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Jiaona Zhang (JZ) (she/her)

VP of product, Webflow

Tomide Alonge (he/him)

Lead frontend engineer, Check DC

McGuire Brannon (he/him)

VP of education, Webflow

Trevor Noah (he/him)

Comedian and host of “The Daily Show”

Debbie Millman (she/her)

Host of the award-winning podcast “Design Matters”, Design Matters

Arquay Harris (she/her)

VP of engineering, Webflow

Claudia Cafeo (she/her)

Founder, Floxies

Amina Foon (she/her)

Software engineer, Webflow

Sónia Alves (she/her)

Template marketplace partner manager, Webflow

Katie Fujihara (she/her)

Software engineer, Webflow

Darian Shirazi (he/him)

General partner at Google’s AI investment fund, Gradient Ventures

Mariam Hakobyan (she/her)

CEO and co-founder, Softr

Dr. Michele A. Williams, PhD (she/her)

Owner, M.A.W. Consulting, LLC

Vlad Magdalin (he/him)

CEO and co-founder, Webflow

Pablo Gonzalez Day (he/him)

Web lead, MURAL

Chris Byers (he/him)

CEO, Formstack

Max Valiquette (he/him)

Director of brand design, Attentive

Jina Anne (they/she)

Founder, Clarity, product design manager, design systems, Asana

Josh Jacobs (he/him)

Senior UX designer, MURAL

David Siegel (he/him)

CEO, Glide

Charles Eke (he/him)

Design lead & co-founder, Check DC

Ethan Lewis (he/him)

Director of global partnerships, Webflow

Bryant Chou (he/him)

Co-founder, Webflow

Meagan Gamache (she/her)

Product lead for capabilities, Webflow

Monica Czarny (she/her)

Senior product manager, Webflow

Sara Lundberg (she/her)

Manager, education design, Webflow

Nelson Abalos Jr. (he/him)

Sr. product evangelist, Webflow

Mariah Driver (she/her)

Head of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Webflow

Kyle Pitocchelli (he/him)

Senior manager, community experience, Webflow

Kate Marshall (she/her)

Copywriter, Webflow

Grímur Grímsson (he/him)

Video producer, Webflow

Kate Purmal (she/her)

Former tech CEO, board director, business advisor, coach, and author, Kate Purmal

Shannon Fisher (she/her)

Senior content designer, Webflow

Maciej Jasiński (he/him)

Product designer, Webflow

Elio Narciso (he/him)

Principal BD and program manager, AWS Global Startup Program

Joe Krug (he/him)

CEO and founder, Finsweet

Timothy Ricks (he/him)

Teaching Webflow wizardry, T.RICKS

Connor Finlayson (he/him)

Founder of Unicorn Factory,

Jen Kramer (she/her)

HTML, CSS, and no-code training for all,

Vensy Krishna (she/her)

Lawyer, no-code operator, and founder at HydCOVIDResources

Hannah Springett (she/her)

Founder, HanSpringett Ltd, senior product designer, Condé Nast

Emily Green (she/her)

Director, dealer marketing, TrueCar

Elena Gillis (she/her)

Front-end developer, MURAL

Malia Jones (she/her)

Tech Career Coach, Malia Magic

Emmanuel Straschnov (he/his)

Founder & co-CEO, Bubble

Ibifuro Odu (she/her)

Product manager, Webflow

Mike Lyngaas (he/him)

Product lead, Webflow

Christian San Jose (he/him)

CEO and founder, UX+ University

Alex Diaz (he/him)

Senior product marketing manager, Webflow

Camille Esposito (she/her)

Manager, brand studio, Webflow

Greg Rog (he/him)

Co-founder, SystemFlow

Matt Wierzbicki (he/him)

Co-founder, SystemFlow

Aron Korenblit (he/him)

Automator, Automate All the Things, Airtable

Stewart Ramsey (he/him)

Owner, The R&D Dept.

Mireille Pilloud (she/her)

Senior product manager, TED

Brando Roche (he/him)

Account executive, Webflow

Emily Lonetto (she/her)

Head of growth, Voiceflow, co-founder, GrowthTO

Andrae Kirkland (he/him)

CSSBB, tech innovation & business design, Twitter

Josh Ackerman (he/him)

Senior product manager, Stripe

Lauren Doyle (she/her)

Solutions engineer, Webflow

Tom Rich (he/him)

Creative director, The R&D Dept.

Michal Pechardo (he/him)

Senior creative web designer, NVIDIA

Lacey Kesler (she/her)

Senior community education manager, Webflow

Trisha Kothari (she/her)

CEO and co-founder, Unit 21

Sophia Prater (she/her)

UX designer and chief evangelist for object oriented UX, Rewired

John Saunders (he/him)

Web designer and SOPs guy, 5four digital

Bianca Lindner (she/her)

Web production lead, MURAL

Sri Rao (he/him)

General partner, Silversmith Capital Partners

Allen Yang (he/him)

VP product, Bubble

Michael Skelly (he/him)

CEO and founder, Stacker

Curtis Cummings (he/him)

Team lead, no-code infrastructure, On Deck

Tim Masek (he/him)

Founder, 1-800-D2C

Kendra Rainey (she/her)

Strategy and content lead, Edgar Allan

Augustin Prot (he/him)

CEO and co-founder, Weglot

Graham McDonnell (he/him)

Senior director of brand and creative, TIME

Ash Read (he/him)

Founder, Living Cozy & head of content,

Dale Brett (he/him)

CEO and co-founder, FL0

Imani Myton (she/her)

Community education director & no-code newbie, PIKC

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