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Amy Holm

Executive Director, The Climate Registry

Janet Peace

Head of Advisory Services, Anew

Paul Moinester

Executive Director, The Outdoor Policy Outfit

Stuart Goldsmith

Climate Comedian, Comedy Insights

Jane Davidson

Chair, Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group

Carly Sibilia

Nature-Based Solutions Specialist , ERM

Edit Kiss

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Integrity Global Partners

Elizabeth Geller

Director, Energy & Climate Practice, 3Degrees

Caitlin Swalec

Program Director, Global Energy Monitor

Rene Lammers

Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer, PepsiCo

Katie Ryan

Director, Sustainability, GreenBiz Group

Mac Lawrence

Founder & Environmental Consultant, Loops R + R

Alison Colwell

Director of ESG and Sustainability, Okta

Louisa Mcguirk

Senior Manager Sustainable Procurement (Salesforce)

Vanessa Miler

VP Global Environment, Schneider Electric

Michelle Li

Founder of Clever Carbon and Women and Climate

Ryan Shea

Manager, Rocky Mountain Institute

Michael Lee

US CEO, Octopus Energy

Cate Hight

Carbon Transition - Corporate Strategy

Kim Carnahan

CEO, Neoteric Energy & Climate

Nethra Rajendran

Manager, Sustainability, GreenBiz Group

Shyla Raghav

Co-Founder, Chief Portfolio and Partnership Officer, TIME CO2

Henry Richardson

Senior Analyst, WattTime

Marcius Extavour

Chief Climate Solutions Officer, TIME co2

Alex Novarro

Senior Manager, Nature

Nici Bush

VP, Science Innovation & Technology

Gina Magnotti

Manager, Net Zero Transitions, Accenture Sustainability Services

Mary Jacques

Executive Director of Global ESG and Regulatory Compliance, Lenovo

Anne Whitty

Senior Program Manager, Corporate Sustainability

Ryan Hart

Senior Corporate Counsel - Sustainability (Salesforce)

Elizabeth Sturcken

Managing Director, EDF+Business

Matt Roman

Director, ENGIE Impact

Tolulope Falade

Senior Manager, Sustainability

Ana Plata


Judy Panayos

Sr. Director, Supply Sustainability, Sodexo

Becky Wacker

Director of Energy Services Sales, Trane

James Ball

Director of Buildings, GreenBiz Group

AJ Artis

Manager, Transport, GreenBiz Group

Rajesh Sengamedu

Sustainability Leader, Business Developer

Irene Vargheese

Product Manager, Yoga & Meditation Facilitator, La Casa Shamala

Rob Roy

SVP - Chief Investment Officer

Dylan Siegler

SVP, Sustainability, GreenBiz Group

John Davies

SVP, Executive Network, GreenBiz Group

Mahesh Ramanujam

President and CEO, The Global Network for Zero

Michael Musgrave

Director of Nature Based Solutions Assurance and Verification

Lori Gustavus

Director, Europe, GreenBiz Group

Zinola Moodley

Digital Supply Chain Lead, DSM

Danielle Jezienicki

VP of Sustainability, Grove Collaborative

Shaheen Contractor

Senior ESG Research Strategist, Bloomberg

Garvin Jabusch

Chief Investment Officer

Trevor Anderson

Sustainability Strategy Manager at Edison Energy

Tim Hopper

Cloud Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, Microsoft

Ellen Shenette

Director, Net Zero Action Accelerator, EDF

Duncan Meisel

Executive Director, Clean Creatives

Kate Harvey

Senior Sustainability Advisor, Pure Strategies

Kate Ogden

Head of Advocacy and Movement Building, Seventh Generation

Jamie Alexander

Director, Drawdown Labs

Alexis McGivern

Net Zero Standards Manager, Oxford Net Zero

Stephen Uwazota

National Director - Sustainable Finance - Commercial Banking, Scotia Bank

Shannon Siart

Lead ESG Advisor, NASDAQ

Sarah Golden, VP of Energy, GreenBiz

VP of Energy, GreenBiz Group

Heather Rock

Senior Director, Strategy, PG& E

Sarah OBrien

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council - CEO - United States

Amy Senter

Vice President, Global Sustainability at Martin Brower

Annabelle Stamm

Senior Director, Sustainability Strategy, helping companies prepare for a net zero future

Victoria Emerick

Executive Director and Global Head, Corporate Sustainability Strategy & Operations at Bristol Myers Squibb

Giulia Carbone

Director, NCS Alliance

Graham Sinclair

Senior Responsible Investment Strategist, Parametric

Kyle Tanger

Director at Deloitte

Nidhi Kaul

Senior Engagement Manager of Global Sustainability at LinkedIn

Nicole Dotts-Wright

Brand Management, ESG, & Innovation Executive, DW Consulting

Christina Page

Business Partnerships, Climate Interactive

Madeline Oliver

Clean and Equitable Transportation Consultant

Abby Davidson

Managing Director, ENGIE Impact

Theresa Lieb

Food Systems Analyst at GreenBiz

Gina McCarthy

Managing co-chair of America is All In and former White House National Climate Advisor

Gina McCarthy

Managing co-chair of America is All In and former White House National Climate Advisor

Marie Brousseau-Navarro

Deputy Commissioner and COO

Jesse Klein

Senior Editor, GreenBiz Group

Michelle Lancaster

Director, Sustainability, Microsoft Corporation

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