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OpenShift Commons Gathering at KubeCon NA 2021

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Dewan Ahmed

Developer Advocate, OpenShift

Choo Yee Lee

Alliance Bank

Brian Tannous

Developer Advocate (Red Hat)

Josh Wood

Developer Advocate (Red Hat)

Jason Dobies

Developer Advocate (Red Hat)

Sasha Rosenbaum

SRE/DevOps BlackBelt (Red Hat)

Rob Szumski

Director, Product Management (Red Hat)

Karena Angell

Product Manager, Red Hat

Oindrilla Chatterjee

Data Scientist (Red Hat)

Audrey Guidera Reznik

Data Scientist (Red Hat)

Clayton Coleman

Lead Architect, Kubernetes and OpenShift

Christian Hernandez

Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Billy Foss

SaaS Ops and Delivery Engineer, Broadcom

Stephen Boyd

IT Architect, Electrical Training Alliance

John Fortin

Senior Systems Architect, MarketAmercia/SHOP.COM

Jayashree Ramanathan

Distinguished Engineer, Red Hat

Yacine Kheddache

Paris OpenShift Meetup Organizer

Stu Miniman

Director of Market Insights, Cloud Platforms at Red Hat

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Red Hat

Where users, partners, customers, and contributors come together to collaborate and work together on OpenShift.


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