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ONUG Fall 2020

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Welcome & Networking is open
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· Main Stage
Welcome to ONUG!
Get ready to learn how your company can implement cloud solutions to devise, and fast track, your digital transformation road map.
Suzan Mahboob Mark Tierney Ernest Lefner IV Ben Cooper
· Main Stage
Enterprise Cloud: The Solution to a Post Covid World with Nick Lippis and Special Guests
The unprecedented global pandemic has fundamentally changed behavior. The big question is: what, if any, infrastructure stays on-prem?
Nick Lippis
· Main Stage
Gaining Control over Enterprise Cloud Services with Automating Cloud Governance
At ONUG Spring we presented a framework to ACG. In this session the founding members share the results of phase 2 and what comes next.
Phil Venables Don Duet Daniel Conroy gene sun Ann Johnson
· Main Stage
C-Level Fireside Chat: The Big Pivot Is On: Digital Strategy Is Business Strategy
In this C-level discussion, executives will share how they are pivoting to become digital enterprises by tackling issues like tech debt.
Tsvi Gal Rebecca Wooters Subbu Allamaraju
· Main Stage
Leadership in the Digital Era
As the world economy accelerates into the digital era, leadership is fundamental to success.
Suzan Mahboob Linda Tai radia perlman Rosalind Radcliffe
· Main Stage
Infrastructure as Code Emerges and Changes Everything
In this ONUG keynote, Martin Casado and Jennifer Rexford provide a view of industry changes that are accelerating and what this new world looks like.
Martin Casado Jennifer Rexford
· Main Stage
Evolving Your Data Center Network from Cloud Ready to Cloud Native
Is shifting infrastructure underlay services into the overlay the best approach to transition workloads for the cloud?
Christopher Liljenstolpe Charles Greenaway Carlos Matos Abby Kearns Parantap Lahiri
· Expo
Proof-of-Concept Sessions
Our Sponsors have great ideas and solutions--Sit in on the Proof-of-Concept Sessions to learn more!
· Expo
Networking Break and Digital Transformation Showcase
Visit our Sponsors' Booths and see what new solutions they have to offer!
· Main Stage
Analyst View of 2021
Nick Lippis, Greg Ferro and Johna Till Johnson discuss the biggest changes in assumptions and business models coming for 2021
Johna Till Johnson Greg Ferro Nick Lippis
· Expo
Networking Break and Digital Transformation Showcase
Grab a snack, visit our Sponsors' Booths, and network with your peers!
· Expo
Proof-of-Concept Sessions
Our Sponsors have great ideas and solutions--Sit in on the Proof-of-Concept sessions to learn more!
· Main Stage
The Shifting Network Landscape: Disruption of Traditional Architectures - Jon Weg with Verizon Midday Keynote
The renewed sense of urgency around digital transformation since the global pandemic began finds the network at the core of the conversation.
Daniel Lawson Jon Weg
· Main Stage
Acuity Success Story: How Gluware Made Complex EVPN Network Management Easy - Acuity Insurance with Gluware Midday Keynote
Gluware customer, Acuity Insurance faced the daunting challenge of automating a complex Juniper QFX based EVPN-VXLAN data center fabric.
Matthew Dittoe Jeff Gray
· Main Stage
Widely Distributed Environment Consulting Firm ERM Discusses Technology Enabling Employees to Work from Anywhere-ERM with Riverbed Midday Keynote
Like many global organizations today, ERM, needed to ensure that project timelines were met and employees received timely access to critical apps and data
· Main Stage
Great Debate: Remote Workforce Infrastructure: On-Prem or Cloud-Based?
What are the best practices to support massive Remote Workforce (RWF) infrastructure? What are the technologies and approaches?
Truman Boyes Amir Khan Larry Biagini Charlene O'Hanlon
· Expo
Networking Break, Open Sessions and Digital Transformation Showcase
Take a "stroll" through the Expo!
· Expo
Proof-of-Concept Sessions
Our Sponsors have great ideas and solutions--Sit in on the Proof-of-Concept sessions to learn more!
· Main Stage
Automating Security: How to Make the Transition from DevOps to DevSecOps
DevOps practitioners are enhancing their enterprises' security profile by integrating security testing to a far greater degree in the CI/CD pipeline.
Shannon Lietz James Wickett Beth Pariseau
· Main Stage
Day 1 Wrap-Up
Suzan Mahboob Mark Tierney Ernest Lefner IV Ben Cooper
· Expo
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· Main Stage
Video replay - on demand - Nick Lippis & Guests keynote + Keynotes by Verizon, Gluware and Riverbed
Video on demand replay for the Day 1 keynotes. Just hit 'play' to watch!
· Expo
Stop in and talk with sponsors - turn on your video camera...
· Main Stage
Welcome to ONUG!
