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Matt Zeiler

Founder & CEO | Clarifai

Mike Berg @AltaML

Vice President, Technology in Admin | AltaML

Sonya David

Vice President, Data Scientist Lead | JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Christopher Choquette

Machine Learning Researcher | Google Brain

Meninder Purewal

Front Office Data Scientist | Bank of America

Gilad Shaham

Director of Product Management | Iguazio

Jaya Kawale

Director of Machine Learning | Tubi

Harish Doddi

Datatron & Founder and CEO | Datatron

Victor Thu

VP of Customer Success and Operations | Datatron

Mengdi Huang

Deep Learning Engineer | NVIDIA

Shashank Verma

Technical Marketing Engineer | NVIDIA

Milecia McGregor

Developer Advocate |

Daniel Jeffries

Chief Technology Evangelist | Pachyderm

Eric Schles

Data scientist | Johns Hopkins University

Samantha Zeitlin

Security, Principal Machine Learning Engineer | Elastic

David Scharbach

Executive Director | MLOps World

Amit Paka

CPO & Co-founder | Fiddler AI



We build chips to power the models of the future


Elevating Business Through Applied AI


Leveraging one of the largest repositories of first party data in Canada we improve the health and well-being of all Canadians


Bring your Data Science to Life

Rocket Science Development

Data Is The Fuel AI Is Our Spaceship


Pachyderm is the Data Foundation for Machine Learning


Cloud Native Compute Orchestration for the AI Era


Everyday AI, Extraordinary People

Fiddler AI

All-in-one platform to gain control over ML models with continuous monitoring and built-in XAI


Deploying & Governing Enterprise AI Models in Production