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Arab Startup Competition Conference and Virtual Awards Ceremony

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MITEF Pan Arab

MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Pan Arab is part of a global network of chapters dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide.

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MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab

Part of a global network of chapters dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide.

Zain | Strategic Digital Partner

Zain believes that today’s innovators are tomorrow’s differentiators

Microsoft for Startups | Technology Partner

Achieve More With Microsoft / Where B2B Startups Scale

Oracle | Technology Partner

Startups Save 70% on Cloud from Day 1

Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund | Acceleration Partner

Innovate The World

GrowIN Portugal | Prize Partner

Enabling Entrepreneurs from all over the World to access European Markets

Roland Berger | Knowledge Partner

Entrepreneurship, Excellence, Empathy

Araboost | Startups Track

An online platform for the Arab world that connects brands with local content creators and influencers on social media

Digital Energy | Startups Track

Transforming the energy supply chain and workforce safety through the smartest solutions.

Hudhud AI | Startups Track

Conversational AI

Kanari AI | Startups Track

Arabic Language Technology Solutions

Nugttah | Startups Track

Every business needs loyal customers and loyal customers need to be rewarded for their frequent purchases.

OptiStructure LTD | Startups Track

Save money, save time, save the planet. OptiStructure it!

RoboAds | Startups Track

Aqses, Next Generation messenger and collaboration platform

RUSH & REEZ | Startups Track

Modernizing Modest Fashion

Sindyan Educational Media | Startups Track

Created by parents, inspired by children

Speetra Design Studio | Startups Track

Integration of technology in the fashion industry, through innovative digital design and 3D Printing.

Synapse Analytics | Startups Track

Democratizing AI

Taffi | Startups Track

Personalized styling at your fingertips

Tamarran - تمرًّن | Startups Track

Sports Management and Booking Platform

Toothpick | Startups Track

Your Dental Eco-System

Valify | Startups Track

We prove users are who they claim to be through artificial intelligence

2 ResQ | Ideas Track

Civil defense backpack for toxic gases (double mask rescue pack)

BluePhin | Ideas Track

More ocean, Less plastic

CO-SOLAR | Ideas Track

New generation solar panels that produce both electricity and heat at the same time.

Crooz Technology | Ideas Track

The car insurance that rewards you for safe driving

Cure Bionics | Ideas Track

Advanced 3D-printed, multi-grip and fully customizable bionic arms for people with limb differences with a gamified therapy solution.

FeeBack | Ideas Track

Cash for Feedback

FLY FOOT | Ideas Track

We empower football fans with innovative ways to bring them closer to the game.

FortyGuard | Ideas Track

Improving People’s Lives

Genomez | Ideas Track

Empowering pool testing strategies using AI and ML

Jusoor | Ideas Track

Jusoor's mission is to enable students and educational institutions to learn well.

OCT Analysis | Ideas Track

Digitalizing Eye Care Delivery

SARsat Arabia | Ideas Track

Design and develop small satellites to Observe the Earth regularly from Low Earth Orbit.

Tala | Ideas Track

New technology in pollinating and treating palms.

Themar | Ideas Track

We Connect Investors to SMEs For Purchase Financing

uMore | Ideas Track

AI-powered stress, burnout and anxiety screening and management app. It’s like FitBit for your mind.

Agrona | Social Entrepreneurship Track

We make wood without cutting a single tree.

Ad Astra | Social Entrepreneurship Track

In Home Therapeutic Services for Children with Developmental Delays.

AKYAS Sanitation | Social Entrepreneurship Track

A waste treatment plant in a bag

Baleegh Educational platform | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Gamyfying Education

Blue Filter | Social Entrepreneurship Track

We provide clean water for everyone using green methods.

Cube Dx | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Cube Dx Addressing an Unmet Medical Need “A WHO Global Health Priority Status since 2017” Sepsis Early Diagnosis in less than 3 hours.

CUP | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Agri-Tech and Waste Management Startup.

Dayra | Social Entrepreneurship Track

E-commerce platform for buying and selling high-quality preowned clothes and upcycled clothes with a purposeful twist at very affordable prices

ECOLOO AB | Social Entrepreneurship Track

ECOLOO: The Sustainable Toilet Revolution that Saves Lives, Women's Dignity, Water and the Environment!

Froz | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Gamified E-commerce Platform for Eco-friendly Products.

Green Fashion | Social Entrepreneurship Track

A lifestyle brand & social enterprise that promotes sustainable fashion by producing clothes and products that support local communities in Egypt.

IoTree Solutions | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Giving Trees a voice

Shems for Lighting | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Producing and marketing ecological solar lamps with all our products bringing together technical innovation in terms of solar energy and Moroccan artisanal design.

Wave | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Wave goodbye to traffic