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NEDS 2020 Digital

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· Networking
Meet new people in the Defense and Security industry
· Expo
Visit the companies present
· Stage
Expert breakout | Digital enhanced land forces: more than an extra pair of eyes
Hosted by Job van Harmelen of Thales
· Sessions
Invite Only Digital roundtable (Dutch)| Depot Level Maintenance capabilities
Hosted by Harald Kokelkoren of ILIAS Solutions
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Joint All Domain Operations – Moving Forward Together
Hosted by Jacob Johnson of Lockheed Martin
· Stage
Expert breakout | Risk Aware Culture and Empowerment: RACE
Hosted by Annemiek Wauters and Ardie Kleijn of the Police
· Sessions
Expert breakout | The Technician as a Sensor
Hosted by Harald Kokelkoren of ILIAS Solutions
· Stage
Expert breakout | Strategic significance of the scarcity of raw materials
Hosted by Michel Rademaker of HCSS
· Networking
· Sessions
Digital roundtable (Dutch) |  Investerend de crisis uit: COVID-19 uitdagingen in de NLDTIB
Discussion on current and future implications of COVID-19 on your organisation. Session hosted by Mark Lengton (EZK) in Dutch.
· Sessions
Digital roundtable | The internet of drones, a security risk? (NL)
Hosted by Marc Sandelowsky of Space53
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Resilient Organisations Innovate! 
Hosted by Petra de Weerd-Nederhof of the University of Twente
· Sessions
Expert breakout | On the offensive against offensive drones, the high technology behind the drone
Hosted by Gerald Poppinga of Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Cyber-resilient against state actors, together with Defense and NIDV
Hosted by Raymond Bierens of NIDV Cyberweerhaarheid
· Sessions
Expert breakout |  Lessons Learned from a Crowded Market: How we Broke the Mould with Drone Radar IRIS®️
Hosted by Siete Hamminga of Robin Radar Systems
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Risk aware culture and empowerment: RACE
Hosted by Annemiek Wauters and Ardie Kleijn of the Police
· Sessions
Expert breakout (Dutch)| Informatiegestuurd Optreden – De weg naar een datagedreven organisatie
Hosted by Ronald Koning and Edwin de Leeuw of Ordina
· Sessions
Expert Breakout | Tempus Advanced Life Support & Philips Intellispace Corsium
A total solution to capture and monitor rich levels of secure on-scene data to review remotely in real time. Hosted by Tim Brooks Birkett of Philips
· Stage
Expert breakout | Minimize the logistics footprint by ILIAS Solutions
Hosted by Harald Kokelkoren
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Condition based Maintenance in development at the Belgian Defence
Hosted by Colonel (GS) De Varé Major Assoignon & Harry Corstens of ILIAS Solutions
· Sessions
Digital roundtable | Cloud round table open discussion
Hosted by Ardie Kleijn & Roeland van Zeijst of the Police
· Sessions
Expert breakout (Dutch) | Is uw product- en onderhoudsdocumentatie ILS –proof?
Hosted by Pieter van Breugel of ILSP (Integrated Logistic Support) NIDV. This session is in Dutch
· Sessions
Expert breakout | A sociotechnical perspective on resilient organising practices
Hosted by Eric-Hans Kramer & Matthijs Moorkamp of Netherlands Defence Academy & Radboud University
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Innovating with challenge-based learning in the safety domain 
Hosted by Raymond Loohuis of the Univerity of Twente
· Stage
Expert breakout | Lessons in digital trust and why we cannot live without it
Hosted by Job van Harmelen of Thales
· Stage
National security in the market of defence and security. ‘From old misconceptions towards new insights.’
Hosted by Prof Elisabetta Manunza & Nathan Meershoek
· Sessions
Expert breakout (Dutch) | Het nieuwe IP-beleid en Europese ontwikkelingen, inclusief het EDF
Hosted by Dimitri van Rijn of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Vehicle Platform Integration - Practical lessons from the GVA front line
Hosted by Pieter van Dam, Richard Saull, & Chris Warfield of CGI
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Information Driven Operations - how to achieve Information Dominance (NL)
Hosted by Mark Ostendorf and Edwin van der Burg of IBM. This session is in Dutch
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Leveraging international trade compliance: one-way to global business success
Hosted by Herman Annink of PTC Platform trade compliancy (NIDV)
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Authentication without secrets using quantum and nanotechnology
Hosted by Pepijn Pinkse of the University of Twente
· Sessions
Expert breakout | NMC Platform
Hosted by Richard Keulen of Netherlands Maritime Cluster (NIDV)
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Resilience and trust in future naval defence. What’s the next step?
Hosted by Job van Harmelen of Thales
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Armoured Vehicle Mobility & Blast protection
Hosted by Louis Huijzen of TSS International
· Sessions
Expert breakout | Defence vision 2035
Hosted by Saskia van Genugten and Jasper Kremers of the Ministry of Defence
· Stage
Main event 
Resilience Talk with special guests

