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Microfluidics Consortium Open Day Meeting California (09:30 - 19:00 PST)

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Dino Di Carlo

UCLA "From lab-on-a-chip to lab-on-a-particle for single entity analysis"

Mark Olde Riekerink (Micronit)

"Next-Generation Microfluidics: recent technologies & trends in genomics, single-cell analysis and IVD"

Yuhwa Lo

UCSD "Microfluidics for high throughput single cell analysis on imaging cytometer platforms"

Marc Chooljian

Mekonos "The Future of Cell Therapies on a Chip"

Joshua Cantlon

Scienion "Open-air microfluidics for single-cell drug discovery applications"

Aron Rachamim

"Senzo Portable Lab Analyser"

Joshua Gomes

Parallel Fluidics

Luis Fernandez

MicroLIQUID "Bioassay transfer to Microfluidics scale"

Simon Dodd

ST Microelectronica “ST’s 2nd Generation RT-PCR and beyond”

Robin de Bruijn

"Philips MEMS Foundry solvea challenges in the democratization of medical devices by providing cost-effective solution".

Sebastian Stoeckeler

"Microfluidic consumables: Transition from development to production stage"

Peter Hewkin

MF12 Host/Facilitator

Abe Lee

UCI "Microfluidics Cell and Tissue Engineering for Personalized Medicine"

Pavel Abdulkin

"Solving the global issue of microplastics pollution with Microfluidics. Are we mad?"

Dave Weitz

Harvard University, BAM Mixer Speaker: "Microfluidics for Drug Discovery"

Richard Gray

"Dolomite’s Automated Library System for LNP and Nanoparticle protocol development"

Alexios Paul Tzannis (IMT Microtechnologies)

IMT “Novel Consumables for life science & diagnostics by combining Glass Bio-MEMS manufacturing & Surface Chemistry”

Alexander Steimle

- FEMTOPRINT® Wafer-level 3D printed glass microdevices for biomedical applications

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Because Surface Matters™


Demos! Automated recirculation using the L-SWITCHTM and MAT; Local injection using LineUp Push-Pull and RX ;Automated recirculation using the L-SWITCHTM and MATX


Microfluidics Research from Paris

Dolomite Microfluidics

Microfluidics Systems and Components

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Formulations for microfluidics


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Bay Area Microfluidics Network

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ST Microelectronics

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Parallel Fluidics

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