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NRS Pain/Scottish Pain Research - Developing the Scottish Pain Research Network to Improve Patient Care

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Lesley Colvin

Chair of SPaRC, Lead NRS Pain Specialty Group

David Walsh

Professor of Rheumatology, Director, UKRI/Versus Arthritis Advanced Pain Discovery Platform, University of Nottingham

Kieran Dinwoodie

GP Advisor for Chronic Pain

Angela Donaldson-Bruce

Versus Arthritis National Director - Scotland

Audrey Birt

Leadership and Health Coach, Coach Supervisor

Claudia Sommer

President of the International Association for the Study of Pain, University of W├╝rzburg

Nicola Rhind

National Lead Clinician for Chronic Pain

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NHS Research Scotland Pain Specialty Group / SPaRC

SPaRC was established in 2009 to develop expertise in pain research for patient benefit and has recently transitioned into NRS Pain.