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Othering & Belonging 2021 Summit

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john powell

Director, Othering & Belonging Institute

Norma Wong

Institute of Zen Studies

Sarah Crowell

Founder, Destiny Arts

Kaitlin McGaw

Alphabet Rockers

Tommy Soulati Shepherd

Alphabet Rockers

Myrna Pérez

Brennan Center for Justice

Xiye Bastida

Climate Justice Activist

Tokata Iron Eyes

Climate Justice, Native American Activist

Taeku Lee

Professor, Berkeley Law; Political Scientist

Astra Taylor

Author, Journalist, Filmmaker

Naomi Klein

New York Times bestselling author

Toshi Reagon

Musician, Artist, Curator

Nile Project

Musical collaboration

DeJuana Thompson

Woke Vote, Think Rubix

Kate Yeo

Climate Justice Activist, Singapore

Samia Dubuya

Climate Justice Activist, London

Dasan Ahanu

Co-Founder & Director, Black Poetry Theatre

Kasiva Mutua

Drummer & Percussionist - Nairobi, Kenya

Mina Girgis

Co-Founder, Nile Project / Arts & Culture Strategy, Toward Belonging

Michelle Ayazi

Meditation Teacher, Tamarkoz (Sufi meditation)

Chip McNeal

Director of Diversity, Equity and Community, San Francisco Opera

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Hosted by

Othering & Belonging Institute

A social science research institute and network advancing research, policy, cultural change, strategic narrative, and innovative communications to advance a world based on belonging.

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Merchandise Table

Belonging Book Table

Partnering with Marcus Books of Oakland for the 2021 Book Table

Belonging Sound Room

Summit Community Spotify Playlist

The Nile Project

cross-cultural musical collaboration modeling transboundary water cooperation

Wall of Remembrance

Honoring those who have passed

Rise Up 4 Justice, the Livestream Series

Rise Up 4 Justice: Black Lives & Our Collective Future

Global Justice Program, OBI

Research for a Fair and Inclusive World

Voters Rising Up: A Narrative Project for Civic Engagement

Learn about our get out the vote efforts

Bridging: Towards A Society Built on Belonging

Animated Video Explainer

Targeted Universalism

Animated Video Explainer

Donate To Support OBI

Donation Site

OBI Communications

Learn more about OBI: Our 2020 Annual Report

The Circle of Human Concern

Animated Video Explainer