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Travis VanderZanden

Founder and CEO, Bird

Robin Chase

Cofounder, Zipcar, Veniam, NUMO

Andrew Fleury

Founder and CEO, Luna

Olga Korchagina

CMO, eBikeLabs

Shoshana Lew

Executive Director, Colorado Department of Transportation

Katie Fehrenbacher

Climate Reporter

Tony Ho

VP of Global Business Development, Segway

Michael Dunne

Founder, ZoZo Go & Winning in Asia Podcast

Horace Dediu

Cofounder, Micromobility Industries

Caroline Samponaro

VP of Micromobility, Lyft

Julia Thayne

Principal of Urban Transformation, RMI

Josh Squire

Founding Contributor, Micromobility DAO

Eyþór Máni

CEO, Hopp

Andrew Hawkins

Transportation Editor, The Verge

Brandon Schuh

SVP, Christensen Group

Horace Luke

Co-founder and CEO, Gogoro

Rebecca Bellan

Transportation Reporter, TechCrunch

Giancarlo Oranges

General Manager, Vaimoo

Rinus Strydom

Chief Revenue Officer, Particle

Jean-René Bouvier

COO, eBikeLabs

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