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Networking on the beach. Patient management, international experience

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Inna Dashchenko

co-founder of MedTourClub, managing director of IAPMT

Natalya Tabaka

the head of tourism and resort department of Lviv Regional State Administration

Jonathan Edelheit

Co‑founder & Chairman Global Healthcare Resources

Olena Melnyk

Medical & SPA center "SoulSpa Anti-Age"

Anna Weegen

DeutschMedic GmbH

Mónica Figuerola Martín


Aytac Kurt

Prusa Medica

Petya Kostadinova

MC Clinica Nova

Irina Pierzyńska

The Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus

Ayda Alabasi

Mediclinic Middle East

Ilya Marushchak

Kintaro Cells Power Co.

Sam Awad

GMTP Medical Group Greece - Russia

Dr. Hisham Hakim

American Spine Center, Dubai

Iztok Altbauer

Managing Director, Slovenian Spas Association

Siyka Katsarova

Vice President of ESPA

Zhanna Rustemova

Mediasta, CEO

Petya Vasseva

CEO, Adapta Group Ltd. (Bulgaria)

Rania Kimrakji

Royalty Consultants (Dubai, UAE)

Leila Kresic-Juric

Managing Director & Partner, HTI PARTNER (Croatia)

Nataly Stetsenko

Event co-organizer

Viktoriia Falman

Falman Medical, CEO (Ukraine)

Olga Karakich

Indigo-Medic, CEO (Russia)

Maria Afzar Nazari

MariaCares, CEO (Sweden)

Bartozh Ziolek

CEO, Amber Global Consulting (Poland/China)

Inna Dashchenko

International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism

Oksana Likhatskaya

Ukrainian National Wellness Association, the President

Nataliia Tulinova

Zdorovi Agency, CEO (Ukraine)

Ilan Geva

Ilan Geva & Friends Inc. (USA)

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Hosted by

Med Tour Club

Medical Tourism Club is a platform for professionals in medical tourism: hospitals, medical tourism agents, providers

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The Platform for Medical Tourism professionals

International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism

Organizer of the event, an independent public organization, which unites the physicians of different specialties, managers in healthcare, insurance, travel and assisting companies from different countries.

Prusa Medica

Accredited Medical Travel Facilitator / Company by Health Ministry of Turkey


The Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus – Prophylaxis, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of ear, nose, pharynx and larynx diseases and balance disorders


Spanish Medical Care

American Spine Center

American Spine Center - Non-Surgical Treatments

DeutschMedic GmbH

DeutschMedic - medical service provider in Germany, Essen

Mediclinic Middle East

Expertise you can trust

Kintaro Cells Power Co.

Kintaro Cells Power Co., Japan. is the scientific and industrial medical and biological company that develops, produces and sales mesenchymal stem cells.

Medical & SPA center "SoulSpa Anti-Age"

The Medical & Spa center “SoulSpa” Anti-Age is one of the oldest in Ukraine Urban Spa with more than 16 years of successful experience in Age-management. Located in the capital Kyiv-city center with convenient International Air System access from all over the World. Urban Spa is a unique solution that allows to meet the growing demand of society. The 50% of us already live in cities — that is why wellness is going to be more urban. In “SoulSpa Anti-Age” we can offer a variety of recovery programs, with different duration.

Greek Med Tour Partners

Treatment in Greece

Medikal Center Klinik NOVA

Medikal Center Klinik NOVA, Varna, Bulgaria