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Next AI - Montreal 2021: Journée des entreprises | Venture Day

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Next AI - Montreal

Next AI is an accelerator and founder development program for artificial intelligence based ventures, delivered in Montreal and Toronto.

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Journée des entreprises 2021 Next AI - Montréal

Bienvenu.e.s à la journée des entreprises de Next AI - Montréal 2021

Venture Day 2021 Next AI - Montreal

Welcome to the 2021 Next AI - Montreal Venture Day

Adaptive Pulse

AI-powered platform helping businesses keep a pulse on every customer


Unlocking the secret to living a longer and healthier life


Transforming the delivery of mental health

Circulus Agtech

Revolutionizing fertilization with a precise and circular economic approach.

Cortic Technology

We want to apply our expertise in edge computing to make hands-on learning and rapid prototyping of AI systems easy and cost effective for everyone.

Metatronic (DesignBot)

AI-aided engineering design software that brings your ideas into reality.


Personalized Vision Enhancement for Aged Macular Degeneration

Generative Mind

Transforming social media messages into actionable content data.


Building a green hydrogen network.


Making underground infrastructures visible

Latence Technologies

AI helping mobile operators to deploy 5G in the industrial sector.


Mobile app ecosystem that can leverage granular user data, while preserving privacy.

LifeEngine Technologies

Accelerate surgical excellence


Home building, simplified.

Neural Drive

Walk with us.


For a world that never stops

Notos Technologies

We unlock UAV potential by enabling fully autonomous navigation & smart cooperation for any mission.

Pharonyx Technologies

K-Ops Construction Cloud Collaborative Platform - Bridging field and office has never been easier.

Prairie Robotics

Making recycling simple

RailVision Analytics

Autonomous rail in North America

RecognAIse Technologies

Powering infrastructure inspections


Autonomous construction: bringing safety and robotics to the global construction industry.


The fleet management platform for business: optimize your shuttle service, deliveries, vehicle pick-up and more!



The Rubic Technologies

Developing affordable, world-class robotics for the warehouse automation industry.

UpKy Solutions

Changing how Canadian invest in real estate


What is ONE thing you can do today that could change your kids' future for the better?