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Neighborhood Economics: Healing our communities

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Opening Plenary
Where can we find hope?
Marlon Hall Rosa Lee Harden Rev. Dr. Willie James Jennings Sadell Bradley Carlton Turner
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The Church's Role in Economic Justice
The Church is an economic entity whether it wants to be or not. How can it leverage that power for justice and equity?
Bill Bynum Patrick Duggan David Kresta Bonny Moellenbrock Cort Gross Greg Edwards
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Accelerating Entrepreneurship Lounge Open
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Reimagining Real Estate Lounge Open
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Catalyzing Creative Funding Lounge Open
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Creating a Culture of Change Lounge Open
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Breaking the Power Paradigm
“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” - Audre Lorde. To live in God’s economy the power structure must change.
Coté Soerens Lyneir Richardson Leroy Barber Steve Wanta Desiree Kane
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After You Have Your Great Idea
Want to know how to fund a business sin your neighborhood? We show you how, from the ground up.
Lindsay Smalling Elizabeth Lynn Matt Raker Stephanie Swepson-Twitty Wilson Lester
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Good News for Local Economies Through Real Estate
How do churches shift from property managers to community developers and leverage their properties to contribute to neighborhood flourishing?
Barry Randolph Jeff Delp Abbott Bailey David Kresta
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Dispatches from the Front Lines
Hear from early stage entrepreneurs about the challenges and opportunities they are facing on the ground.
Melissa Wiginton Cristin Cooper Yoni Medhin Emily Mills
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Writing Our Communities’ Stories: Past, Present, and Future
How do communities use story to subvert gentrification and contribute to the flourishing of everyone?
Joanna Taft David Bailey Marlon Hall
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Alamo Labyrinth
How can we uncover the hidden stories of our neighborhoods by exploring its physical features? Workshop includes a virtual tour of The Alamo as a case study.
Matt Valler
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The Path to Resilient Home Ownership in Chicago
A project with Trinity College and Faith+Finance to enhance resilient home ownership in Chicago and wealth-creation through African American business ownership.
Lenore Knight Johnson Christian Hildebrand Kevin Jones Craig Mattson Aaron Kuecker
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Alamo Labyrinth
How can we uncover the hidden stories of our neighborhoods by exploring its physical features? Workshop includes a virtual tour of The Alamo as a case study.
Matt Valler
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No Unsacred Places
Who owns your neighborhood? Be inspired by two replicable models for how neighbors can collectively take ownership of their space.
WildStyle DaProducer Andy Beck Jeff Bennett Bryce Butler DeAmon Harges
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Everybody an Owner
How can neighborhoods leverage the cooperative economy to create symbiotic systems where everyone has skin in the game?
Greg Brodsky Jordan Baucum Franzi Charen Felipe Witchger
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Can Development be Equitable?
Is it possible for a bulldozer and crane to be the tools of justice? Hear how pilot policy changes in Seattle could have a national impact.
Patrice Thomas Gregory Davis
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Find the Artists
Art tells the story of who we can be. Before investors, entrepreneurs, or developers, communities seeking change should find the artists.
Deborah Cullinan Lucy McCauley Carlton Turner Mark Menjivar Matt Valler
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Why we Need Entrepreneurs
Gregory Davis Jeff Shinabarger Kit Evans-Ford Stephen Lewis
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Redefining God's Work in the World
Kit Evans-Ford Mark DeYmaz Kathleen McShane Kenda Dean Elan Babchuck
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The Roots of Culture Change
Lasting change doesn’t happen quickly; it requires relationship, trust, and vision. But when done well, people’s lives are transformed.
Patton Dodd David Bailey Joanna Taft
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Neighbors Investing in Neighbors
Learn how everyday people can invest in their own communities, creating ecosystems of mutual support and care.
Kevin Jones Mark R Jones Njuguna Gishuru Jay Rosenbaum
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Why Should the Church Care About Entrepreneurship?
How can people invested in the success of entrepreneurs work together to support them for the long haul, from idea to sustainability?
Mark DeYmaz Mark Sampson John Brothers Carey Sims
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The Role of Philanthropy in Neighborhood Economics
Philanthropy is catalytic to designing and jumpstarting inclusive economic development in local systems, so let’s explore how best to wield it as a tool.
Alex Rossides Lindsay Smalling Timothy Freundlich Derrick Morgan
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Closing Plenary
Rosa Lee Harden Tim Soerens DeAmon Harges Peter Block Sadell Bradley


Jay Rosenbaum


Patrice Thomas

Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development

Njuguna Gishuru

People's Economy Lab

Mark R Jones

Sunyata Foundation

Christian Hildebrand


Patrick Duggan

UCC Church Bldg & Loan Fund

Lenore Knight Johnson


Bill Bynum

Hope Credit Union

Alex Rossides

Social Impact Exchange

Lyneir Richardson

Chicago TREND

Jeff Delp

FCS Ministries

Barry Randolph

Church of the Messiah

Gregory Davis

Rainier Beach Action Coalition

Mark Sampson


Greg Brodsky

Kit Evans-Ford

Argrow's House

Patton Dodd

H. E. Butt Foundation

Tim Soerens

Parish Collective

Lindsay Smalling

60 Decibels

WildStyle DaProducer


Aaron Kuecker

Trinity Christian College

Derrick Morgan

KNGDM Investments

Timothy Freundlich


Abbott Bailey

Diocese of CA

Mark Menjivar

Artist / Educator

Jeff Shinabarger

Plywood People

Leroy Barber

The Voices Project

Craig Mattson

Trinity Christian College

John Brothers

T. Rowe Price

Mark DeYmaz

Mosaic Church

Stephen Lewis


Carey Sims

Created Space

Kenda Dean

Princeton Theological Seminary/Ministry Incubators

Deborah Cullinan

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Melissa Wiginton

Education Beyond the Walls at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Elizabeth Lynn

Lake Institute on Faith & Giving

Jeff Bennett

Deputy Mayor of Community Development for Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett

Andy Beck

Homes For All Indy

DeAmon Harges

The Learning Tree, The Roving Listener

Kathleen McShane

Los Altos United Methodist Church

Bryce Butler

Access Ventures

David Kresta

PhD Urban Studies - Economic Development and Community Development

Wilson Lester

Partners in Equity

Stephanie Swepson-Twitty

Eagle Market Street Development Corporation

Matt Raker

Mountain BizWorks

Lucy McCauley

Writer and Filmmaker

Jordan Baucum

Duke University

Robert Chao Romero

César E. Chávez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles

Joanna Taft

Harrison Center for the Arts

Rev. Dr. Willie James Jennings

Yale Divinity School

Rosa Lee Harden


Kevin Jones


David Bailey


Sadell Bradley


Marlon Hall

The Work of The People

Peter Block

Jubilee Cincinnati

Shannon Hopkins


Carlton Turner

Mississippi Center for Cultural Production

Greg Edwards

Resurrected Life Community Church

Cort Gross

Wessington Ventures

Coté Soerens

Cultivate South Park

Emily Mills

Jesus Said Love

Yoni Medhin


Cristin Cooper

Coop's Soups

Bonny Moellenbrock

Millbrook Impact, LLC

Desiree Kane

Netroots Nation

Steve Wanta

JUST Community

Felipe Witchger

Community Purchasing Alliance

Elan Babchuck

Glean Network

Franzi Charen

Asheville Grown

Matt Valler


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