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Andrew Ermogenous

Head of North America @ Atlan

Hiral Jasani

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Databricks

Mark Van de Wiel

Chief Technology Officer @ HVR Software

Scott O'Leary

Partnerships @ Monte Carlo

Jeremiah Hansen

Principal Data Platform Architect, Field CTO Office @ Snowflake

Carlos Bouloy

Senior Solution Architect @ Snowflake

Alex Nazarevich

VP of Growth @ INDOCHINO

Olle Hammarstrom

Senior Data Engineer - Red Venture UK

Minty Banfield

Data Engineer - Red Ventures UK

Siddharth Dawara

Head of Data Engineering - Red Ventures UK

Carly Capitula

Global Enablement Practice Lead @ InterWorks

Buddy Marshburn

Data Engineering Manager @ Loom

William Tsu

Customer Success Operations @ Blend

Darren Haken

Head of Engineering - Platform and Data @ AutoTrader

Ajay Khanna

Founder @ CEO @ Tellius

Tom Conklin

Chief Information Security Officer @ Fivetran

Rohan Kumar

Corporate Vice President, Azure Data @ Microsoft Azure

Brittany City

Quantitative Data Analyst 2 @ Asurion

Nagu Nambi

Director Data Warehouse & Analytics Product Development @ Radial

Matt Madden

Senior Director, Go to Market @ Sisense

Callie White

Senior Analytics Consultant @ Montreal Analytics

Alok Sinha

Senior Director of Engineering @ KlearNow

Vika Smilansky

Director of Product Marketing @ ThoughtSpot

Megan Reuss

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager @ Sunday

Lucas Thelosen

Head of Professional Services @ Looker, Google Cloud

Devina Nembhard

Co-Founder @ Black in Data

Ben Herzberg

Chief Scientist @ Satori

Barry McCardel

CEO @ Hex

Anna Barr

Product Manager @ Fivetran

Natalie Waller

Product Marketing Manager @ Fivetran

Bertrand Cariou

Senior Director Product Marketing @ Trifacta

Maura Church

Director of Data Science @ Patreon

Kelly Kohlleffel

VP of GTM @ Hashmap

Chris Klaczynski

Marketing Analytics Manager @ Databricks

Matt Hughes

Analytics Practice Lead @ InterWorks

Ethan Lyon

Associate Director of Engineering @ Seer Interactive

Tejas Manohar

Co-Founder and CEO @ Hightouch

Joey Berkowitz

Senior Data Analyst @ HealthJoy

Oz Katz

CTO & Co-Founder @ Treeverse

Madison Gomez

SI Field Alliance Manager @ Fivetran

Jesse McCabe

Director, Product Marketing @ Fivetran

Sarah Catanzaro

Partner @ Amplify Partners

Nicholas Handel

Co-Founder & CEO @ Transform

Brian Bickell

Global Data Practice Director @ InterWorks

Fraser Harris

VP of Product @ Fivetran

Scott Breitenother

Founder @ Brooklyn Data

Neil Rahilly

VP Product & Design @ Mixpanel

Zack Pike

CIO @ Callahan

Lior Gavish

Co-Founder - Monte Carlo

Barr Moses

CEO & Co-Founder @ Monte Carlo

Roy Hasson

Principal Product Manager - AWS Lake Formation @ AWS

Meera Viswanathan

Senior Product Manager @ Fivetran

Emilie Schario

Director of Data @ Netlify

Dayna Shoemaker

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Fivetran

Justin Patri

Senior Consultant Data & Analytics - Slalom

Ryan McNaught

Senior Principal, Data & Analytics @ Slalom

Jason Raede

Co-Founder @

Aaron Peabody

Co-Founder & CTO @ Untitled Firm

Callum McCann

Solutions Architect @ Sisu

Daniel Guzman Burgos

Head of Data Platform @ Rappi

Jeremy Levy

CEO & Co-Founder @ Indicative

Aman Malhotra

Analytics & Growth @ Super Dispatch

Alex Viana

VP of Data @ HealthJoy

Leah Weiss

Co-Founder & CEO @ Data Culture

Jason Pohl

Principal Solutions Architect @ Databricks

Jess Tillis

Senior Manager Global Operations - Fivetran

Benn Stancil

Chief Analytics Officer & Founder @ Mode Analytics

Arjun Narayan

CEO & Co-Founder @ Materialize

Boaz Farkash

Chief Product Officer @ Firebolt

Prukalpa Sankar

Co-Founder @ Atlan

Shinji Kim

Founder & CEO @ Select Star

Sadiqah Musa

Senior Analyst and Co-Founder @ Black in Data

Jonathan Haidt

Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership @ NYU-Stern

Jacob Frackson

Senior Analytics Consultant @ Montreal Analytics

Steven Mangold

Director of BI @ Roofnest

Rahul Dabke

Director of Product Marketing @ Immuta

Brandon Chen

Manager of Technical Product Marketing

Sara Ridder

Senior Solution Architect @ Fivetran

Jason Nochlin

Staff Software Engineer @ Fivetran

Boris Jabes

