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Inclusive story-led learning that inspires kids, families and teachers about healthy food superpowers so kids can superpower the future!

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Ollie Literacy Lesson

Students will be able to use a graphic organizer to organize the main events in Ollie's story and add an additional event in their organizer.

Ollie Health Lesson

Mrs. Haratsy has created a fun filled healthy eating lesson where 'Ollie The Boy Who He Ate' about a 5-year old boy who gets food-fueled superpowers when he eats healthy foods.

Ollie Visual Arts Lesson

Students will be able to apply the creative process to produce two and three dimensional art work

Ollie Movement Lesson

Carllye Elder is a qualified meditation, Pilates and exercise instructor and enthusiast.

Ollie Grow Your Own Garden Lesson

SucSeed first sprouted from Enactus Memorial in Newfoundland, a solution-minded team dedicated to improving the standard of living at home and across the country.

Ollie Dramatic Arts Lesson

Founders of Ivy Speech Arts Academy, Fane Tse and Josette Jorge are delighted to be a part of Ollie Superpower Food Day! They are business owners, teachers, actors (Josette plays the voice of Ollie’s mom!), and busy parents to their active (and always hungry) 2-year-old toddler Kit.