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Engineering is Mandatory, the Rest Comes Naturally
Stefan Arn
2021-03-29T11:00:00Z 2021-03-29T11:45:00Z Europe/Zurich Engineering+is+Mandatory%2C+the+Rest+Comes+Naturally Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
How is AI changing Finance?
Bank Vontobel
Alice Thesling Francois Rüf Aline Biggel
2021-03-29T13:00:00Z 2021-03-29T13:45:00Z Europe/Zurich How+is+AI+changing+Finance%3F Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
[Cancelled] - How The Web3 Foundation Is Digitalizing Medical Devices
Hamilton Medical
Christian Hefti
2021-03-29T14:00:00Z 2021-03-29T14:45:00Z Europe/Zurich %5BCancelled%5D+-+How+The+Web3+Foundation+Is+Digitalizing+Medical+Devices Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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The Golden Link – Micrometer-Scale Plasmonics for Optical Communications
Polariton Technologies
Claudia Hössbacher
2021-03-29T15:00:00Z 2021-03-29T15:45:00Z Europe/Zurich The+Golden+Link+%E2%80%93+Micrometer-Scale+Plasmonics+for+Optical+Communications Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
Quantum Sensors in the Industry
Marcelo González
2021-03-29T16:00:00Z 2021-03-29T16:45:00Z Europe/Zurich Quantum+Sensors+in+the+Industry Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
Sustainable, Innovative and Reliable: A Virtual Journey Through the Origination Business
Vlatka Komaric
2021-03-30T10:00:00Z 2021-03-30T10:45:00Z Europe/Zurich Sustainable%2C+Innovative+and+Reliable%3A+A+Virtual+Journey+Through+the+Origination+Business Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Fair
The Fair
Throughout the whole day company representatives are here for you to answer your any questions you might have!
2021-03-30T10:00:00Z 2021-03-30T18:00:00Z Europe/Zurich The+Fair Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
Entwickle smarte Algorithmen als Physiker/Ingenieur
Roman Mani Roland Staub
2021-03-30T11:00:00Z 2021-03-30T11:45:00Z Europe/Zurich Entwickle+smarte+Algorithmen+als+Physiker%2FIngenieur Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
How to Find the Nut in the Haystack
Philipp Thomann
2021-03-30T13:00:00Z 2021-03-30T13:45:00Z Europe/Zurich How+to+Find+the+Nut+in+the+Haystack Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
Insight Into the Numerical Weather Prediction at MeteoSwiss
Meteo Swiss
Xavier Lapillonne
2021-03-30T14:00:00Z 2021-03-30T14:45:00Z Europe/Zurich Insight+Into+the+Numerical+Weather+Prediction+at+MeteoSwiss Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
How a Mathematician Survived in Insurance (Even Happily)
Allianz Suisse
Dr. Christian Graf
2021-03-30T15:00:00Z 2021-03-30T15:45:00Z Europe/Zurich How+a+Mathematician+Survived+in+Insurance+%28Even+Happily%29 Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
Your Future Perspectives in the Swiss Railway Industry
Joé Goelff Reto Ramseier Ambra Toletti
2021-03-30T16:00:00Z 2021-03-30T16:45:00Z Europe/Zurich Your+Future+Perspectives+in+the+Swiss+Railway+Industry Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Talks
Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance
SIG Susquehanna
Thomas Caye
2021-03-30T17:00:00Z 2021-03-30T17:45:00Z Europe/Zurich Machine+Learning+in+Quantitative+Finance Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Thomas Caye

Quantitative Researcher at SIG

Alice Thesling

Dr. Christian Graf

Pricing Actuary at Allianz

Christian Hefti

Software Engineer at Hamilton Medical

Roman Mani

Senior Consultant at Confinale

Vlatka Komaric

Head of Quantitative Risk Management at Axpo

Joé Goelff

Signalling expert at SBB

Reto Ramseier

Trainee at SBB

Ambra Toletti

IT Business Analyst at SBB

Francois Rüf

PhD Physics, ETH Alumnus

Stefan Arn

UBS, Head of Technology for Global Wealth Management Switzerland & International

Claudia Hössbacher

CEO of Polariton

Philipp Thomann

Managing Consultant at D ONE

Xavier Lapillonne

Teamleader Numerical Prediction, computing at MeteoSwiss

Roland Staub

CEO & Partner at Confinale

Marcelo González

Quantum Engineer at Qnami

Aline Biggel

Global Manager of Graduate Trainee Program at Bank Vontobel

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SIG Susquehanna

At SIG, you will learn something new every day.

IMC Trading

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Die Mobiliar

Umfassend versichert und rundum informiert



ELCA Informatik

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McKinsey & Company

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Flowtraders BV

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Hamilton Medical

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Allianz Suisse

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Mettler Toledo

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The Sensor Company

Zurich Instruments

Company presentation: 10:30AM and 1:30PM >> Hope to meet you at the booth! <<


Swiss National Weather Forecast


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The World’s Fastest and Smallest Electro-Optic Modulators

Analytics Club at ETH

The Data Science Community at ETH