CEO @ Census

Johnathan Brooks

Principal Data Engineer @ BetterHelp

Spencer Taylor

Director of Analytics @ 4 Mile Analytics

Nick Fogler

Founder/CEO - 4 Mile Analytics

Caroline Maury

AI Strategist @ Dataiku

Ben Leiken

Chief Technology Officer @ Bid Ops

Nelson Cheung

Director of Data, Reporting, and Analytics @ Clover Networks

Julie Lemieux

VP of UX, Design, and Research @ Sigma Computing

Utsav Kaushish

VP of Analytics @ User Interviews

Veronica Zhai

Principal Product Manager, Analytics @ Fivetran

Nelson Davis

President & Founding Partner @ Analytic Vizion

Rebecca Widom

Director of Data Science and Analytics @ DonorsChoose

Paul Hardman

Senior Director, Data Operations @ Arlo Technologies

Rashmi Agrawal

BI & Analytic Solutions Leader @ Oldcastle APG

David Cohen

VP of Data Analytics @ WW International

Korri Jones

Sr. Lead Machine Learning Engineer @ Chick-fil-A

Lakshmi Sudheer

Sr Security Partner, AppSec @ Netflix

Ryan O'Connell

Principal Security Architect @ Snowflake

Richard Reinders

Head of Security @ Gravity Payments

Joy Marie Forsythe

Director of Security @ Alto Pharmacy

Lauren Anderson

Director, Data & Insights @ Okta

Gabi Steele

Co-Founder and CEO @ Data Culture

Archer Newell

Senior Data Analyst @ Fivetran

Ali Ghodsi

CEO @ Databricks

George Fraser

CEO & Co-Founder @ Fivetran

Nick Acosta

Developer Advocate at Fivetran


Co-Founder, One Six Solutions

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Fivetran manages data delivery from source to destination, ensuring that your critical data is always accurate and up to date.

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Centralize your data automatically.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use.



One platform, many workloads, no data silos


Hightouch is the leading Reverse ETL platform. Sync customer data from your warehouse into tools your business teams rely on


Find true power in your data.


Infuse Analytics Everywhere


Welcome to the Modern Analytics Cloud

4 Mile Analytics

Embedded Analytics powered by the Modern Data Stack


Everyday AI, Extraordinary People


We deliver modern solutions and services to tackle your toughest data challenges.


Product Analytics for Your Data Warehouse


Universal Cloud Data Access Control



Monte Carlo Data

Trust your data. Focus on what matters with an end-to-end data observability.

Montreal Analytics

We help companies of all sizes, Startup or Enterprise, deploy and scale their Analytics Stack while empowering their teams.

One Six Solutions

Cloud Based Analytics and Software Development Services

Sigma Computing

a spreadsheet experience at Snowflake scale

The Data Engineering Cloud


Modern Data and Analytics Consulting - We empower organizations to access, analyze, and take action on their data.

Archetype Consulting

Build A Foundation That Leverages Data As A Competitive Advantage


Atlan | Helping the humans of data do more together

Brooklyn Data Co

Full stack data and analytics team as a service


Faster Insights. Better Decisions.

The Cloud-Native Data Catalog for Your Modern Data Stack

Latticework Insights

🔹🔹🔷Latticework Insights🔷🔹🔹 A Data Science & Marketing Agency


The Streaming Database for Real-Time Analytics


Mixpanel helps companies measure what matters, make decisions fast, and build better products through data. With our powerful, self-serve product analytics solution, teams can easily analyze how and why people engage, convert, and retain—in real-time, across devices—to improve their user experience.

Modern Data Sciences, Inc.

Data is the collective voice of your customer. We help design and build systems that amplify these voices, and help your internal teams build true empathy for the customer.


Data Orchestration for the Modern Data Stack

Sisu Data

We’re operationalizing the world’s data to empower everyone to make the best possible decisions.


Tellius is an AI-driven decision intelligence platform that helps get relevant insights from all your data faster and easier than ever.


Transform is the first centralized ‘metrics store’ that empowers data analysts to deliver accurate, timely, confident, and fast insights.

Untitled Firm

Modern Data Stack Development & Deployment.