Get ready to learn more about how your company can implement cloud solutions to devise, and fast track, your digital transformation road map.
Suzan Mahboob Mark Tierney Ernest Lefner IV Ben Cooper
· Main Stage
Town Hall Meeting: Enterprise Cloud Is The Business Platform
During the pandemic, we saw a massive acceleration in digital trends that the ONUG Community created and espoused; the digital age is upon us.
Helen Beal Ulrich Homann Mack Kit Colbert
· Main Stage
Industry Specific Clouds Are Coming
In this session, we explore the future of cloud computing and its alignment with industry.
Jeff Eckard Sam Gambarin
· Main Stage
Industry Specific Clouds Are Coming
· Main Stage
Industry Specific Clouds Are Coming
IBM and Kaiser talk Cloud
· Main Stage
Infrastructure as Code: Tools & Process You Need to Know
In this session, we discuss the challenges and opportunities of operationalizing automated infrastructure as code.
Kyle Scarmardo Preetha Vijayakumar
· Sessions
Collaboration in Digital Transformation: A Force for Change in Driving Value for the Energy Industry
Actionable data from a series of digital disruptive technologies is the real game changer to drive organizational digital transformation profitably.
Tolu Sodeinde Darrell Knight Nimi Abili
· Expo
Networking Break and Digital Transformation Showcase
· Expo
Proof-of-Concept Sessions
· Main Stage
Cultivating Women for IT Roles: Strategies and Approaches
During ONUG Spring, the ONUG Board challenged the community to hire 50% women into IT roles by 2025. How can we make this happen??
Renee Galitis Suzan Mahboob Serpil Bayraktar Janice MacDonald
· Sessions
RWF Is the Future of Work
What’s the long-term sociocultural aspects of RWFs, and how do you maintain team and company culture in a remote posture?
neal secher Alec Pinkham Shena Tharnish
· Sessions
Operational Resilience Frameworks: The Next Wave in Cloud Native Large Enterprise Design
As enterprise cloud firms move toward cloud native applications, operational resilience frameworks’ best practices become fundamental.
Helen Beal Lane Patterson Mick Currey
· Main Stage
SD-WAN enters Early Majority Adoption - Willamette Valley Bank with Comcast Business Midday Keynote
MSSPs support business outcomes thru proactive & predictive network management, secure access service edge (SASE), and remote worker needs
Yulia Duryea
· Main Stage
Amplify Your Development with an Edge Platform - Lumen Technologies Midday Keynote
Next generation applications and business are fueled by actionable data
Paul Savill
· Main Stage
Accelerating Your Secure Digital Transformation - Ciena with Zscaler Midday Keynote
The cloud and mobility are powerful enablers of digital transformation, but many IT organizations are grappling with legacy architectures
Jay Chaudhry Craig Williams
· Main Stage
Koch Industries Deploys Alkira for their Cloud Networking Journey--Koch Industries, Inc. with Alkira Midday Keynote
Networking is on the move. Compute, storage, and applications are all now born in the cloud and consumed as a service
Amir Khan Matt Hoag
· Sessions
Bringing DevOps to the Network: Obstacles and Opportunities
Explore opportunities made available to network management by the DevSecOps revolution and the obstacles that exist for realizing its benefits.
Michael D'Aniello Jeff Gray Chris Wade Brent Holden Michael Clark
· Sessions
Elastic Infrastructure for the Post-COVID World
Requirements for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wide area networking is now fundamentally different.
Steven Wood Nuno Ferreira
· Sessions
Securing the Cloud, Today and Tomorrow
In this session, the working group demonstrates encryption within containers, taking this work to the next level.
Michael Clark Adam Hughes Forrest Bennett (GSEC) Liz Rice
· Sessions
Continuous Compliance: How Do We Get There and What’s The State-of-the-Art
This presentation is intended to guide organizations on implementing a continuous compliance process for tracking governance throughout the deployment pipeline
John Rzeszotarski Chitra Elango
· Sessions
Are You Behind or Ahead of Others on Your Orchestration and Automation Journey?
The O&A Working Group shares an assessment tool so you can judge where you are on your journey versus others.
Joseph Loomis Brian Silverman Rich Martin
· Sessions
A Framework for AIOps Data Collection and Access
During this session, the working group demonstrates real-world AIOps for the enterprise cloud market.
Tim Van Herck Alex Henthorn-Iwane Russ Currie
· Main Stage
Automated Multi-Cloud Governance - An Industry Update
ACG Working Group members share their top down and bottom up approach in the development of the Simple Cloud Management Protocol.
John Willis Peter Campbell Smriti Talwar Zhen Fan
· Main Stage
Closing Ceremony, Top 5 Learnings from ONUG Fall 2020
Suzan Mahboob Mark Tierney Ernest Lefner IV Nick Lippis Ben Cooper


