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Leo Eigen

Player Empowerment in the National Basketball Association: A Historical Overview

Pascal Charitas, Cyril Polycarpe

The first Games of La Francophonie in Morocco (1989) and France (1994) as reflections of multilateral sports cooperation or as national issues?

Cat M. Ariail

Just Hair(Do) It: How Hair Explains the Intersectional Politics of the WNBA

Yu Yang and Xiaoqian Hu

Beauty Builder of Artistic Swimming:A Foucauldian Discourses Analysis of a History of Artistic Swimming

Greg Kaliss

The ABA and the Rise of Hip-Hop America

Molly Harry - Amateurism

Amateurism as a Case for Using Path Dependence Theory in College Athletics

Molly Harry - History in the Making

History in the Making: Understanding College Athletes’ Experiences During the Unprecedented Coronavirus

Jane Hunt

Opportunities for Whom?: Reading triathlon inclusivity as neoliberal strategy

Andrew Ploeg

Fantasy Sport, Damar Hamlin, and the Historically Anomalous

Kimberly Ekstrand

Transnational Identity between the 2010 Vancouver and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: Female Chinese-Canadian Experiences with Winter Sports Participation 

Erin Redihan

“Volleyball Da, Soviet Antisemitism Nyet”: Jewish American opposition to the Moscow Olympics

Synthia Sydnor

What is Sport? Beyond Roland Barthes

Michelle Marie Sikes

“We Become Political Weapons, and We End up Suffering”: Kenya and Anti-apartheid Sport Activism of the Early 1980s

Luke Mashburn - Fan Experience

Fan experience: The practical and academic history of an overlooked marketing concept

Luke Mashburn - MLB Forfeits

The Five Modern MLB Forfeits: History and Lessons

Charlotte Mitchell

Flying in the Face of Adversity: Autoethnographic Explorations of Women’s Ski Jumping, Contesting International Olympic Committee Discrimination, and Resistance, 2007-2014

Taylor McKee

Passion Plays: Melodrama and the Performance of Emotion in Post-Game Dramas