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Simone Granieri


Julie Mueller


Diane Horvath

Grade 6-8 Technology Integration/Makerspace Specialist

Anne Marie Wyman

Grades 6-8 Technology Support Specialist

Nina Lukic

Projects Delivery Lead Western Balkans/Senior Programme Manager "21st Century Schools" programme, British Council

Vickie Morgado

Elementary Guidance Experiential Learning Teacher (EGELT)

Eric Rosenbaum

Product Manager

Tracy Tang

International Outreach Manager

Pedro Chaves

PhD Student

James Devine

Researcher, Microsoft

Colin Ferguson

General Manager

Lorne Hyde

University Student

Sharon Ikechi

Curriculum Developer & Product Manager

Turner Lam

Academic Director

Rob Leeman

Education Solutions Manager

Robert Wiltshire

Education Outreach & Digital Skills Developer

Mai Vu


Jeffrey Bush

Research Scientist

Kirsten Ellis

Senior Lecturer at Monash University

Tanya Fish

Specialist Lecturer

Robinson Pereira

Systems Analyst and Teacher

Sel Shah

Computer Science Teacher and Secondary Hub Lead for West Sussex & Hampshire

Bill Siever

Teaching Professor

Kevin Thomas

Senior Software Engineer in Test

Clare Sears

Deputy Regional Director Wider Europe, British Council

Audra Kaplan

Grades 5 & 6 Middle School DLCS Teacher, Co-President of CS Teachers Greater Boston chapter

Amanda Jolliffe

Dream Space Lead

Michael Barrett

Dream Space STEM Specialist

Charalampos (Babis) Kyfonidis

Research Associate

Pierre Weill-Tessier

Research Associate

John Maloney

MicroBlocks Team Leader

Emily St. Germain

Manager of STEAM Programs, Cambridge Public Library

Maria Seoane


Yolanda Payne

Constellations Fellow Georgia Tech

Shaina Glass

Professional Learning Manager CSTA

Miles Berry

Principal lecturer in computing education

Kristin Burrus

Innovation Program Manager

Phil Greene

Web Services Manager

Tanya Riach

Digital Learning Advisor

JaeHwan So

Creative Producer

Chloe Varelidi


Viltautė Žvirzdinaitė

CEO at Kompiuteriukų Fondas (Microcomputers Foundation)

Andy Forest

Executive Director

Reade Richard

Maker Educator

Brenda Shivanandan

Project Manager

Sergio Palay

Docente - Anallista de Sistemas

Ana Mendez

Docente - Coordinadora

Giles Booth

Education Content Manager

Michelle Borda

Creative Educator

Amanda Dennard

Digital Learning Specialist

Igor Dobrača


Jennifer Ferguson

STEAM Facilitator

Yi Thing Khor

Content Development Specialist

Pauline Maas

ICT Teacher

Sarah Rankin

Technology Coach

Rehana Soltane

Creative and Educational Technologist

Pravin Vaz

Outreach Coordinator, Engineering and CS

Rainer Villarreal

Head of innovation Windsor Royal School

Abhijith Chatra

Software Engineering Manager

Peli de Halleux

MakeCode developer

Eduard Muntaner-Perich

Designer of learning experiences

Charlotte Bradley

Computer Science Teacher

Daniel Sandoval Villa

micro:bit Champion

Florencia Morado

Patagonia Lab's Co-Founder

Hessam Mehr


Stu Lowe

Head of Learning Technology

Pam Jones

Educational Consultant

Carla Neely

Educator, Warner Girls' Leadership Academy

Ian Fogarty

Chemistry and Physics Teacher

Allef Anderson

Educational Technical Analyst

Aline Martins

Mediadora de Robótica (Engenheira eletricista e Mestre em Ciências e Tecnologias Ambientais)

Jake Bell

Senior International Program Manager

Quentin Biddy

Assistant Research Professor

Elaine Atherton

Director of Scratch Education Collaborative

Marco Tulio Da Silva Lima

Action Partners - Creative Learning Space

Rishi Mazumdar

Technology Manager at Quest Alliance

Shawna Young

Executive Director of Scratch

Mitchel Resnick

Chair, Scratch Foundation

Aimee Fagan

Head of Partnerships EMEA, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Rachel Lancaster

Head of Global Channels, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Emma Mumford

Operations Director, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Gareth Stockdale

CEO, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Jose Scodiero

Latin America, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Waris Candra

Head of Asia, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Magda Wood

Chief of Learning, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Nykema Lindsey

Education Consultant

Kate Maloney

Executive Director of Infosys Foundation USA

Ruzlaini Ghoni

Associate Professor

Rosa Aristy

Founder of Bridges to Science

Jonny Austin

CTO, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Inspire every child to create their best digital future

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Micro:bit Educational Foundation

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Code for Everyone

Asia Pacific

Graduate School of Social Informatics, Aoyama Gakuin University (GSSI, AGU)

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Sanuki Tech Net

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Studio947 corp.

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Switch Education, Inc.

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The Nekoma Factory

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Timeless Education, Inc. | The University of Tokyo

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Tokyo Metropolitan Ogunishi Elementary School

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Sanuma Elementary School

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Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Merbok

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Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

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Arm Taiwan

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Taiwan Nan Kai University of Technology

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Taiwan National Formosa University

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Taiwan National Taichung University of Science and Technology

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Taiwan Saint Ignatius High School

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Taiwan Tainan Municipal Datong Elementary School

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SESI São Paulo

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British Council | Colombia

Latin America

Plan Ceibal

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Fair Chance Learning

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