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We're putting our knowledge and technology to work for safety and security.


Building a future we can all trust.

Ministry of Defence

Protecting what we value.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

ILIAS Solutions

Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)

We are the connection between desirability and feasibility

Saab - Damen

Centuries of naval engineering that strengthen the walrus future submarine replacement programme

General Dynamics Mission Systems

Technically, we're everywhere...

Thinklogical, A Belden Brand

Multiple Classifications. One System.

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

Ships. Systems. Solutions. Worldwide.

Delft Dynamics B.V.

drone and counter-drone systems

Anglo Belgian Corporation

We power your activities on the water!


Your reliable partner for Naval vessels.

T-Minus Engineering B.V.

Leading the way to suborbital space.

Hull Vane


Start your Journey towards Data Driven Operations

Connecticut, USA Aerospace and Defense Booth

Connecticut, USA Aerospace and Defense Booth

RSM Netherlands

The power of being understood

Sectra Communications B.V.

40 Years in Cybersecurity - Committed. Approved. Trusted.

Technolution Prime

Toonaangevend in high assurance technologie

Naval Group

Voor Nederland - Door Nederland - In Nederland

Specialist in High-Tech System Solutions


Asset management, ILS and technical documentation


One of the leading defense industries in the Netherlands

Bosch Rexroth

Drive and Control Technology

Embraer Defense & Security

Built for the mission


Small satellites for Defense and Security

Royal IHC


HENSOLDT - Detect & Protect /

NLR - Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Adding value to what protects us

Panasonic Toughbook Europe


Lockheed Martin


TSS International B.V. - Armour Mobility

Your Armoured Vehicle Mobility Specialist!

Rondal BV

Custom composite structures and components

Custers Hydraulica B.V.

Safe access! Tailormade stairs & workplatforms.

Experience the commitment

Supporting critical missions with proven (militairy) ICT

Science [&] Technology

Making sense of data


We enable Shared Situational Awareness through real-time data sharing


Start creating your own VR training content. Today.


Specialist in low power, small form factor, wireless and sensor electronics


Mobile High-Assurance & Critical Communication Solutions


Providing the live video necessary to make life saving decisions


The 21st Century RF shielding textile - Patented

Ellipsis drive

For spatial data worth sharing

QuinteQ Energy

Flywheel Energy Storage: Energy Security - Power Quality


Dynaxion identifies explosives and drugs in parcels, suitcases and freight; fully automated and accurate; up to atomic level.


Highrise Design for strong and lightweight aluminium products & projects.


Bringing high-tech video analysis to industrialized partners


Thin-line fiber optic hydrophone arrays

Verifeye Media

Visual media verification solutions designed to combat disinformation and aid rapid decision making.


Sens2sea offers radar systems to detect Oil Spills, small objects and gives a spacial current and depth indication around a vessel or a coastal area.


DiLLaS(tm), towards a zero waiste supply chain.

Elitac Wearables

We develop wearables that improve lives

Sita Robotics

Increase efficiency in challenging environment by information gathering, exploration robots.

Offroad apps

Wearable AI applications that enhance situation awareness and provide decision support.


Skytree is a clean air tech company based in Amsterdam

10XL - Hybrid Manufacturing

Large Area AM, CNC and ATP for high-performance C2C products.


Netherlands Industries for Defence and Security