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Mannie Sohal

Growth @ Breathesuite | 2021 VFC Fellow

Laura Enriquez

Operations @ Entrepreneur First | 2021 VFC Fellow

Andrew Herold

Revenue Operations @ Kaitongo | 2022 VFC Fellow

Jessica Lee

Training Lead @Venture4Canada

Anna Smith

Director of Training and Skill Development @Venture4Canada

Emily McKeown

Admissions & Client Support Lead @Venture4Canada

Kristyn Murphy

Admissions & Client Support Lead @Venture4Canada

Sam Daviau

Founder @ UpBeing | 2015 VFC Fellow

Lucia Gallardo

Founder @ Emerge | 2017 Fellow

Dylan Trebels

Exploring Intrapreneurship @ Ecobee; 2015 Fellow

Brianna Blaney

CEO & Founder, Pocketed

Matthew Lombardi

Managing Director, OneEleven

Alexandra Baccellieri

Manager, Business Development, Viafoura

Scott Stirrett

Founder and CEO @ Venture4Canada

Aaron Brown

Partnerships Lead

VFC - Touhami Abi

Training Lead, Partners

Andrew Herold

Andrew Herold

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