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Ildiko Vancsa

Senior Manager, Community & Ecosystem

芮法玲 -

陈清山 -

Tu Pham -

Software Engineer

Arsh Sharma

Trista Pan

Maxwell Miao -

Ghanshyam Mann

Cloud Consultant

Shubham Tatvamasi

Ian Y Choi


Michelle Chen

Marketing Supervisor

Kenneth Su

Sr. Director of Consulting Services

Jingbo Xu

Senior Development Engineer

逄立业 -

Byonggon chun

Software Development Engineer

刘元锋 -

Rongguo Zhang

AI Senior Engineer

Yacine Si Tayeb PhD

Head of International Operations

Hoon Jo

Cloud Solutions Architect

Nguyen Xuan Truong Lam

Cloud Engineer

Vincent Li

Enterprise Network Engineer

Leon -

DevOps engineer

liuxie -


Ha Manh Dong

Lead Engineer

Tran Van Thang

Cloud Engineer

Dong Xiang

software architect

M. Luthfi As Syafii

Research Manager

Wahyu Anggana

Managing Edge Computing on Rural with Nomad

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