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Apeksha Kumavat

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer, Gatik

Michael Brown

Director, Defense Innovation Unit

Ryan Tseng

Co-Founder and CEO, Shield AI

Dr. Jeff Schneider

Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Margarita Konaev

Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Forward Defense, Atlantic Council

Nick Sinai

Senior Advisor and Venture Partner, Insight Partners

Dr. Michael Horowitz

Director of Emerging Capabilities Policy, Department of Defense

Peter R. Dixon

CEO and Co-Founder, Second Front Systems

Dr. Regan Campbell

GM of Autonomous and Advanced Naval Platforms, L3Harris Technologies

Rep. James R. Langevin

Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives (RI-2)

Gregory C. Allen

Director, AI Governance Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Qasar Younis

Founder / CEO, Applied Intuition

Nicholas Kazvini-Gore

Director of Federal Affairs, Applied Intuition

Dr. Angel Smith

Partner, Microsoft, Mission Solutions and Customer Expansion

The Honorable Joe Kernan

Principal, WestExec Advisors

Vijay Patnaik

Head of Product, Applied Intuition

Sunmin Kim

Public Policy Lead, Applied Intuition

Colin Carroll

Director of Government, Applied Intuition

Capt. Michael D. Brasseur

Commodore, Task Force 59, U.S. Navy

Chris Brose

Chief Strategy Officer, Anduril Industries

Thomas Tull

Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Tulco

Josh Rogin

Foreign Policy and National Security Columnist, Washington Post

GEN (Ret.) Raymond Anthony Thomas III

11th Commander of SOCOM

Rep. Michael Waltz

Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives (FL-6)

Mustafa Suleyman CBE

Co-Founder, DeepMind, Inflection AI

Marc Andreessen

Co-Founder, Andreessen Horowitz

LTG (Ret.) H. R. McMaster

Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

Michèle Flournoy

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, WestExec Advisors

Devaki Raj

CEO and Co-Founder, CrowdAI

Stephen P Rodriguez

Senior Advisor, Forward Defense, Atlantic Council

Katherine Boyle

General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Bilal Zuberi

Partner, Lux Capital

Chris Lynch

CEO and Co-Founder, Rebellion Defense

Liza Tobin

Senior Director for Economy, Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP)

Nand Mulchandani

Incoming Chief Technology Officer, Central Intelligence Agency

Brendan McCord

Founding Chief Architect, Department of Defense, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

Dr. Jane Pinelis

Chief, AI Assurance, DoD JAIC

August Cole

Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Peter Ludwig

CTO / Co-Founder, Applied Intuition



Enable all-domain operations through modeling and simulation


Scale and automate the testing and evaluation of ML models


Model and simulate unmanned ground vehicles

Synthetic data

Train AI and ML algorithms on synthetic data

Data management

Manage FMV and sensor data for system training