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Michel Tricot

Airbyte, Co-Founder and CEO

Ken Wong

Databricks, Sr. Director, Product Management

Alex Merced

Dremio, Developer Advocate

Anil Maharjan

Airbyte, Data Analyst

Anna Geller

Kestra, Product Lead

Artyom Keydunov

Cube, Co-Founder and CEO

Ben Rogojan

Seattle Data Guy

Benn Stancil

ThoughtSpot, Field CTO

Bobur Umurzokov

Pathway, Developer Advocate

Boris Jabes

Census, Founder and CEO

Brian Raymond

Unstructured, Founder and CEO

Chase Zieman, Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder

Drew Banin

dbt Labs, Co-Founder

Evan Tahler

Airbyte, Engineering Manager, Connector Ops & Destinations

Hubert Dulay

StarTree, Developer Advocate

Joe Reis

Ternary Data, CEO

Joe Reuter

Airbyte, Software Engineer

Laurie Voss

LlamaIndex, VP of Developer Relations

Lior Gavish

Monte Carlo, CTO and Co-Founder

Mehdi Ouazza

MotherDuck, Developer Advocate

Nico Acosta

Propel, Co-Founder and CEO

Pete Hunt

Dagster Labs, CEO

Pradnesh Patil

Altimate AI, Co-Founder and CEO

Rick Radewagen

Dot, Co-Founder

Rodi Reich-Zilberman

Airbyte, Software Engineer

Ryan Boyd

MotherDuck, Co-Founder

Segah Mir

Atad.ML, Founder and CEO

Sigal Shaharabani

Tikal, Technical and Group Leader

Sitki Timucin

Tydo, Head of Data and Strategy

Tanya Bragin

ClickHouse, VP of Product

Tejas Manohar

Hightouch, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Tobias Brandt

PRQL, Core Contributor

Vishal Singh

Starburst, Head of Products for Data Products

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