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Next Generation Internet Policy Summit

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15-minute countdown. Get ready!
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Welcome to the NGI Policy Summit 2020
Join us for a welcome from our partners at the City of Amsterdam and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands.
Touria Meliani Raymond Knops
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Visions for the future Internet: what if?
Lightning talks about visions and possible futures for the internet. Share your own thoughts and visions for digital life in 2030.
Juha Leppänen Marleen Stikker Katja Bego Ben Cerveny
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Keynote: European Commission
Join the first keynote of the Summit, where we'll hear from the European Commission about their ambitions for the Next Generation Internet.
Pearse O'Donohue
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The case for a European data economy
Hear about a positive vision for the data economy, from the European Commissions work in this space to data spaces, trusts and sovereignty.
Sylvie Delacroix Ingrid Schneider Marta Arniani Olivier Bringer
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A digital roadmap for 2030: defining Europes role after COVID-19
A discussion of the global challenges facing the Internet in the next decade. What does the Next Generation Europe agenda mean for digital?
Anu Bradford Axel Voss Mara Balestrini Bill Thompson Thomas Zerdick
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Decentralising the internet: the 'Blockchains for Social Good' prize
Meet the winners of the 5 million Blockchains for Social Good Prize, tackling transparency, participation and the climate.
Frank van Dalen Pearse O'Donohue Marco Zappalorto Federico Ast Jessi Baker Niamh Carty Alex D'Elia Nick Williams Tuukka Ylälahti
· Sessions
[Workshop] Digital identity
Discover the Netherlands' new vision for digital identity and opportunities in the realm of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).
Wouter Welling
· Sessions
[Workshop] Biometrics and facial recognition in cities
Can cities use facial recognition in a privacy-friendly way? Debate this question in a session from EDRi and the city of Amsterdam.
Evin  Incir Ella Jakubowska Roel Raterink Aik van Eemeren
· Sessions
Breakouts: Biometrics and facial recognition in cities
For participants in the Biometrics and facial recognition in cities workshop. Join one of these breakout sessions to discuss the topic with our speakers.
Evin  Incir Ella Jakubowska Roel Raterink Aik van Eemeren
· Sessions
[Workshop] Digital transformation in the public sector: challenge based public private partnership and cooperation
Learn how Turin and the Dutch Government both stimulate digital innovation and try your hand at experimenting with private enterprise.
Elena Deambrogio Marieke Van Putten
· Sessions
[Workshop] Learning from 'critical making' - Good Things for the Next Generation Internet
Join ThingsCon to mix critical making with policy thinking and discuss what they've learned from years of involving the makers community.
Iskander Smit Lorna Goulden Peter  Bihr Andrea Krajewski
· Sessions
[Workshop] Data-sharing in cities
Explore the application of digital rights in local data-sharing platforms throughout planning, implementation, and evolution.
Malcolm Bain Ryan Kurtzman Johanna Pasilkar Emily Royall Daniel Sarasa
· Sessions
[Workshop] Transatlantic crossings: the future of EU-US data flows
With experts from both Europe and the US, we explore the impact of the latest European decision on the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement.
Dan Caprio Fabrice Clari
· Sessions
[Workshop] What your face reveals - the story of
An online interactive documentary that judges you through your webcam. Can we really asses someone's health from a photo of their face?
Tijmen Schep
· Sessions
[Workshop] Zenroom: cryptography and smart contracts in human language
Understand Zenroom, the tiny secure execution environment that integrates into any platform and application and keeps cryptography simple.
Andrea D'Intino
· Sessions
[Workshop] Privacy and trust: trends in experiments in EU-US research and innovation
Hear about the major trends in EU-US research collaboration on privacy and trust from 1st call proposers.
James Clarke Sara Pittonet
· Sessions
[Workshop] Futurotheque a trip to the future
Our future will be filled with augmented reality applications. Enter the Futurotheque to be inspired, amazed or appalled.
Sander Veenhof Leonieke ( Verhoog
