R (Megan)

Never Let a Unicorn... Day Camp