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Outschool Educator Ed-venture Conference

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Amir Nathoo

Co-founder | CEO of Outschool

Potluck Mittal

Stand-Up Comedian | Outschool Product Manager

Kimberland Jackson

Disrupting Systemic Inequities | Empowering Educators | Inspiring Leaders | Awakening Dreams

Brett van Zuiden

Product Manager at Outschool

Tegan Bombard

Co-Host | Teacher Success

Latonya Moore

Co-Host | Community Engagement at Outschool

Erin Hudson-Girard

Co-Host | Class Quality at Outschool

Parima Shah

Yoga Instructor | Engineer at Outschool

Jing Jin

Meditation Leader | Design Lead at Outschool

Cara Delzer

Head of Community at Outschool

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Outschool engages and inspires learning through a large variety of classes and subjects so kids can dive deeper into their favorite interests.