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Roy Schwartz

Senior Lecturer at School of Computer Science and Engineering, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sercan Arik

Research Scientist at Google

Jinsung Yoon

Research Scientist at Google

Betty van Aken

Research Associate / PhD Student: Deep Learning and NLP at Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology (BHT)

Elliot Bolton

Research Engineer at Stanford CRFM

Monica Nayan Agrawal

Researcher/Ph.D at MIT

Renqian Luo

Researcher at Microsoft Research

Yingce Xia

Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research

David Talby

CTO at John Snow Labs

Veysel Kocaman

Lead Data Scientist at John Snow Labs

Paulo Pinho

Vice President & Medical Director of Innovation at Availity Clinical Solutions

Suneel Kumar BVS

Director of AI & Drug Design at Molecular Forecaster

Natalia Vassilieva

Director of Product, Machine Learning at Cerebras Systems & AbbVie

Vikas Kumar

Sr Data Scientist at OMNY Health

Lawrence Rasouliyan

Head of Biostatistics and Data Science at at OMNY Health

Prathamesh Karmalkar

Lead Data Scientist – NLP, Text Analytics & AI at Merck Group

Erica Spies

Director, Strategy Innovation & Capabilities at EMD Serono

Sergiy Tkachuk

IT&D Senior Manager - Global Data Science at Reckitt

Piotr Szymczak

Data Scientist at Reckitt

Paul Edelblut

Vice President, Global Operations at Vantage Labs

Lovedeep Saini

Data science Manager at Gallagher

Julian Risch

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Deepset

Jéssica dos Santos de Oliveira

Head of Data at NeuralMed

Gaurav Kaushik

Founder at ScienceIO

Morteza Noshad

Senior ML/NLP Scientist at Vida health

Azadeh Mobasher

Principal Data Scientist at Genentech

Moshe Wasserblat

NLP Research Lead at Intel

Nasser Ghadiri

Associate Professor at Isfahan University of Technology

Elia Lima-Walton

Director Data Science and Clinical Analytics - Health at Elsevier

David Berenstein

Developer Advocate Engineer at Argilla

Muhammet Santas

Data Scientist at John Snow Labs

Marcela Granados

Global Insurance Leader at Databricks

Saira Kazmi

Executive Director Enterprise Data and Machine Learning Engineering at CVS Health

Brooke Gruma

VP of Product at COTA

Sudhakar Velamoor

VP of Engineering at COTA

Celia Lozano

Head of Data & Analytics at Bosonit

Jiri Dobes

Head of Solutions at John Snow Labs

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