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Steve Lowry

Founder of AInBC and Athena Pathways

Ken Conroy

Finn AI

Yaser Khalighi

Founder and CEO, ScenBox

Matt St.John

Director of Analytics Center of Excellence and member of Vancouver Analytics Board

Zaid Haddad

Data Scientist Leader, Slalom

Toren Huntley

Senior Data Scientist, Atreides

Stella Wu

Head of Machine Learning, Shakudo

Razi Bayati

MLOps World: Vancouver Chapter Chair

Vered Shwartz

Assistant Professor, UBC Computer Science

Mohammad Ghodratigohar

Data Scientist and AI Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Amir Abdi

Senior Research Engineer / Research Team Lead, Borealis AI

Greg Loughnane

Lead Instructor, MLOps at FourthBrain and Product Manager, Career Coach at FactoryFix