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Prashant Golash

Bluesky Data, Founding Engineer

Ryan Boyd

MotherDuck, Co-Founder

Kevin Hu

Metaplane, CEO

Noel Gomez

Datacoves, Co-Founder

Paola Peraza

Astronomer, Product / Founding Team

Igor Lukanin, Head of Developer Relations

Mikhail Masyagin

Anecdote, Data Engineer

Michel Tricot

Airbyte, Co-Founder and CEO

Shant Hovsepian

Databricks, Software Engineer

Barr Moses

Monte Carlo, CEO

Prukalpa Sankar

Atlan, Co-Founder

Charles Giardina

Airbyte, Director of Engineering

Davin Chia

Airbyte, Engineering Lead

Alex Girard

Airbyte, Software Engineer

Brett Roberts

Dremio, Principal Alliances Solutions Architect

Nate Nowack

Prefect, Solutions Engineer

Emily Riederer

Capital One, Senior Analytics Manager

Dunith Dhanushka

Redpanda, Senior Developer Advocate

Zach Brak

Pliancy, Lead Analytics Engineer

Brian Olsen

Starburst, Developer Advocate

Jean Lafleur

Airbyte, Co-Founder and COO

Chetan Puttagunta

Benchmark, Investor

Christian Kleinerman

Snowflake, SVP of Product

Tristan Handy

dbt Labs, CEO

Aaron Katz

Clickhouse, Co-Founder and CEO

David Yaffe

Estuary, Co-Founder

Tejas Manohar

Hightouch, Co-Founder

Shinji Kim

Select Star, CEO

Jakub Jurovych

Deepnote, Founder

Thomas Gerber

Faros, Community Edition Lead

Salma Bakouk

Sifflet, Co-Founder and CEO

Benn Stancil

Mode, Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer

Maggie O'Neill

ThoughtSpot, Director of Product Marketing

Maayan Salom

Elementary Data, CEO

Will Sweet

Datafold, Head of Product Experience

Boris Jabes

Census, CEO

Vinodhini SD

LakeFS, Developer Advocate

Hamzah Chaudhary

Lightdash, Co-Founder

Nicholas Schrock

Elementl, Founder

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Airbyte is the modern open-source ELT standard that replicates data from the long tail of APIs, databases & files to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations. Airbyte Cloud disrupts the ELT market with its transparent compute-based pricing and open-source extensibility.

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