John Willis

Sr. Director Global Transformation Office, Red Hat

Smriti Talwar

Architect, Engineer, Leader, Master Inventor, IBM

Michael D'Aniello

Engineering Manager, Carbon Black, Inc.

Craig Williams

CIO, Ciena

Jay Chaudhry

CEO, Zscaler

Adam Hughes

Chief Software Architect, Sylabs Inc.

Renee Galitis

CIO, Caliber Home Loans

James Wickett

Head of Research, Verica

Kyle Scarmardo

Co-Founder, TechFugitives

Sam Gambarin

Executive Director - Application and Analytics Cloud Development Platforms, Kaiser Permanente

Jeff Eckard

FS Cloud Leader, IBM

Johna Till Johnson

CEO and Founder, Nemertes Research

Suzan Mahboob

Lead Programs Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

Truman Boyes

SVP Infrastructure, MLB

Chris Zanelli

Associate Partner, Citihub Digital

John Blaho

Director of Product Marketing, Catchpoint

Preetha Vijayakumar

VP Enterprise Network & Communications Services FedEx

Steven Wood

Principal Engineer, Enterprise Architecture and Software Defined WAN, Cisco Systems

Christopher Liljenstolpe

Chief Architect, Cloud, Cisco

Matthew Dittoe

VP, Gluware

Amir Khan

President, CEO and Founder, Alkira

Phil Venables

Board Member, CISO, Goldman Sachs

Shannon Lietz

Director, Intuit

Manan Shah

Head of Product Management, Alkira

Tolu Sodeinde

Director, Digital Transformation, Aveva

Andy de Clerck

CTO, Geode Services

Helen Beal

Chief-Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Larry Biagini

Chief Technology Evangelist, Zscaler

Brian Deitch

Solutions Architect, Zscaler

Alec Pinkham

Director of Product Marketing, AppNeta

neal secher

SVP and Head of Networks and Data Center Modernization, State Street Corp.

Don Duet

CEO and Co-Founder, Concourse Labs

Jeff Gray

CEO, Gluware

Chris Wade

Co-Founder, CTO, Itential

Zhen Fan

Manager IT, FedEx

Charles Greenaway

Customer CTO, BT Global

Ernest Lefner IV

Co-Chair ONUG

Peter Campbell

Cloud Architect, Cigna

Joseph Loomis

Automated Cloud Governance Project Manager, ONUG

gene sun


Jon Weg

CIO – Strategic Advisor

Linda Tai

Senior Vice President - Chief Architect, Fannie Mae

Rebecca Wooters

Chief Digital Officer, Signet Jewelers

Abby Kearns

CTO, Puppet

Liz Rice

VP Open Source Engineering, Aqua Security

Chitra Elango

Senior Director, Fannie Mae

Charlene O'Hanlon

Managing Editor, MediaOps

Rich Martin

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Itential

Mark Tierney

Chief Content Officer, VOKAL Media Inc

Shena Tharnish

VP, Cybersecurity Products, Comcast

Greg Ferro

Co-Founder, Packet Pushers Interactive LLC

Nuno Ferreira

VP of Technology, Volterra

Russ Currie

VP, Enterprise Strategy, NetScout Systems

Jonny Noble

Lead Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Umbrella

Alex Henthorn-Iwane

VP of Marketing, Sinefa

Paul Savill

Senior Vice President, Core Network & Technology Solutions, Lumen Technologies

Daniel Conroy

Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Raytheon Technologies

Tsvi Gal

Head of Enterprise Technology Services (Infrastructure), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Carlos Matos

Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Risk, JPMChase

Brian Silverman

Sr. Architect, Network and Cloud Global Network and Cloud Adoption Programs, McKesson Technology

Tim Van Herck

Director Technical Product Management, VMware

Lane Patterson

Co-Founder, Investor & Board Member, EdgeUno, Inc.

John Rzeszotarski

SVP, Technology Infrastructure PNC

Forrest Bennett (GSEC)

Information Security Advisor, FedEx Services

Daniel Lawson

Managing Director, Verizon Business Group

Matt Hoag

Sr. Enterprise Architect, Koch Industries, Inc.

Martin Casado

General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Darrell Knight

Executive Vice President Global Accounts, FutureOn® Corporation

Rod Stuhlmuller

VP, Product Marketing, Aviatrix

Brian Price

CEO and Co-founder,

Subbu Allamaraju

Vice President, Expedia

Hasan Siraj

Head of Software Ecosystem, Broadcom

Mick Currey

Enterprise Cloud Architect, Fidelity

Yulia Duryea

Product Management Director, Comcast Business

Parantap Lahiri

VP, Network and Datacenter Engineering, ebay

Brian Promes

VP Product Marketing, SevOne

Brent Holden

VP and Global Field CTO, HashiCorp

Ann Johnson

Corporate Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft

Serpil Bayraktar

Distinguished Engineer/Director, Cisco

Beth Pariseau

Senior News Writer, TechTarget

Jeremy Rossbach

Director, Product Marketing, DX NetOps, Broadcom

Ulrich Homann

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Ben Cooper

Senior Director of Corporate Innovation, Flex

Nimi Abili

CTO & Executive Director, Greater Offshore

[email protected] Mack

CIO and CISO, Wiley

Michael Clark

Consulting Architect, Renaissance Tech & Media

Jennifer Rexford

Chair of Computer Science, Princeton University

radia perlman

Fellow, Dell EMC

Rosalind Radcliffe

Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for DevOps for Enterprise Systems, IBM

Kit Colbert

VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU, VMware

Janice MacDonald

VP of IT Product Management, Fidelity Investments

Nick Lippis

Chairman, ONUG

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