· Sessions
[Workshop] Ask me anything
Ask the CTOs of two major European cities anything get their view on tech, policy, smart cities, biometrics, budgets and more!
· Sessions
[Workshop] (Dis)connected future: an immersive simulation
Let's shape the future internet in this immersive workshop. Collaborate to make design choices and see what consequences they might yield.
Giacomo Mariotti cristina pozzi
· Sessions
[Workshop] Public control over AI: the how and why of accountable AI
Join our lightning talks from civil society, researchers, and non profits to learn how AI systems can be made accountable to the public.
Jenny Brennan Roel Dobbe Pasi Rautio Linda van de Fliert Mathias Vermeulen
· Sessions
[Workshop] Ethnography and the internet: collective intelligence insights for digital policy
Learn how community-building and Semantic Social Network Analysis inform policy research for the NGI in this hands-on workshop.
Hugi Asgeirsson Amelia Hassoun Leonie Schulte Kate Sim
· Sessions
[Workshop] Follow us OFF Facebook: alternatives for citizen interaction
Learn about more democratic, decentralised and interoperable social media alternatives - and what policymakers can do to help them flourish.
Marcel Kolaja Jana Höffner Gerben van den Broeke
· Sessions
[Workshop] Public control over AI: a public AI register
Q&A with Meeri Haataja of Saidot, a platform enabling AI transparency and accountability in cities - and your own organisation.
Meeri Haataja
· Sessions
[Workshop] Public control over AI: Procurement conditions for AI and algorithms
Learn how procurement conditions and standard contractual clauses can ensure public sector AI complies with fundamental rights and values
Jeroen Naves
· Sessions
[Workshop] Public control over AI: Data Ethics Decision Aid (DEDA)
A crash course in data ethics decision making: DEDA helps data analysts, policymakers and project managers recognise ethical issues.
Iris Muis Mirko Tobias Schäfer
· Sessions
[Workshop] Mapping the tech world and supporting policy with text-mining
A workshop about how text mining helps NGI researchers identify pressing policy issues and cut through the noise of daily news.
Kristóf Gyódi Michał Paliński
· Sessions
[Workshop] Beyond trust: our information ecosystem under pressure
A workshop about how AI, the Internet of Everything and profiling (your new digital identity) can lead to alternative realities and truths
Manon den Dunnen
· Sessions
[Workshop] Trustworthy content handling and information exchange with ONTOCHAIN
Discuss ONTOCHAIN, the ecosystem of blockchain apps supporting trusted knowledge management of public and private organisations.
Caroline Barelle Thanasis Papaioannou Vlado Stankovski
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Warming up the main stage!
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Have I still got news for you? Preserving trust, journalism and the public sphere
Join us for a thought-provoking conversation about the future of journalism and what Europe can do to stop the erosion of trust online.
Anna-Sophie Harling Lucy Hedges Rasmus Kleis Nielsen Geert-Jan Bogaerts
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Europe's twin transition: creating a sustainable digital future
Learn about Europe's transition towards a more sustainable and connected future - and the hidden environmental footprint of the internet.
Asim Hussain Anne Currie Madeleine Gabriel Janet Gunter Bas van Abel
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Solutions or solutionism? The role of technology in times of crisis
A conversation about how technology can help us respond to future crises more effectively - and where it might go wrong.
Frederike Kaltheuner Charlton McIlwain Lucy Hedges Tricia Wang
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Tackling the city challenge: cities for digital rights
The City Coalition for Digital Rights launches a new challenge and shows how genuinely smart cities put people and environments first.
Aik van Eemeren Antoine Bidegain Roberta Cocco Maarten Sukel
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Who is who? The future of digital identity, trust and privacy
Join us for a conversation about digital identity, trust and data ownership - from nascent use cases to the challenges still in front of us.
Toomas Hendrik Ilves Gus Hosein Eva Kaili Lalana Kagal Rob van Kranenburg
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Towards a more inclusive internet: a call to action
In our closing session, we explore how the internet of the future can become a driver for inclusion and empowerment - in Europe and beyond
Payal Arora


