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Modelling World UK 2020

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· Conference Room
Opening Address
Welcome from Modelling World Chairman, Tom Van Vuren
Tom van Vuren
· Conference Room
Opening plenary: Beyond the commute: re-thinking travel demand – overcoming gender bias in current data and models
Session Sponsored by PTV Group
Nila Sari Susanna Kerry Aruna Sivakumar Sherin  Francis Claire Cheriyan
· Breakout rooms
Transport modelling: what are the key issues for the future?
Presentation and attendee polls. Session led by PTV Group
Michael Oliver
· Breakout rooms
Appraisal of Transport Projects and Programmes Debate
Do benefits rely too heavily on traditional travel time savings?
Tom Worsley Tom van Vuren David Metz
· Breakout rooms
Predicting The Future Is Now More Complicated Than Ever
Why is predicting the future so complicated What are/should we be doing to improve forecasting. Session led by SYSTRA.
Katie Hall Nick Benbow Richard Bradley
· Exhibition
Browse and discuss the latest innovations and services
· Conference Room
EV Modelling Workshop
Session led by PTV Group
Sofia Amaral Esther Dudek Monika Crouse Laurence Chittock
· Breakout rooms
Climate change is still happening
Can Net Zero Carbon Be Achieved? Session led by Systra
Sarah Murdoch Katie Hall Celine Cluzel
· Conference Room
Innovations in Modelling
Session sponsored by SYSTRA.
Luis Willumsen Patrizia Franco Nila Sari Tim Pollard David Aspital Alex Dawn Fiona Jenkins James Fox Llewelyn Morgan John Swanson
· Breakout rooms
The future for public transport in an ever-changing world
Session led by Systra
Neill Birch Katie Hall Chris Pownall
· Breakout rooms
Superforecasting, a practical session
Warren Hatch
· Breakout rooms
The 4-stage model at a crossroads: What's next?
Luis Willumsen Tom van Vuren Robin North
· Breakout rooms
Data collection: what can be achieved? Followed by questions and discussion
Session led by Intelligent Data.
Crispin Pearce Paul O'Neill
· Breakout rooms
Data is not a problem: Sustainable Model Development
Session Sponsored by Transport for the North.
Magda Smith Christopher Storey
· Conference Room
Emerging data sources, digitisation and analysis tools
Advances in technology have made the capture and analysis of transport data more efficient, faster and cost-effective.
Daniel Fisher Daniel Stofan Scott Hamilton Laurence Oakes-Ash Rachel Morgan Emma Young Chris Robinson
· Conference Room
Future Models: Department for Transport
Workshop led by the Department for Transport
Robin Cambery Philip Sumner Richard Harrap Roger Witte Tatiana Kousoulidou Adam Jones Malcolm Jay
· Breakout rooms
Diversity, skills, training and future modellers
Lou Mason - Walsh Tom van Vuren Aamir Shaikh Zaira Caicedo-Murillo
· Breakout rooms
SATURN to MicroSIM: Maximising what you can do with your model
Alex Dawn Simon Lusby
· Breakout rooms
Superforecasting, a practical session
Led by: Warren Hatch, CEO, Good Judgment
Warren Hatch
· Breakout rooms
Closing plenary: Forecasting – do we need more or less of it?
Session sponsored by PTV Group
Charlene Rohr Warren Hatch Tom van Vuren Greg Erhardt Stephen Cragg


Crispin Pearce

Intelligent Data

Daniel Fisher

Appraisal and Analysis Manager, Transport for Greater Manchester

Sofia Amaral

Senior Consultant, Ricardo Energy & Environment

Esther Dudek

Senior Consultant, EA Technology

Chris Pownall

Business Director, SYSTRA

Sarah Murdoch

Environmental Consultant, SYSTRA

Robin Cambery

Chief Transport Modeller and Head of Modelling and Appraisal Methods at Department for Transport

Daniel Stofan

CEO, GoodVision

Scott Hamilton

Knowledge Leader, Air Quality Modelling, Ricardo

Philip Sumner

Transport Modeller, Department for Transport

Laurence Oakes-Ash

CEO, City Science

Luis Willumsen

Director, Kineo Mobility Anaytics

Rachel Morgan

Transport Planner, Atkins

Richard Harrap

Economic Advisor, Department for Transport

John Swanson

Associate, Steer

Llewelyn Morgan

Head of Innovation, Oxfordshire County Council

James Fox

Research Leader, RAND Europe

Fiona Jenkins

Associate, Steer

Katie Hall

Transport Planning Sector Director, SYSTRA

Roger Witte

Senior Transport Modeller, Department for Transport

Rachel Morgan

Transport planner, Atkins

Monika Crouse

Technical Director, Wood

Alex Dawn

Principal Transport Technologist, City Science

Fiona Jenkins

Associate, Steer

Charlene Rohr

Co-Director Centre for Futures and Foresight Studies, RAND Europe

Simon Lusby

Head of Transport Planning, City Science

Lou Mason - Walsh

Transport Modelling Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

Laurence Chittock

Associate, PTV Group

Neill Birch

Projects Director, SYSTRA

Celine Cluzel

Director, Element Energy

David Aspital

Transport Planner PTV Group

Richard Bradley

Director, ANSA Ltd

Nick Benbow

Sector Director, International, SYSTRA

Tom Worsley

Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Christopher Storey

Senior Data Analytics and Modelling Officer, Transport for the North

Tim Pollard

Principal Transpprt Modeller, Mott MacDonald

Aamir Shaikh

Transport planner, Arup

Zaira Caicedo-Murillo

Senior Transport Consultant, Jacobs

David Metz

Centre for Transport Studies, University College London

Susanna Kerry

Lead Transport Modeller, Transport for London

Robin North

CEO, Immense Simulations

Nila Sari

Principal Transport Modeller, Department for Transport

Aruna Sivakumar

Executive Director Urban Systems Lab, Imperial College London

Michael Oliver

Technical Director, PTV Group

Warren Hatch

CEO, GoodJudgment

Adam Jones

Strategic Forecasting Lead, Department for Transport

Patrizia Franco

Senior Technologist, Transport Modelling, Connected Places Catapult

Sherin Francis

Transport Planner, Jacobs

Tom van Vuren

Divisional Director, Mott MacDonald

Tatiana Kousoulidou

Senior Transport Modeller, Department for Transport

Emma Young

Consultant, SYSTRA

Magda Smith

Senior Data Analyst, Transport for the North

Paul O'Neill

Director, Intelligent Data

Chris Robinson

Principal Consultant, SYSTRA

Malcolm Jay

Principal Transport Modeller, Department for Transport

Claire Cheriyan

Strategic Analysis Manager, Transport for London

Stephen Cragg

Head of Appraisal and Model Development, Transport Scotland

Greg Erhardt

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky

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