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OnGo Forward – CBRS, 5G and Beyond

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OnGo Customer Case Studies
Jessica Rosenworcel Ron Valdez Jeff Gatlin Rob Katcher Alan Ewing Collin Boyce
2021-02-23T09:00:00Z 2021-02-23T10:00:00Z America/Los_Angeles OnGo+Customer+Case+Studies Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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5G and the Future of OnGo
Kurt Schaubach Paul Chan Tse Sasidhar Yalavarthi Kurt Jacobs
2021-02-24T09:00:00Z 2021-02-24T10:00:00Z America/Los_Angeles 5G+and+the+Future+of+OnGo Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Policy and the Outlook of Spectrum
Jessica Rosenworcel Dave Wright Simon Saunders Koen Mioulet
2021-02-25T08:00:00Z 2021-02-25T09:00:00Z America/Los_Angeles Policy+and+the+Outlook+of+Spectrum Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
OnGo Neutral Host
Steve Wimsatt Luke Lucas Youssef Abdelilah Chetan Sharma
2021-02-26T09:00:00Z 2021-02-26T10:00:00Z America/Los_Angeles OnGo+Neutral+Host Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Steve Wimsatt

Senior Director of BD and Strategic Alliances, CommScope CBRS

Luke Lucas

Senior Manager of National Network Business Development, T-Mobile

Jessica Rosenworcel

FCC Acting Chairwoman

Paul Chan Tse

Customer Solutions Sales Manager, Ericsson

Sasidhar Yalavarthi

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Ericsson

Kurt Schaubach

Chief Technology Officer, Federated Wireless

Youssef Abdelilah

Global Innovation & Strategy, CTO Office

Rob Katcher

Business Development, Google

Jeff Gatlin

Chief Operating Officer, Roaring Fork School District

Ron Valdez

President/Chief Technology Officer, VALL Technologies Inc.

Chetan Sharma

Chief Executive Officer, Chetan Sharma Consulting

Dave Wright

President, OnGo Alliance

Kurt Jacobs

Director of Market and Solutions, JMA Wireless

Koen Mioulet

Spectrum and Private Networks Consultant, Europe, Ulwimo

Simon Saunders

Director of Emerging and Online Technology, Ofcom

Alan Ewing

Executive Director, OnGo Alliance

Collin Boyce

Chief Information Officer, City of Tucson

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OnGo Alliance


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AMIT CBRS Product Portfolio for Education

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Federated Wireless

McAllen, Texas


Affects of PAL Commercial Enablement on GAA Users


Optimizing network performance for your outdoor CBRS deployments

Zyxel Communications

Zyxel’s Fixed Wireless Broadband

Airspan Networks

Arvig Deploys Rural CBRS Network While Driving ARPU

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