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Baisali Ghosh

Business Development Manager

Nikolay Ryashin

Chief Executive Director, HIVE

Pragnya Kondrakunta

Product & Customer Success Lead, FlytBase

Daniel Holtsjo

Country President, Securitas

Vincent Pena

CEO, Solectric Asia

Ari Stiller

General Manager, FoxIT

Jason San Souci

Chief Architect, Juniper Unmanned

Kay Wackwitz

CEO & Founder, Drone Industry Insights

Neel Sharma

Customer Success Associate

Vinayak Singh

Customer Success Manager

Kamarul A

Founder & CEO, Aerodyne Group

Charles Werner


Gemma Alcock

Founder & CEO, SkyBound Rescuer

Helena Samsioe

Founder & CEO, GLOBHE

Dawn Zoldi

Founder & CEO, P3 Tech Consulting

Mohamed Shawky

Founder & CEO, GeoDrones Aerial Services

Marcelo Lopez

Project Manager, Pampa Energia

Andrew Wycklendt

Program Manager, APTIM

Elia-Ray Salem

Project Manager at Dronebase srl

Jeremy Schneiderman

CEO & Co-Founder, Drone Nerds

Yuji Kuwamizu

UAV Specialist, afterFIT

Bernd Fastenrath

Chief Commercial Officer, Unifly

Senne Van Loon

Network Engineer, Citymesh

Amogh Bhagwat

Lead Product Engineer, FlytBase

Girish Shirke

Full Stack Developer, FlytBase

Dr. Linas Gelazanskas


Itai Straus

CEO & Co-founder, Airscort

Havish Bychapur

Lead Product Engineer, FlytBase

Tariq Nasraldeen

Founder & Chief Executive Aviator, Firnas Aero

James Penn

Managing Director & Co-founder, Heisha

Dhiraj Dhule

Director, Strategic Projects, FlytBase

Peter Campbell

Founder & CEO, Idroneimages

Shaun. N. Jafarian

CTO & Founder, CounterDrone

Achal Negi

Director of Business Development, FlytBase

Curtis Lary

Engineer & CEO, Hextronics

Darren Raj

Founder & CEO, Agribugs

Josh Ogden

CEO & Co-founder, Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions, Inc.

Philip Binks

Head of ATM, Altitude Angel

Grant Guillot

President, Grant Guillot, LLC

Jackie Dujmovic

Founder & CEO, HoverUAV

Nitin Gupta

Founder & CEO, FlytBase

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FlytBase is an enterprise drone autonomy platform that helps deploy fully automated, cloud connected commercial drones at scale. Their flagship product, FlytNow, is a web-based software for automation of routine missions using drone docks. It supports the widest range of docking-stations and drones (DiaB) for various commercial applications.

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Drone-in-a-Box Automation Software

NestGen '22

NestGen, a Virtual Summit Focused on drone autonomy, BVLOS and DiaB Tech

Unifly NV

Enabling Autonomous Aviation

Drone Nerds

Largest exclusive distributor of enterprise drones in the US

Hextronics LLC.

Enabling Aerial Autonomy


Enabling BVLOS drone operations through mobile (private) 4G/5G networks

DroneBase Srl

Dronebase designs, developes and services unmanned aircraft systems in Italy


GeoDrones provides drone solutions to optimize time, save cost, and generate higher ROI.

Hover UAV

Specialists in linking emerging drone technologies to individuals and companies.

Altitude Angel

Unified Traffic Management

Solectric Asia

We are your 1 stop 360° Solution in the Drone Business.

Firnas Aero

We use the power of aviation technology to solve business problems

Heisha Tech

Autonomous Drone Charging Solutions

Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions

AVSS is a Canadian aerospace company commercializing safety technologies for Urban Air Mobility.


Precision Agricultural Data Collection and Processing


A Drone-in-a-Box solution from idroneimages.


Airscort provides revolutionary docking support for Complete Drone Autonomy.

Pampa Energia

We invest in energy to develop more energy.


We deliver extraordinary results by merging inspired innovation with an empowered workforce.


Solving green power issues with technology


A dedicated team of drone professionals.

Aerodyne Group

Advancing Humanity through Drone Intelligence

Hive Droneport

Hive future of drone automation

Counter Drone

The world’s first multi drone docking station