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Marcie Cooper

I provide individuals who are nearing end of life with holistic options to embrace their journey.

Gloria Smith

I am passionate about providing accessible and useful education with honesty, humor, and experience.

Jamie Rollins

I support thought leaders who create businesses that share plant based and psychedelic medicine.

Ken Sobel

I currently serve as General Legal Counsel for CNN Members.

Jacy Linear

I educate, consult and advocate for Black and Brown “Urban” Cannabis users.

Marilyn Pierce

I use history and personal insights to explore why our profession and patients fear medical cannabis.

Love Hawkins, MSN, APRN, NC-BC, WHNP-BC, CNM

I holistically empower evolutionary growth in supporting the mind, body, and spirit of YOU.

Nurse Heather Manus RN

CNN Founding Member

Tamara Pryor

I am the wholistic nurse that empowers people to shamelessly use cannabis as medicine.

Gal Segev

Cannabis nurse in Israel

Rebecca Baron

I share personal retrospective views on the importance of guiding principles.

Lisa Capitani

I empower individuals to heal from within through balance and mindfulness.

Cullen Vujosevic

Cannabis Educator & Nursing School Instructor

Caitlin Bernhard

I create alternative care systems through educating & empowering people to embrace radical wellness.

Lisa Cheatham

I educate, empower, and equip others to achieve holistic health and wellness

Shakira Franklyn

Igniting your healing, health and wellness journey

Nurse Nique; The Perception Coach

I educate healthcare providers about appropriate and inappropriate cannabis use.

Megan Mbengue

I teach senior living executives how to incorporate appropriate policies regarding cannabis and CBD use.

Meg Little

I believe research is for everyone!

julie Battel

I uncover how misogyny contributes to a lack of focus on endometriosis.

Ashley Wynn-Grimes

I elevate consciousness by cultivating the inner-magician

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