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"Bridging the Mind-Body Gap" Virtual Wellness Experience

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Leslie Gipson

The Key to Creating Balance

Marcia Brewer

The Power of Integration

Egwin Ertl

ReConnecting with Your Body

Gillian Sabbagh

Healing Your Relationship with Food

Annamaria Miko

From Victim to Warrior

Rebecca Furber

Creating a Positive Inner Dialogue

Kerrie Fleming

Relieve Discomfort with Reflexology

Jilian Chase

Scentsational Aromatherapy

Nicki Brown

Embracing your Inner Child

Courtney Johannesen

Confident & Centered under Stress

Bojana "Boki" Dee

Understanding your Human Design

Anastasia Papanikolaou

Releasing Birth Trauma Patterns

Claudia Prsa

Theta Healing Self-Limiting Beliefs

Kate Hamm

The Usual Achy Suspects

April Gaines

The Energy of Thought

Diane Jordan

Sanskrit Mantra Magic

Heather Dempsey

Turn your Inner Critic into an Asset

Kerry McGinn

Dive into the Benefits of Breathwork

Kelly McCarthy

Journey to your Spirit Guide

Debbie Lindon

Peace, Love & Sound Healing

Haley Sklut

Chakra Healing Yoga Flow

Sara Putney

Money Mindset

Isabelle Havers

Living in Alignment

Amy Bishop

Journeying Though Grief

Liz Rotherham

Hypnotherapy & Healing

Susi Rosinski

Welcome to Qigong

Hannah York

Release Emotions with Emotion Code

Cathy Coughlin

Discovering Crystals

Gaia Sciaranghella

Nurture your Nervous System

Lori Lamont

Tapping into Health

Jillian Rifkind

The Energy of Trauma

Linda Ellson

Feng Shui Bedroom Basics

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We offer events, bringing together multiple modalities, to help you create balance & overall wellness in your life. Our focus is on giving you the tools to listen to and interpret the needs of your body so that you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

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Amy Bishop

End of Life Doula and Grief Support

Debbie Lindon

Peaceful Vibes