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Ryan Maike

Worship Arts Minister, His Church Anglican, Detroit, MI, and Leadership Team, United Adoration

The Rev. Dr. Joyce Brooks

President, Board of Trustees, Uganda Christian University Partners, and Artists in Christian Testimony Intl.

The Rev. Gabriel Calvalcanti

Anglican Church in Brazil

Bill O'Byrne

Ministry Director, Imago Christi

The Rev. Cn. Bill Krizner

Canon for Missions and Evangelism, St. Peters Anglican Cathedral

Sebastian Vargas Thompson

Misionero, Chile

The Rev. Paul Xavier

Home Based Co-Ordinator, Deanery of Nepal, The Diocese of Singapore

The Ven. David Collum

Chief Executive Officer, The Pocket Testament League

The Rev. Cn. Dr. John Macdonald

Anglican Global Mission Partners

Monica Whitmer

Rector’s Assistant, Church of the Holy Spirit

Saba Sharoon

Sunday School Teacher, Christ Church, Rawalpindi

Jason Mehl

Calvary Day School

Kathy Gomer

Founder, Wings for Change Inc.

The Rev. Taylor Ishii

Director, Antioch Leadership Network, and Priest, Gulf Atlantic Diocese

Sheryl Shaw

North America Area Director, Global Teams

The Rev. Philip Bottomley


The Rev. Clay A. Millener

Founder, Captivated International

The Rev. Dr. Johannes W. H. van der Bijl

Chaplain, Christ Church Heiloo

The Rev. Jonathan Wong

Dean of Vietnam, Diocese of Singapore

The Rev. Cn. Craig Vickerman

Canon for Family Ministry, Anglican Diocese of New England

The Rev. Jeffery Jacobs


Chad Sutton

Bethany International

The Rev. Dan Germo

International Director, Bethany Gateways

Gretchen Roderick

Training Coordinator, AFM

Max Graham

Communications Assistant, New Wineskins Missionary Network

DT Stoddard

Security Coordinator, AFM

The Rev. Daniel Behrens

Missionary, SAMS

Kathy Ayres

Coordinator for Access Leadership Network, NGLI

The Rev. Cn. Dr. Winfield Bevins

Director of the Center for Church Multiplication, Asbury Theological Seminary

Dane F. Smith

Executive Director, AFRECS

The Rev. Cn. Yee Ching Wah

Deanery of Thailand, Diocese of Singapore

Stephen Haynsworth

Co-Founder, Servant's Heart Disaster Relief

Dave Wright

Coordinator for Student Ministries, Anglican Diocese of South Carolina

Rachel Wilhelm

United States Team Leader, United Adoration

Dr. David G. Cashin

Professor of Intercultural Studies, Columbia International University

Faith Amani

Coordinator for the Deaf Initiative, Christar

The Rev. Cn. Dr. Pete Wait

Pastor to Cross-Cultural Workers, AFM

Faith McDonnell

Director of Advocacy, Katartismos Global

The Rt. Rev. Probal Dutta

The Anglican Church of West Bengal

The Rev. Kristy Crill

Founder, The Dive Savannah

Peter Lebhar

Campus Leadership Network Director, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

Cn. Carrie Boren Headington

Canon Evangelist, Episcopal Diocese of Dallas

Astrid Hecker Arriagada

Consejería pastoral, cuidado del misionero, Global-Teams

Yvonne North

Field Partner Care Coordinator, Global Teams

The Rev. Dr. Rob Cornelison

Director of Development and Field Operations, Ekklesia Society

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Chong

Director of Missions & Dean of Indonesia, Diocese of Singapore

Angie Schlossberg

Administrator, AFM

The Rev. Brent McHugh

International Director, Christar

The Rev. Dr. William Taylor

TalyorGlobalConsult, Instituto CRUX

Dr. Michael Mates

Assistant Security Coordinator & Partner in Prayer, AFM

Mark Yeadon

Executive Coaching & Organization Design and Development, Ripple Effects, LLC

The Rev. Virginia Musselman

Women’s Leadership Network, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

The Rev. Cn. John Boonzaijer

REC Board of Foreign Missions

Dr. Elena Rhodes

Priest & Pastoral Care Minister, Servants of Christ Anglican Church in Gainesville, Florida

The Rev. Susan Rhodes

Prayer Ministry, Servants of Christ Anglican Church in Gainesville, FL

The Rev. Cn. John Cruikshank

Provincial Canon for SE Asia

Lauren Wells

CEO, TCK Training

The Rev. Dr. Mary McDonald

Veterinary Missionary, SAMS

The Rev. Ian Montgomery

Associate Missionary, SAMS

The Rev. Ethan Carlson

Executive Director, Rwanda Ministry Partners

Lucy Chaves

Associate Missionary, SAMS

Melissa Temme

Prayer Leadership, New Wineskins Missionary Network

Christine Jones

Former Board Chair & Former Board Chair Volunteer, Restoration Immigration Legal Aid

The Rev. Dr. Bryan Sims

Leadership and Organizational Change Coach, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

The Rev. Dr. Chris Royer

Executive Director, AFM

The Rev. Anderson Madimilo

Director of Mission and Evangelism & Director of the Chamuhawi Education Center, Anglican Church of Tanzania

The Rev. Cn. Mark Eldredge

Anglican Revitalization Ministries

Jody Farmer

Training Team, Access Leadership Network, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

