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Jennifer Sokira

Emme Hooks

Brian Jantz

Lisa Summer

Caryl Beth Thomas

Joy Allen

Timothy Honig

Nicole O'Malley

Jennifer Ray

Meredith Pizzi

Morgan Johnson

Hindi Burkett

Ming Yuan Low

Delaney Mohesky

Natasha Thomas

Juliann Hartley

Meera Sinha

Maria Alvarado

Mara Collard

Elizabeth Mendez

Larissa Grabois

Chris Millett

Andrew Chapman

Hillary Deutsch, MT-BC

Michele Forinash, DA, LMHC, MT-BC

Bronwyn Bird, MT-BC

Caryl Beth Thomas


American Music Therapy Association

Supports and advocates for the music therapy profession

Lesley University

Lesley prepares graduates with the knowledge, skill, understanding, and ethical judgment to be catalysts who shape a more just, humane world.

Roman Music Therapy Services

Making Music, Transforming Lives

Peer Support Network

For Creative Arts Therapists

Larissa G. Music

Raising Awareness through Music: Song, Book and Art

Music Therapy Center of California

Banding Together's mission is to bring music opportunities to individuals with special needs. Seeking MTs

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