Marcel Kolaja

Member & Vice-President, European Parliament

Lorna Goulden

Venture Advisor, Lumo Labs

Iskander Smit

Innovation Director, INFO

Wouter Welling

Coordinating Policy Advisor Digital Identity, Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Mathias Vermeulen

Strategic Advisor, Mozilla Foundation

Leonieke ( Verhoog

Program Manager, PublicSpaces

Sander Veenhof

Augmented Reality Artist, Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Marieke Van Putten

Program manager, Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Aik van Eemeren

PublicTech Lead, City Of Amsterdam

Gerben van den Broeke


Linda van de Fliert

Innovation Officer, City Of Amsterdam

Mirko Tobias Schäfer

Co-founder, Utrecht Data School

Vlado Stankovski

Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Ljubljana

Kate Sim

Digital Ethnographer, Edgeryders

Leonie Schulte

Digital Ethnographer, Edgeryders

Tijmen Schep

Technology Critic and Privacy Designer, Pineapplejazz Design

Daniel Sarasa

Chair, Eurocities Data Working Group

Emily Royall

Smart City Coordinator, City of San Antonio

Pasi Rautio

Project Manager, City of Helsinki

Roel Raterink

EU advisor on innovation, City Of Amsterdam

cristina pozzi

Co-founder and CEO, Impactscool

Sara Pittonet

Senior Project Manager, Trust-IT

Johanna Pasilkar

Project Manager, City as ​MyData Operator, City of Helsinki

Thanasis Papaioannou

Senior Researcher, Athens University of Economics and Business

Michał Paliński

Researcher, DELab UW

Jeroen Naves

Technology Lawyer, Pels Rijcken

Iris Muis

Coordinator, Data Ethics Decision Aid, Utrecht Data School

Giacomo Mariotti

Project Manager Tech for Good, Nesta Italia

Ryan Kurtzman

Smart Cities Program Manager, City of Long Beach, California

Andrea Krajewski

Professor, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

Ella Jakubowska

Policy and Campaigns Officer, European Digital Rights (EDRi)

Evin Incir

MEP for Sweden, European Parliament

Jana Höffner

Head of Online Communication, Baden-Württemberg State Ministry

Amelia Hassoun

Lead Ethnographer, Edgeryders

Meeri Haataja

CEO and Co-Founder, Saidot

Kristóf Gyódi

Researcher, DELab UW

Roel Dobbe

Assistant Professor, TU Delft

Manon den Dunnen

Strategic Specialist on Digital Transformation, Dutch National Police

Elena Deambrogio

Project Manager, Turin City Lab, Turin City Council

Andrea D'Intino

Project Manager,

James Clarke

Programme Manager, Waterford Institute of Technology

Fabrice Clari

Senior Consultant, GAC Group

Dan Caprio

Co-Founder and Chairman, The Providence Group

Jenny Brennan

Researcher, Ada Lovelace Institute

Peter Bihr

Managing Director, The Waving Cat

Caroline Barelle

Coordinator, ONTOCHAIN

Malcolm Bain

Partner, Across Legal

Hugi Asgeirsson

Director, Nordic Unit, Edgeryders

Frank van Dalen

Partner, WordProof

Payal Arora

Professor and Chair in Technology, Values, and Global Media Cultures, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Tuukka Ylälahti

CEO & Co-founder, Mesensei

Nick Williams

Cofounder, Sempo

Rob van Kranenburg

Director, Resonance Design

Sebastiaan van der Lans

Founder and CEO, WordProof

Bas van Abel

Co-Founder, De Clique

Maarten Sukel

AI Lead, City Of Amsterdam

Janet Gunter

Co-Founder and Outreach Lead, Restart Project

Madeleine Gabriel

Head of Impact, Research and Evaluation, Nesta

Alex D'Elia

President, PROSUME

Anne Currie

Science Fiction Author and Tech Ethicist, Container Solutions

Roberta Cocco

Deputy Mayor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services, City of Milan

Ben Cerveny

President, Foundation for Public Code

Niamh Carty

Director of International Programme, Oxfam

Olivier Bringer

Head of Unit, NGI, European Commission

Geert-Jan Bogaerts

Initiator, PublicSpaces

Antoine Bidegain

General Director, Connected Metropolis, Bordeaux Métropole

Katja Bego

Principal Researcher, Nesta

Jessi Baker

Founder and CEO,

Federico Ast

CEO, Kleros

Marta Arniani

Founder, Futuribile

Thomas Zerdick

Head of Unit, Technology and Privacy, European Data Protection Supervisor

Marco Zappalorto

CEO, Nesta Italia

Tricia Wang

Fellow, Harvard University

Bill Thompson

Principal Engineer, BBC

Marleen Stikker

Founder, WAAG

Ingrid Schneider

Professor of Political Science, University of Hamburg

Pearse O'Donohue

Director, Future Networks, European Commission

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Director, Reuters Institute

Juha Leppänen

Chief Executive, Demos Helsinki

Lalana Kagal

Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lucy Hedges

Tech Editor, Metro Newspaper UK

Anna-Sophie Harling

Managing Director, Europe, NewsGuard

Sylvie Delacroix

Professor of Law and Ethics, Birmingham Law School

Jaya Klara Brekke

Assistant Professor, University of Durham

Mara Balestrini

Digital Transformation and HCI advisor

Axel Voss

MEP, EPP Coordinator in the Committee on Legal Affairs, European Parliament

Touria Meliani

Deputy Mayor, City Of Amsterdam

Charlton McIlwain

Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement and Development; Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU Steinhardt

Raymond Knops

State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Frederike Kaltheuner

Tech Policy Fellow, Mozilla

Asim Hussain

Green Cloud Advocacy Lead, Microsoft

Eva Kaili

MEP and Chair of the Future of Science and Technology Panel (STOA), European Parliament

Gus Hosein

Executive Director, Privacy International

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution

Anu Bradford

Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization, Columbia Law School

Ikenna Azuike

Host, NGI Policy Summit

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