The Rev. Ian Dierden

Country Director, ARDF, and Deacon, Church of Holy Spirit in Vientiane Laos

Kaiti Kirby

Former Agape Year Fellow

Kieran Kirby

Former Agape Year Fellow

Beth Kirby

Parent Ambassador, Agape Year

Heidi Smith

Missionary, SAMS-USA

The Rev. Russ Smith

Missionary, SAMS-USA

Matthew Yao

Prayer Minister, Church of the Holy Spirit Leesburg

Miranda Fones

Cross-Culture Worker, AFM

Matt Foster

Global Mission Initiative Lead for Diocese of Christ Our Hope

The Rev. Liz Stewart

The Family Leadership Network, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

Louise Brooks

The Family Leadership Network, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

Tiffany Mills

The Family Leadership Network, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

The Rev. Cn. Meg Greto

The Family Leadership Network, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

Vega Saez Veronica Alejandra

Misionera, Global Teams International

Jim Oakes

Chairman Emeritus, Five Talents USA

Matt Belwood

National Ministries Lead, Youth for Christ Deaf Teen Quest

Marvella Sellers


The Rev. Dr. Bob Ayres


The Very Rev. Steven Seah

Dean of Cambodia, Diocese of Singapore

Tommy Lamb

National Disaster Network Director, ARDF

Leiton Chinn

Anglican International Student Ministry Network

The Rev. Dr. Brad Roderick

Director of the Stanway Institute, Trinity School for Ministry, and Training Coordinator, AFM

Dr. Theresa Newell

Board Member & Founding Director, CMJ USA

Dean Mellerstig

Workshop Leader, The Tree of Life: Finding Healing and Growth in Jesus

Dr. Emily Hervey

Founder, The Tree of Life: Finding Healing and Growth in Jesus

Sharoon Sarfraz

Regional Director Asia - WEA

The Rev. Dr. Patricia McGregor

Director of Spiritual Formation, St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Stuart, FL, and SAMS

The Very Rev. Roger Griffin

Dean, Anglican Diocese of the Southwest

The Rev. Aaron Buttery

Director, Student Leadership, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

Kari Kennedy

Associate Director, Digital Strategies Jesus Film Project

Paul Tester

Manager in Latin America, Church Mission Society

The Rev. Dr. Captain Deborah Carr

Missionary Bridger, SAMS, Captain, Church Army, and Priest, Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh

Laurie Sanders

Managing Director, The Institute for Global Healthcare Missions, and Vice-President of Development, MedSend

Rich Street

Chaplain, Cru

Kourtney Street

Chaplain, Cru

The Rev. Chuck Reischman

Rector, The Canterbury Group

Kyle Spradley

National Director, SOMA

Katie Fox

Faith and Arts leader, Christ Church Austin

Stewart Wicker

Mission Director, SAMS

The Rev. Curtis Chanda

International Director, Global Teams

The Rev. Clancy Nixon

Rector, Church of the Holy Spirit

Patricia Streeter

Co-Leader, Anglican Persecuted Church Network

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Trevor Walters

Resource Bishop, College of Bishops

The Rev. Dr. Jake Stum

Executive Director, ARDF

The Rev. Cn. Dr. Jessica Jones

Provincial Canon, Next Generation Leadership Initiative

The Rev. Dcn. Georgette Forney

President, Anglicans For Life

Dr. Katie Rhoads

Cross-Cultural Worker in Uganda, Global Teams

John Migila

County Director for Shade Tanzania

Luke Michaels

Cross-Cultural Worker in North Africa, AFM

Abby Michaels

Cross-Cultural Worker in North Africa, AFM

Suzy McCall

Founder of LAMB Institute as Missionary in Honduras, SAMS

Paul Watson

Founder, CDM, and Co-Author, Contagious Disciple Making

David Watson

Co-Author, Contagious Disciple Making, and Founder of Discovery Bible Study Method

Andrew Onguka

Founder/Director, OneLife Africa, and SIM Missionary in Kenya

Jenny Noyes

Executive Director, New Wineskins Missionary Network, and Global Mission Initiative Leader, ACNA

The Rt. Rev. Abraham Nhial

Bishop, Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, and Missionary to Sudan with SAMS

The Rt. Rev. Márcio Meira

Bishop, Anglican Church in Brazil, Gafcon Province

The Rev. Francis Matumba

Africa Director, Global Teams

Jacob Knox

Church Planter in the Middle East, AFM

The Most Rev. Stephen Kaziimba

Archbishop, Anglican Church in Uganda

Rebecca Ewing

COO & Strategy and Personal Coach, Contagious Disciple Making

The Rev. Dr. Erin Clifford

International Justice Mission

Lisa Espineli Chinn

Volunteer Spiritual Director, InterVarsity/USA, and Mission Consultant

The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach

Archbishop, Anglican Church in North America, and Chairman, Gafcon

The Rt. Rev. Thad Barnum

Assisting Bishop, Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas

The Rev. Capt. Herb Bailey

Captain & Ministry Director, Church Army

Gwen Adams

Executive Director, Priceless, and Author of Crazy Church Ladies

New Wineskins Missionary Network is a mission-mobilizing non-profit nearly 50 years old. Through conferences, networks, resources and partnerships, we seek to engage Anglicans and other Christians in the Great Commission to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

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